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Latin Verbs

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Abdere (Abdo, Abdere, Abdui, Abdus) — To hide
Abesse (Absum, Abesse, Afui, Afuturus) — To be away, be absent, be distant
Abire (Abeo, Abire, Abii, Abitus) — To go away
Abuti (Abutor, Abuti, Abusus) — To use up, exhaust
Accedere (Accedo, Accedere, Accessi, Accessus) — To reach, approach; to agree
Accipere (Accipio, Accipere, Accepi, Acceptus) — To receive
Acquiescere (Acquiesco, Acquiescere, Acquiescevi, Acquiescetus) — To rest; die
Adesse (Adsum, Adesse, Adfui, Adfuturus) — To be present, to be here/there
Adiuvare (Adiuvo, Adiuvare, Adiuvi, Adiutus) — To help
Admirari (Admiror, Admirari, Admiratus) — To admire, respect, regard
Admovere (Admoveo, Admovere, Admovi, Admotus) — To move toward
Advenire (Advenio, Advenire, Adveni, Adventus) — To reach, arrive
Aedificare (aedificō, aedificāre, aedificāvī, aedificātus) — to build
Agere (Ago, Agere, Egi, Actus) — To do, drive, lead; pass or spend time
Aggredi (Aggredior, Aggredi, Aggressus Sum) — Advance to, attack
Agitare (Agito, Agitare, Agitavi, Agitatus) — To drive, move, or impel animals
Aiere (Aio, Aiere) — To say, assert
Alere (Alo, Alere, Alui, Altus) — To feed
Amare (Amo, Amare, Amavi, Amatus) — To love, like
Ambulare (Ambulo, Ambulare, Ambulavi, Ambulatus) — To walk
Aperire (Aperio, Aperire, Aperui, Apertus) — To open, uncover
Appellare (Appello, Appellare, Appellui, Appelltus) — To name, call
Appetere (Appeto, Appetere, Appetivi, Appetitum) — To grasp
Applicare (Applico, Applicare, Applicavi, Applicatus) — To add, attach
Arcessere (Arcesso, Arcessere, Arcessivi, Arcessitus) — To summon
Ardere (Ardeo, Ardere, Arsi, Arsus) — To be on fire, burn
Ascendere (Ascendo, Ascendere, Ascendi, Ascensus) — To climb, ascend
Aspicere (Aspicio, Aspicere, Aspexi, Aspectus) — To see, catch sight of
Attendere (Attendo, Attendere, Attendi, Attentus) — To attend, give attention to, see to
Audere (audeo, audere, ausus sum) — to dare, to risk
Audire (Audio, Audire, Audivi/Audii, Auditus) — To hear
Auferre (Aufero, Auferre, Abstuli, Ablatus) — To carry away
Augere (Augeo, Augere, Auxi, Auctus) — To increase, grow
Basiare (Basio, Basiare, Basiavi, Basiatus) — To kiss
Cadere (Cado, Cadere, Cecidi, Casus) — To fall
Capere (Capio, Capere, Cepi, Captus) — To take, seize, capture
Cavere (Caveo, Cavere, Cavi, Cautus) — To beware, be careful
Cedere (Cedo, Cedere, Cessi, Cessus) — To yield to, give way for
Celare (Celo, Celare, Celavi, Celatua) — To hide
Celebrare (Celebro, Celebrare, Celebravi, Celebratus) — To celebrate
Cenare (Ceno, Cenare, Cenavi, Cenatus) — To dine
Circumire (Circumeo, Circumire, Circumii, Circumitus) — To go around, circle
Circumspectare (Circumspecto, Circumspectare, Circumspectavi, Circumspectatus) — To look around
Clamare (Clamo, Clamare, Clamavi, Clamatus) — To shout, clamor
Claudere (Claudo, Claudere, Clausi, Clausus) — To shut, close, block
Cogere (Cogo, Cogere, Coegi, Coactum) — To collect, gather; to thicken; to compel, force
