To remember, recount

Main forms: Recordor, Recordari, Recordatus

Active Passive
Indicative Subjunctive Indicative Subjunctive
Singular 1 Recordor Recorder
2 Recordaris Recorderis
3 Recordatur Recordetur
Plural 1 Recordamur Recordemur
2 Recordamini Recordemini
3 Recordantur Recordentur
Singular 1 Recordabar Recordarer
2 Recordabaris Recordareris
3 Recordabatur Recordaretur
Plural 1 Recordabamur Recordaremur
2 Recordabamini Recordaremini
3 Recordabantur Recordarentur
Singular 1 Recordabor
2 Recordaberis
3 Recordabitur
Plural 1 Recordabimur
2 Recordabimini
3 Recordabuntur
Singular 1 Recordatus Sum Recordatus Sim
2 Recordatus Es Recordatus Sis
3 Recordatus Est Recordatus Sit
Plural 1 Recordati Sumus Recordati Simus
2 Recordati Estis Recordati Sitis
3 Recordati Sunt Recordati Sint
Singular 1 Recordatus Eram Recordatus Essem
2 Recordatus Eras Recordatus Esses
3 Recordatus Erat Recordatus Esset
Plural 1 Recordati Eramus Recordati Essemus
2 Recordati Eratis Recordati Essetis
3 Recordati Erant Recordati Essent
Future Perfect
Singular 1 Recordatus Ero
2 Recordatus Eris
3 Recordatus Erit
Plural 1 Recordati Erimus
2 Recordati Eritis
3 Recordati Erunt
Indicative Subjunctive Indicative Subjunctive
Active Passive
Present Singular Recordare
Plural Recordamini
Present Recordari
Perfect Recordatus Esse
Future Recordaturus Esse
Present Recordans
Perfect Recordatus
Future Recordaturus Recordandus
Gerund Supine
Genitive Recordandi
Dative Recordando
Accusative Recordandum Recordatum
Ablative Recordando Recordatu

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Translation To remember, recount
Verb Forms Recordor, Recordari, Recordatus
First Stem Record
Second Stem Recorda
Third Stem Recordat
Fourth Stem Recordat

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