To (run to) help

Main forms: Succurro, Succurrere, Succurri, Succursus +dat

Active Passive
Indicative Subjunctive Indicative Subjunctive
Singular 1 Succurro Succurram Succurror Succurrar
2 Succurris Succurras Succurreris Succurraris
3 Succurrit Succurrat Succurritur Succurratur
Plural 1 Succurrimus Succurramus Succurrimur Succurramur
2 Succurritis Succurratis Succurrimini Succurramini
3 Succurrunt Succurrant Succurruntur Succurrantur
Singular 1 Succurrebam Succurrerem Succurrebar Succurrerer
2 Succurrebas Succurreres Succurrebaris Succurrereris
3 Succurrebat Succurreret Succurrebatur Succurreretur
Plural 1 Succurrebamus Succurreremus Succurrebamur Succurreremur
2 Succurrebatis Succurreretis Succurrebamini Succurreremini
3 Succurrebant Succurrerent Succurrebantur Succurrerentur
Singular 1 Succurram Succurrar
2 Succurres Succurreris
3 Succurret Succurretur
Plural 1 Succurremus Succurremur
2 Succurretis Succurremini
3 Succurrent Succurrentur
Singular 1 Succurri Succurrerim Succursus Sum Succursus Sim
2 Succurristi Succurreris Succursus Es Succursus Sis
3 Succurrit Succurrerit Succursus Est Succursus Sit
Plural 1 Succurrimus Succurrerimus Succursi Sumus Succursi Simus
2 Succurristis Succurreritis Succursi Estis Succursi Sitis
3 Succurrerunt Succurrerint Succursi Sunt Succursi Sint
Singular 1 Succurreram Succurrissem Succursus Eram Succursus Essem
2 Succurreras Succurrisses Succursus Eras Succursus Esses
3 Succurrerat Succurrisset Succursus Erat Succursus Esset
Plural 1 Succurreramus Succurrissemus Succursi Eramus Succursi Essemus
2 Succurreratis Succurrissetis Succursi Eratis Succursi Essetis
3 Succurrerant Succurrissent Succursi Erant Succursi Essent
Future Perfect
Singular 1 Succurrero Succursus Ero
2 Succurreris Succursus Eris
3 Succurrerit Succursus Erit
Plural 1 Succurrerimus Succursi Erimus
2 Succurreritis Succursi Eritis
3 Succurrerint Succursi Erunt
Indicative Subjunctive Indicative Subjunctive
Active Passive
Present Singular Succurre Succurrere
Plural Succurrite Succurrimini
Present Succurrere Succurri
Perfect Succurrisse Succursus Esse
Future Succursurus Esse Succursus Iri
Present Succurrens
Perfect Succursus
Future Succursurus Succurrendus
Gerund Supine
Genitive Succurrendi
Dative Succurrendo
Accusative Succurrendum Succursum
Ablative Succurrendo Succursu

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Translation To (run to) help
Verb Forms Succurro, Succurrere, Succurri, Succursus +dat
First Stem Succurr
Second Stem Succurre
Third Stem Succurr
Fourth Stem Succurs

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