Cogitare (Cogito, Cogitare, Cogitavi, Cogitatus) — To think, ponder, wonder, imagine
Cognoscere (Cognosco, Cognoscere, Cognovi, Cognitus) — To know, learn
Colere (Colo, Colere, Colui, Cultus) — To till, farm, cultivate; worship
Collaudare (Collaudo, Collaudare, Collaudavi, Collaudatum) — To praise highly
Commovere (Commoveo, Commovere, Commovi, Commotus) — To move violently; displace
Comparare (Comparo, Comparare, Comparavi, Comparatum) — To arrange, To prepare eagerly, To put together
Comportare (Comporto, Comportare, Comportavi, Comportatum) — To bring together, To carry together
Comprehendere (Comprehendo, Comprehendere, Comprehendi, Comprehensus) — To grasp, seize, arrest, comprehend, understand
Conari (Conor, Conari, Conatus) — To try
Conclamare (Conclamo, Conclamare, Conclamavi, Conclamatus) — To shout aloud
Conducere (Conduco, Conducere, Conduxi, Conductus) — To hire; to lead together
Confidere (Confido, Confidere, Confisus +dat) — To trust
Confirmare (Confirmo, Confirmare, Confirmavi, Confirmatum) — To declare, To encourage, To strengthen
Conicere (Conicio, Conicere, Conieci, Coniectus) — To hurl, throw
Coniungere (Coniungo, Coniungere, Coniunxi, Coniunctus) — To join together
Conscendere (Conscendo, Conscendere, Conscendi, Conscensus) — To board a ship
Consolari (Consolor, Consolari, Consulatus) — To console, comfort, reassure
Consumere (Consumo, Consumere, Consumpsi, Consumptum) — To consume, eat
Contendere (Contendo, Contendere, Contendi, Contentus) — To walk, march
Contrahere (Contraho, Contrahere, Contraxi, Contractus) — To draw together, assemble
Convocare (Convoco, Convocare, Convocavi, Convocatum) — To assemble, To call together, To summon
Coquere (Coquo, Coquere, Coxi, Coctus) — To cook
Corripere (Corripio, Corripere, Corripui, Correptus) — To seize, steal
Credere (Credo, Credere, Credidi, Creditus +dat) — To give trust to, To have trust for
Crescere (Cresco, Crescere, Crevi, Cretus) — To come to be, arise
Cubere (Cubo, Cubere, Cubui, Cubitus) — To lie down
Culpare (Culpo, Culpare, Culpavi, Culpatus) — To blame, censure, accuse
Cupere (Cupio, Cupere, Cupivi, Cupitus) — To desire, wish, long for
Currere (Curro, Currere, Cucurri, Cursus) — To run
Custodire (Custodio, Custodire, Cusdodivi, Custoditus) — To guard
Dare (Do, Dare, Dedi, Datus) — To give, present
Debere (Debeo, Debere, Debui, Debitus) — To owe
Dedere (Dedo, Dedere, Dedidi, Deditus) — To give up, surrender
Defendere (third) — to defend, protect
Defendere (defendo, defendere, defendi, defensum) — defend
Demittere (Demitto, Demittere, Demisi, Demissum) — To send down
Demonstrare (Demonstro, Demonstrare, Demonstravi, Demonstratus) — To point out, show, demonstrate
Deponere (Depono, Deponere, Deposui, Depositus) — To lay; put away, get rid of
Descendere (Descendo, Descendere, Descendi, Descensus) — To descend, climb down
Desinere (Desino, Desinere, Desii, Desitus) — To cease, stop, desist, abandon
Destinare (Destino, Destinare, Destinavi, Destinatus) — To resolve, determine, secure
Dicere (Dico, Dicere, Dixi, Dictus) — To say, tell, speak, name
