Main Forms: (1) Active Indicative Present Singular First, (2) Active Present Infinitive, (3) Active Indicative Perfect Singular First, (4) Perfect Passive Participle

1 2 3 4
1st Form 2nd Form 3rd Form 4th Form
1s 2s 3s 4s
1st-o/eo/io 2nd-re 3rd-i 4th-us
Order of Conjugation
(1st,2nd,3rd,3rd-io,4th) or (ALL)
Active Passive
Indicative Subjunctive Indicative Subjunctive
Singular 1 1 1s+(e,ea,a,ia,ia)+(m) 1+(r) 1s+(e,ea,a,ia,ia)+(r)
2 1s+(a,e,i,i,i)+(s) 1s+(e,ea,a,ia,ia)+(s) 1s+(a,e,e,e,i)+(ris) 1s+(e,ea,a,ia,ia)+(ris)
3 1s+(a,e,i,i,i)+(t) 1s+(e,ea,a,ia,ia)+(t) 1s+(a,e,i,i,i)+(tur) 1s+(e,ea,a,ia,ia)+(tur)
Plural 1 1s+(a,e,i,i,i)+(mus) 1s+(e,ea,a,ia,ia)+(mus) 1s+(a,e,i,i,i)+(mur) 1s+(e,ea,a,ia,ia)+(mur)
2 1s+(a,e,i,i,i)+(tis) 1s+(e,ea,a,ia,ia)+(tis) 1s+(a,e,i,i,i)+(mini) 1s+(e,ea,a,ia,ia)+(mini)
3 1s+(a,e,u,iu,iu)+(nt) 1s+(e,ea,a,ia,ia)+(nt) 1s+(a,e,i,iu,iu)+(ntur) 1s+(e,ea,a,ia,ia)+(ntur)
Singular 1 1s+(a,e,e,ie,ie)+(bam) 2+(m) 1s+(a,e,e,ie,ie)+(bar) 2+(r)
2 1s+(a,e,e,ie,ie)+(bas) 2+(s) 1s+(a,e,e,ie,ie)+(baris) 2+(ris)
3 1s+(a,e,e,ie,ie)+(bat) 2+(t) 1s+(a,e,e,ie,ie)+(batur) 2+(tur)
Plural 1 1s+(a,e,e,ie,ie)+(bamus) 2+(mus) 1s+(a,e,e,ie,ie)+(bamur) 2+(mur)
2 1s+(a,e,e,ie,ie)+(batis) 2+(tis) 1s+(a,e,e,ie,ie)+(bamini) 2+(mini)
3 1s+(a,e,e,ie,ie)+(bant) 2+(nt) 1s+(a,e,e,ie,ie)+(bantur) 2+(ntur)
Singular 1 1s+(abo,ebo,am,iam,iam) 1s+(abor,ebor,ar,iar,iar)
2 1s+(abis,ebis,es,ies,ies) 1s+(aberis,eberis,eris,ieris,ieris)
3 1s+(abit,ebit,et,iet,iet) 1s+(abitur,ebitur,etur,ietur,ietur)
Plural 1 1s+(abimus,ebimus,emus,iemus,iemus) 1s+(abimur,ebimur,emur,iemur,iemur)
2 1s+(abitis,ebitis,etis,ietis,ietis) 1s+(abimini,ebimini,emini,iemini,iemini)
3 1s+(abunt,ebunt,ent,ient,ient) 1s+(abuntur,ebuntur,entur,ientur,ientur)
Singular 1 3 3s+(erim) 4s(-us,-a,-um)+( sum) 4s(-us,-a,-um)+( sim)
2 3s+(isti) 3s+(eris) 4s(-us,-a,-um)+( es) 4s(-us,-a,-um)+( sis)
3 3s+(it) 3s+(erit) 4s(-us,-a,-um)+( est) 4s(-us,-a,-um)+( sit)
Plural 1 3s+(imus) 3s+(erimus) 4s(-i,-ae,-a)+( sumus) 4s(-i,-ae,-a)+( simus)
2 3s+(istis) 3s+(eritis) 4s(-i,-ae,-a)+(estis) 4s(-i,-ae,-a)+( sitis)
3 3s+(erunt) 3s+(erint) 4s(-i,-ae,-a)+( sunt) 4s(-i,-ae,-a)+( sint)
Singular 1 3s+(eram) 3s+(issem) 4s(-us,-a,-um)+( eram) 4s(-us,-a,-um)+( essem)
2 3s+(eras) 3s+(isses) 4s(-us,-a,-um)+( eras) 4s(-us,-a,-um)+( esses)
3 3s+(erat) 3s+(isset) 4s(-us,-a,-um)+( erat) 4s(-us,-a,-um)+( esset)
Plural 1 3s+(eramus) 3s+(issemus) 4s(-i,-ae,-a)+( eramus) 4s(-i,-ae,-a)+( essemus)
2 3s+(eratis) 3s+(issetis) 4s(-i,-ae,-a)+( eratis) 4s(-i,-ae,-a)+( essetis)
3 3s+(erant) 3s+(issent) 4s(-i,-ae,-a)+( erant) 4s(-i,-ae,-a)+( essent)
Future Perfect
Singular 1 3s+(ero) 4s(-us,-a,-um)+( ero)
2 3s+(eris) 4s(-us,-a,-um)+( eris)
3 3s+(erit) 4s(-us,-a,-um)+( erit)
Plural 1 3s+(erimus) 4s(-i,-ae,-a)+( erimus)
2 3s+(eritis) 4s(-i,-ae,-a)+( eritis)
3 3s+(erint) 4s(-i,-ae,-a)+( erunt)
Indicative Subjunctive Indicative Subjunctive
Active Passive
Present Singular 2s 2
Plural 1s+(ate,ete,ite,ite,ite) 1s+(a,e,i,i,i)+(mini)
Present 2 1s+(ari,eri,i,i,iri)
Perfect 3s+isse 4 Esse
Future 4s+(urus) Esse 4 Iri
Present 1s+(a,e,e,ie,ie)(-ns)
Perfect 4
Future 4s+(ur)(-us,-a,-um) 1s+(a,e,e,ie,ie)(-nd)(-us,-a,-um)
Gerund Supine
Genitive 1s+(a,e,e,ie,ie)+(ndi)
Dative 1s+(a,e,e,ie,ie)+(ndo)
Accusative 1s+(a,e,e,ie,ie)+(ndum) 4s+(um)
Ablative 1s+(a,e,e,ie,ie)+(ndo) 4s+(u)
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