To board a ship

Main forms: Conscendo, Conscendere, Conscendi, Conscensus

Active Passive
Indicative Subjunctive Indicative Subjunctive
Singular 1 Conscendo Conscendam Conscendor Conscendar
2 Conscendis Conscendas Conscenderis Conscendaris
3 Conscendit Conscendat Conscenditur Conscendatur
Plural 1 Conscendimus Conscendamus Conscendimur Conscendamur
2 Conscenditis Conscendatis Conscendimini Conscendamini
3 Conscendunt Conscendant Conscenduntur Conscendantur
Singular 1 Conscendebam Conscenderem Conscendebar Conscenderer
2 Conscendebas Conscenderes Conscendebaris Conscendereris
3 Conscendebat Conscenderet Conscendebatur Conscenderetur
Plural 1 Conscendebamus Conscenderemus Conscendebamur Conscenderemur
2 Conscendebatis Conscenderetis Conscendebamini Conscenderemini
3 Conscendebant Conscenderent Conscendebantur Conscenderentur
Singular 1 Conscendam Conscendar
2 Conscendes Conscenderis
3 Conscendet Conscendetur
Plural 1 Conscendemus Conscendemur
2 Conscendetis Conscendemini
3 Conscendent Conscendentur
Singular 1 Conscendi Conscenderim Conscensus Sum Conscensus Sim
2 Conscendisti Conscenderis Conscensus Es Conscensus Sis
3 Conscendit Conscenderit Conscensus Est Conscensus Sit
Plural 1 Conscendimus Conscenderimus Conscensi Sumus Conscensi Simus
2 Conscendistis Conscenderitis Conscensi Estis Conscensi Sitis
3 Conscenderunt Conscenderint Conscensi Sunt Conscensi Sint
Singular 1 Conscenderam Conscendissem Conscensus Eram Conscensus Essem
2 Conscenderas Conscendisses Conscensus Eras Conscensus Esses
3 Conscenderat Conscendisset Conscensus Erat Conscensus Esset
Plural 1 Conscenderamus Conscendissemus Conscensi Eramus Conscensi Essemus
2 Conscenderatis Conscendissetis Conscensi Eratis Conscensi Essetis
3 Conscenderant Conscendissent Conscensi Erant Conscensi Essent
Future Perfect
Singular 1 Conscendero Conscensus Ero
2 Conscenderis Conscensus Eris
3 Conscenderit Conscensus Erit
Plural 1 Conscenderimus Conscensi Erimus
2 Conscenderitis Conscensi Eritis
3 Conscenderint Conscensi Erunt
Indicative Subjunctive Indicative Subjunctive
Active Passive
Present Singular Conscende Conscendere
Plural Conscendite Conscendimini
Present Conscendere Conscendi
Perfect Conscendisse Conscensus Esse
Future Conscensurus Esse Conscensus Iri
Present Conscendens
Perfect Conscensus
Future Conscensurus Conscendendus
Gerund Supine
Genitive Conscendendi
Dative Conscendendo
Accusative Conscendendum Conscensum
Ablative Conscendendo Conscensu

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Translation To board a ship
Verb Forms Conscendo, Conscendere, Conscendi, Conscensus
First Stem Conscend
Second Stem Conscende
Third Stem Conscend
Fourth Stem Conscens

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