Diligere (Diligo, Diligere, Dilexi, Dilectus) — To respect, esteem, love
Dimittere (Dimitto, Dimittere, Dimisi, Dimissus) — To send away, dismiss
Discere (Disco, Discere, Didici) — To learn
Disperire (Dispereo, Disperire, Disperii, Disperitus) — To wither, be destroyed, be undone, go to waste
Disserere (Dissero, Disserere, Disserui, Dissertus) — To discuss
Dividere (Divido, Dividere, Divisi, Divisus) — To divide
Docere (Doceo, Docere, Docui, Doctus) — To teach
Dolere (Doleo, Dolere, Dolui, Dolitus) — To grieve, suffer, hurt, give pain
Donare (Dono, Donare, Donavi, Donatus) — To present, give, bestow
Dormire (Dormio, Dormire, Dormivi, Dormitus) — To sleep
Ducere (Duco, Ducere, Duxi, Ductus) — To lead, consider, regard
Efficere (Efficio, Efficere, Effici, Effectus) — To effect, bring about, do
Effugere (Effugio, Effugere, Effugi, Effugitus) — To flee, escape
Emere (Emo, Emere, Emi, Emptus) — To buy
Eripere (Eripio, Eripere, Eripui, Ereptus) — To snatch, tear away, rob
Errare (Erro, Errare, Erravi, Erratus) — To wander, go astray, err, be wrong
Esse (Sum, Esse, Fui, Futurus) — To be, exist
Esse (Edere) (Edo, Esse (Edere), Edi, Esus) — To eat
Evadere (Evado, Evadere, Evasi, Evasus) — To evade, escape
Evertere (Everto, Evertere, Everti, Eversus) — To overturn
Evolare (Evolo, Evolare, Evolavi, Evolatus) — To fly away, fly out
Excruciare (Excrucio, Excruciare, Excruciavi, Excruciatus) — To torture, torment
Exercere (Exerceo, Exercere, Exercui, Exercitus) — To exercise, train
Expedire (expedio, expedire, expedivi, expeditus) — To set free
Expellere (Expello, Expellere, Expuli, Expulsus) — To drive out, expel, exile
Explicare (Explico, Explicare, Explicavi, Explicatus) — To unfold, unfurl, deploy, spread out; develop
Explorare (Exploro, Explorare, Exploravi, Exploratus) — To explore, investigate
Exponere (Expono, Exponere, Exposui, Expositus) — To set forth, explain, expose
Exspectare (Exspecto, Exspectare, Exspectavi, Exspectatum) — To await, To wait for
Facere (Facio, Facere, Feci, Factus) — To make, do, accomplish; to become (passive)
Fallere (Fallo, Fallere, Fefelli, Falsus) — To deceive, beguile, trick
Fari (For, Fari, Fatus) — To speak, talk, say
Favere (Faveo, Favere, Favi, Fautus +dat) — To have favor for, be favorable to
Ferre (Fero, Ferre, Tuli, Latus) — To bear, carry, suffer, endure
Festinare (Festino, Festinare, Festinavi, Festinatus) — To hurry, rush
Flere (Fleo, Flere, Flevi, Fletus) — To weep, cry
Fluere (Fluo, Fluere, Fluxi, Fluxus) — To flow
Frangere (Frango, Frangere, Fregi, Fractus) — To break
fugere (fugio, fugere, fugi, fugitum) — flee
Fugere (Fugiō, Fugere, Fūgī, Fugitum) — To flee
Fulgere (Fulgeo, Fulgere, Fulsi) — To shine, flash
Gaudere (Gaudeo, Gaudere, Gavisus) — To rejoice, be glad
Gerere (Gero, Gerere, Gessi, Gestus) — To carry, manage, conduct
Gradi (Gradior, Gradi, Gressus) — To step, walk
Gravare (Gravo, Gravare, Gravavi, Gravatus) — To burden, load; oppress
Habere (Habeo, Habere, Habui, Habitus) — To have, hold, possess, consider, regard
Habitare (Habito, Habitare, Habitavi, Habitatus) — To live, inhabit, dwell
