To shut, close, block

Main forms: Claudo, Claudere, Clausi, Clausus

Active Passive
Indicative Subjunctive Indicative Subjunctive
Singular 1 Claudo Claudam Claudor Claudar
2 Claudis Claudas Clauderis Claudaris
3 Claudit Claudat Clauditur Claudatur
Plural 1 Claudimus Claudamus Claudimur Claudamur
2 Clauditis Claudatis Claudimini Claudamini
3 Claudunt Claudant Clauduntur Claudantur
Singular 1 Claudebam Clauderem Claudebar Clauderer
2 Claudebas Clauderes Claudebaris Claudereris
3 Claudebat Clauderet Claudebatur Clauderetur
Plural 1 Claudebamus Clauderemus Claudebamur Clauderemur
2 Claudebatis Clauderetis Claudebamini Clauderemini
3 Claudebant Clauderent Claudebantur Clauderentur
Singular 1 Claudam Claudar
2 Claudes Clauderis
3 Claudet Claudetur
Plural 1 Claudemus Claudemur
2 Claudetis Claudemini
3 Claudent Claudentur
Singular 1 Clausi Clauserim Clausus Sum Clausus Sim
2 Clausisti Clauseris Clausus Es Clausus Sis
3 Clausit Clauserit Clausus Est Clausus Sit
Plural 1 Clausimus Clauserimus Clausi Sumus Clausi Simus
2 Clausistis Clauseritis Clausi Estis Clausi Sitis
3 Clauserunt Clauserint Clausi Sunt Clausi Sint
Singular 1 Clauseram Clausissem Clausus Eram Clausus Essem
2 Clauseras Clausisses Clausus Eras Clausus Esses
3 Clauserat Clausisset Clausus Erat Clausus Esset
Plural 1 Clauseramus Clausissemus Clausi Eramus Clausi Essemus
2 Clauseratis Clausissetis Clausi Eratis Clausi Essetis
3 Clauserant Clausissent Clausi Erant Clausi Essent
Future Perfect
Singular 1 Clausero Clausus Ero
2 Clauseris Clausus Eris
3 Clauserit Clausus Erit
Plural 1 Clauserimus Clausi Erimus
2 Clauseritis Clausi Eritis
3 Clauserint Clausi Erunt
Indicative Subjunctive Indicative Subjunctive
Active Passive
Present Singular Claude Claudere
Plural Claudite Claudimini
Present Claudere Claudi
Perfect Clausisse Clausus Esse
Future Clausurus Esse Clausus Iri
Present Claudens
Perfect Clausus
Future Clausurus Claudendus
Gerund Supine
Genitive Claudendi
Dative Claudendo
Accusative Claudendum Clausum
Ablative Claudendo Clausu

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Translation To shut, close, block
Verb Forms Claudo, Claudere, Clausi, Clausus
First Stem Claud
Second Stem Claude
Third Stem Claus
Fourth Stem Claus

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