To ask, seek, search, inquire

Main forms: Requiro, Requirere, Requisivi, Requisitus

Active Passive
Indicative Subjunctive Indicative Subjunctive
Singular 1 Requiro Requiram Requiror Requirar
2 Requiris Requiras Requireris Requiraris
3 Requirit Requirat Requiritur Requiratur
Plural 1 Requirimus Requiramus Requirimur Requiramur
2 Requiritis Requiratis Requirimini Requiramini
3 Requirunt Requirant Requiruntur Requirantur
Singular 1 Requirebam Requirerem Requirebar Requirerer
2 Requirebas Requireres Requirebaris Requirereris
3 Requirebat Requireret Requirebatur Requireretur
Plural 1 Requirebamus Requireremus Requirebamur Requireremur
2 Requirebatis Requireretis Requirebamini Requireremini
3 Requirebant Requirerent Requirebantur Requirerentur
Singular 1 Requiram Requirar
2 Requires Requireris
3 Requiret Requiretur
Plural 1 Requiremus Requiremur
2 Requiretis Requiremini
3 Requirent Requirentur
Singular 1 Requisivi Requisiverim Requisitus Sum Requisitus Sim
2 Requisivisti Requisiveris Requisitus Es Requisitus Sis
3 Requisivit Requisiverit Requisitus Est Requisitus Sit
Plural 1 Requisivimus Requisiverimus Requisiti Sumus Requisiti Simus
2 Requisivistis Requisiveritis Requisiti Estis Requisiti Sitis
3 Requisiverunt Requisiverint Requisiti Sunt Requisiti Sint
Singular 1 Requisiveram Requisivissem Requisitus Eram Requisitus Essem
2 Requisiveras Requisivisses Requisitus Eras Requisitus Esses
3 Requisiverat Requisivisset Requisitus Erat Requisitus Esset
Plural 1 Requisiveramus Requisivissemus Requisiti Eramus Requisiti Essemus
2 Requisiveratis Requisivissetis Requisiti Eratis Requisiti Essetis
3 Requisiverant Requisivissent Requisiti Erant Requisiti Essent
Future Perfect
Singular 1 Requisivero Requisitus Ero
2 Requisiveris Requisitus Eris
3 Requisiverit Requisitus Erit
Plural 1 Requisiverimus Requisiti Erimus
2 Requisiveritis Requisiti Eritis
3 Requisiverint Requisiti Erunt
Indicative Subjunctive Indicative Subjunctive
Active Passive
Present Singular Require Requirere
Plural Requirite Requirimini
Present Requirere Requiri
Perfect Requisivisse Requisitus Esse
Future Requisiturus Esse Requisitus Iri
Present Requirens
Perfect Requisitus
Future Requisiturus Requirendus
Gerund Supine
Genitive Requirendi
Dative Requirendo
Accusative Requirendum Requisitum
Ablative Requirendo Requisitu

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Translation To ask, seek, search, inquire
Verb Forms Requiro, Requirere, Requisivi, Requisitus
First Stem Requir
Second Stem Require
Third Stem Requisiv
Fourth Stem Requisit

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