Haerere (Haereo, Haerere, Haesi, Haesus) — To cling, stick, be attached
Iacere (Iacio, Iacere, Ieci, Iactus) — To throw, hurl
Ignoscere (Ignosco, Ignoscere, Ignovi, Ignotus) — To be ignorant, not know
Illuminare (Illumino, Illuminare, Illuminavi, Illuminatus) — To illuminate, light up
Imminere (Immineo, Imminere, Imminui, Imminitus +dat) — To overhang, threaten, menace
impedire (impedio, impedire, impedivi, impeditum) — hinder
Imperare (Impero, Imperare, Imperavi, Imperatus +dat) — To give an order to, command
Incendere (Incendo, Incendere, Incendi, Incensus) — To set to fire, burn, inflame, excite
Inceptare (Incepto, Inceptare, Inceptavi, Inceptatus) — to begin, to undertake
Incidere (Incido, Incidere, Incidi, Incasus) — To fall into
Incipere (Incipio, Incipere, Coepi, Coeptus) — To begin, start
Incitare (Incito, Incitare, Incitavi, Incitatus) — To urge, rush, encourage
Induere (Induo, Induere, Indui, Indutus) — To dress
Infigere (Infigo, Infigere, Infixi, Infixus) — To thrust, fasten, impress, imprint
Ingredi (Ingredior, Ingredi, Ingressus) — To go into, enter
Inire (Ineo, Inire, Inii, Initus) — To enter, begin
Inquam (inquam, inquii) — to say
Inspicere (Inspicio, Inspicere, Inspexi, Inspectus) — To look at, inspect, examine
Intellegere (Intellego, Intellegere, Intellexi, Intellectum) — To understand
interficere (interficio, interficere, interfeci, interfectum) — to kill
Intro (Intro, Intrare, Intravi, Intratus) — To go in, enter
Invenire (Invenio, Invenire, Inveni, Inventus) — To discover, find, come upon
Invidere (Invideo, Invidere, Invidi, Invisus +dat) — To be envious; cast an evil eye
Iocari (Iocor, Iocari, Iocatus) — To joke, jest
Ire (Eo, Ire, Ii, Itus) — To go
Iubere (Iubeo, Iubēre, Iussi, Iustus) — To order, command
Iungere (Iungo, Iungere, Iunxi, Iunctus) — To join together, connect, unite
Iuvare (Iuvo, Iuvare, Iuvi, Iutus) — To help, aid
Labi (Labor, Labi, Lapsus) — To sink, fall, slip
Laborare (Laboro, Laborare, Laboravi, Laboratus) — To work
Lacrimare (Lacrimo, Lacrimare, Lacrimavi, Lacrimatus) — To cry, weep
Laedere (Laedo, Laedere, Laesi, Laesum) — To strike, hurt, offend
Laudare (Laudo, Laudare, Laudavi, Laudatus) — To praise
Lavare (Lavo, Lavare, Lavi, Lautus) — To wash
Legere (Lego, Legere, Legi, Lectus) — To read; pick out, choose
Levare (Levo, Levare, Levavi, Levatus) — To raise
Liberare (Libero, Liberare, Liberavi, Liberatus) — To free, To set free
Licere (Licet, Licere, Licuit) — It is allowed for (dat) to (inf)
Loqui (Loquor, Loqui, Locutus) — To say, speak, tell, talk
Lucere (Luceo, Lucere, Luxi) — To shine
Ludere (Ludo, Ludere, Lusi, Lusus) — To play; to mimic, mock; to deceive
Lugere (Lugeo, Lugere, Luxi, Luctus) — To mourn, grieve
Malle (Malo, Malle, Malui) — To prefer
Manere (Maneo, Manere, Mansi, Mansus) — To remain; expect; endure
Militare (Milito, Militare, Militavi, Militatus) — To serve as a soldier, campaign
Miror (mori, mortuus sum) — wonder at, admire
Mittere (Mitto, Mittere, Misi, Missus) — To send
Monere (Moneo, Monere, Monui, Monitus) — To warn, advise
Morari (Moror, Morari, Moratus) — To delay
