To go in, enter

Main forms: Intro, Intrare, Intravi, Intratus

Active Passive
Indicative Subjunctive Indicative Subjunctive
Singular 1 Intro Intrem Intror Intrer
2 Intras Intres Intraris Intreris
3 Intrat Intret Intratur Intretur
Plural 1 Intramus Intremus Intramur Intremur
2 Intratis Intretis Intramini Intremini
3 Intrant Intrent Intrantur Intrentur
Singular 1 Intrabam Intrarem Intrabar Intrarer
2 Intrabas Intrares Intrabaris Intrareris
3 Intrabat Intraret Intrabatur Intraretur
Plural 1 Intrabamus Intraremus Intrabamur Intraremur
2 Intrabatis Intraretis Intrabamini Intraremini
3 Intrabant Intrarent Intrabantur Intrarentur
Singular 1 Intrabo Intrabor
2 Intrabis Intraberis
3 Intrabit Intrabitur
Plural 1 Intrabimus Intrabimur
2 Intrabitis Intrabimini
3 Intrabunt Intrabuntur
Singular 1 Intravi Intraverim Intratus Sum Intratus Sim
2 Intravisti Intraveris Intratus Es Intratus Sis
3 Intravit Intraverit Intratus Est Intratus Sit
Plural 1 Intravimus Intraverimus Intrati Sumus Intrati Simus
2 Intravistis Intraveritis Intrati Estis Intrati Sitis
3 Intraverunt Intraverint Intrati Sunt Intrati Sint
Singular 1 Intraveram Intravissem Intratus Eram Intratus Essem
2 Intraveras Intravisses Intratus Eras Intratus Esses
3 Intraverat Intravisset Intratus Erat Intratus Esset
Plural 1 Intraveramus Intravissemus Intrati Eramus Intrati Essemus
2 Intraveratis Intravissetis Intrati Eratis Intrati Essetis
3 Intraverant Intravissent Intrati Erant Intrati Essent
Future Perfect
Singular 1 Intravero Intratus Ero
2 Intraveris Intratus Eris
3 Intraverit Intratus Erit
Plural 1 Intraverimus Intrati Erimus
2 Intraveritis Intrati Eritis
3 Intraverint Intrati Erunt
Indicative Subjunctive Indicative Subjunctive
Active Passive
Present Singular Intra Intrare
Plural Intrate Intramini
Present Intrare Intrari
Perfect Intravisse Intratus Esse
Future Intraturus Esse Intratus Iri
Present Intrans
Perfect Intratus
Future Intraturus Intrandus
Gerund Supine
Genitive Intrandi
Dative Intrando
Accusative Intrandum Intratum
Ablative Intrando Intratu

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Translation To go in, enter
Verb Forms Intro, Intrare, Intravi, Intratus
First Stem Intr
Second Stem Intra
Third Stem Intrav
Fourth Stem Intrat

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