To allow, give permission

Main forms: Sino, Sinere, Sivi, Situs

Active Passive
Indicative Subjunctive Indicative Subjunctive
Singular 1 Sino Sinam Sinor Sinar
2 Sinis Sinas Sineris Sinaris
3 Sinit Sinat Sinitur Sinatur
Plural 1 Sinimus Sinamus Sinimur Sinamur
2 Sinitis Sinatis Sinimini Sinamini
3 Sinunt Sinant Sinuntur Sinantur
Singular 1 Sinebam Sinerem Sinebar Sinerer
2 Sinebas Sineres Sinebaris Sinereris
3 Sinebat Sineret Sinebatur Sineretur
Plural 1 Sinebamus Sineremus Sinebamur Sineremur
2 Sinebatis Sineretis Sinebamini Sineremini
3 Sinebant Sinerent Sinebantur Sinerentur
Singular 1 Sinam Sinar
2 Sines Sineris
3 Sinet Sinetur
Plural 1 Sinemus Sinemur
2 Sinetis Sinemini
3 Sinent Sinentur
Singular 1 Sivi Siverim Situs Sum Situs Sim
2 Sivisti Siveris Situs Es Situs Sis
3 Sivit Siverit Situs Est Situs Sit
Plural 1 Sivimus Siverimus Siti Sumus Siti Simus
2 Sivistis Siveritis Siti Estis Siti Sitis
3 Siverunt Siverint Siti Sunt Siti Sint
Singular 1 Siveram Sivissem Situs Eram Situs Essem
2 Siveras Sivisses Situs Eras Situs Esses
3 Siverat Sivisset Situs Erat Situs Esset
Plural 1 Siveramus Sivissemus Siti Eramus Siti Essemus
2 Siveratis Sivissetis Siti Eratis Siti Essetis
3 Siverant Sivissent Siti Erant Siti Essent
Future Perfect
Singular 1 Sivero Situs Ero
2 Siveris Situs Eris
3 Siverit Situs Erit
Plural 1 Siverimus Siti Erimus
2 Siveritis Siti Eritis
3 Siverint Siti Erunt
Indicative Subjunctive Indicative Subjunctive
Active Passive
Present Singular Sine Sinere
Plural Sinite Sinimini
Present Sinere Sini
Perfect Sivisse Situs Esse
Future Siturus Esse Situs Iri
Present Sinens
Perfect Situs
Future Siturus Sinendus
Gerund Supine
Genitive Sinendi
Dative Sinendo
Accusative Sinendum Situm
Ablative Sinendo Situ

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Translation To allow, give permission
Verb Forms Sino, Sinere, Sivi, Situs
First Stem Sin
Second Stem Sine
Third Stem Siv
Fourth Stem Sit

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