Mori (Morior, Mori, Mortuus) — To die
Movere (Moveo, Movere, Movi, Motus) — To move
Munire (Munio, Munire, Munivi, Munitus) — To fortify
Mussitare (Mussito, Mussitare, Mussitivi) — To murmur
Narrare (Narro, Narrare, Narravi, Narratus) — To narrate, recount, tell
Navigare (Navigo, Navigare, Navigavi, Navigatus) — To sail
necare (neco, necare, necavi, necatum) — to kill
Negare (Nego, Negare, Negavi, Negatus) — To deny, say no
Neglegere (Neglego, Neglegere, Neglexi, Neglectus) — To neglect
Nescire (Nescio, Nescire, Nescivi, Nescitus) — To not know, be ignorant
Nocere (Noceo, Nocere, Nocui, Nocitus) — To harm, hurt (physically)
Nolle (Nolo, Nolle, Nolui) — To not want, not wish, be unwilling
Noscere (Nosco, Noscere, Novi, Notus) — To know, learn
Notare (Noto, Notare, Notavi, Notatus) — To mark, write
Nubere (Nubo, Nubere, Nupsi, Nuptus +dat) — To marry
Numerare (Numero, Numerare, Numeravi, Numeratus) — To count, number
Nuntiare (Nuntio, Nuntiare, Nuntiavi, Nuntiatum) — To announce, To report
Obdurare (Obduro, Obdurare, Obduravi, Obduratus) — To persist, stand firm
Obire (Obeo, Obire, Obii, Obitus) — To go to meet; to die
Obscurare (Obscuro, Obscurare, Obscuravi, Obscuratus) — To darken, confuse
Obsidere (Obsideo, Obsidere, Obsedi, Obsessus) — To besiege
Occidere (Occido, Occidere, Occidi, Occisus) — To kill; set (like the sun)
Occupare (Occupo, Occupare, Occupavi, Occupatus) — To seize, capture
Occurrere (Occurro, Occurrere, Occurri, Occursus +dat) — To meet
Odisse (Odi, Odisse, Osus) — To hate, detest, dislike
Offerre (Offero, Offerre, Obtuli, Oblatus) — To offer
Oportere (Oportet, Oportere, Oportuit) — It is necessary for (dat) to (inf), (dat) ought to (inf)
Opprimere (Opprimo, Opprimere, Oppressi, Oppressus) — To oppress
Oppugnare (Oppugno, Oppugnare, Oppugnavi, Oppugnatus) — To attack
Optare (Opto, Optare, Optavi, Optatus) — To choose, wish
Orare (Oro, Orare, Oravi, Oratus) — To beg, pray, beseech
Oriri (Orior, Oriri, Ortus) — To rise, arise
Osculari (Osculor, Osculari, Osculatus) — To kiss, embrace
Ostendere (Ostendo, Ostendere, Ostendi, Ostentus) — To show
Pacare (Paco, Pacere, Pacavi, Pacatus) — Pacify, Subdue
Parare (Paro, Parare, Paravi, Paratus) — To prepare
Parcere (Parco, Parcere, Peperci, Parsurus) — To spare, be lenient
Parere (Pareo, Parere, Parui, Paritus +dat) — To obey
Pascere (Pasco, Pascere, Pavi, Pastus) — To feed
Pati (Patior, Pati, Passus) — To suffer
Pellere (Pello, Pellere, Pepuli, Pulsus) — To drive out, repel, fend off
Perdere (Perdo, Perdere, Perdidi, Perditus) — To lose, waste, destroy
Perducere (Perduco, Perducere, Perduxi, Perductus) — To lead, conduct; to prolong
Perferre (Perfero, Perferre, Pertuli, Perlatus) — To convey, bring; to bear, endure
Perficere (Perficio, Perficere, Perfeci, Perfectus) — To complete, carry out
Pergere (Pergo, Pergere, Perexi, Perectum) — To proceed; continue
Perire (Pereo, Perire, Perii, Peritus) — To perish, die
Perlegere (Perlego, Perlegere, Perlegi, Perlectus) — To read through
Persuadere (Persuadeo, Persuadere, Persuasi, Persuasus) — To persuade, to make sweet for
Pervenire (Pervenio, Pervenire, Perveni, Perventus) — To reach, arrive
Pervincere (Pervinco, Pervincere, Pervici, Pervictus) — To conquer completely, surpass
petere (peto, petere, petivi, petitum) — seek, beg, ask, attack, aim at
Petere (Peto, Petere, Petivi, Petitus) — To ask, seek, pursue, desire, attack
Placere (Placeo, Placere, Placui, Placitus +dat) — To please
Ponere (Pono, Ponere, Posui, Positus) — To place, put
Portare (Porto, Portare, Portavi, Portatus) — To carry
Poscere (Posco, Poscere, Poposci) — To demand
Posse (Possum, Posse, Potui +infinitive) — To be able, can; to have power
Praebere (Praebeo, Praebere, Praebui, Praebitus) — To offer
Praeesse (Praesum, Praeesse, Praefui, Praefuturus +dat) — To be in charge
Praeficere (Praeficio, Praeficere, Praefeci, Praefectus +acc +dat) — To put (acc) in charge of (dat)
Praeterire (Praetereo, Praeterire, Praeterii, Praeteritus) — To pass, go past
Precari (Precor, Precari, Precatus) — To beg, pray
Premere (Premo, Premere, Pressi, Pressus) — To press, squeeze
Procedere (Procedo, Procedere, Processi, Processus) — To go forward, to proceed
Proficisci (Proficiscor, Proficisci, Profectus) — To set out, start, originate

Promittere (Promitto, Promittere, Promisi, Promissus) — To promise
Proponere (Propono, Proponere, Proposui, Propositus) — To set forth, display; declare, publish
Prospicere (Prospicio, Prospicere, Prospexi, Prospectus) — To look out
Providere (Provideo, Providere, Provisi, Provisus) — To foresee
Pugnare (Pugno, Pugnare, Pugnavi, Pugnatus) — To fight, battle
Pulsare (Pulso, Pulsare, Pulsavi, Pulsatus) — To hit, knock
Putare (Puto, Putare, Putavi, Putatus) — To know, suppose
Quaerere (Quaero, Quaerere, Quaesivi, Quaesitus) — To ask, seek, look for
Quiescere (Quiesco, Quiescere, Quievi, Quietus) — To rest
Rapere (Rapio, Rapere, Rapui. Raptus) — To snatch, grap, take away
Recipere (Recipio, Recipere, Recepi, Receptus) — To take back
Recordari (Recordor, Recordari, Recordatus) — To remember, recount
Recurrere (Recurro, Recurrere, Recurri, Recursus) — To run back
Reddere (Reddo, Reddere, Reddidi, Redditus) — To give back, return
Redire (Redeo, Redire, Redii, Reditus) — To go back, return
Reducere (Reduco, Reducere, Reduxi, Reductus) — To withdraw, lead back
Regere (Rego, Regere, Rexi, Rectus) — To rule
Relinquere (Relinquo, Relinquere, Relinqui, Relictus) — To leave behind, abandon
Remanere (Remaneo, remanere, remansi, remansum) — To stay behind, to remain
Remunerari (Remuneror, Remunerari, Remuneratus) — To repay, reward
Requirere (Requiro, Requirere, Requisivi, Requisitus) — To ask, seek, search, inquire
Reri (Reor, Reri, Ratus) — To think, judge, suppose, reckon
Resistere (Resisto, Resistere, Restiti, Restatus +dat) — To resist
Retinere (Retineo, Retinere, Retinui, Retentus) — To hold back, withold
Revocare (Revoco, Rovocare, Revocavi, Revocatus) — To recall, take back, withdraw
Ridere (Rideo, Ridere, Risi, Risus) — To laugh (at)
Rogare (Rogo, Rogare, Rogavi, Rogatus) — To ask, ask for
Rubere (Rubeo, Rubere, Rubui) — To be red, blush
Ruere (Ruo, Ruere, Rui, Rutus) — To hurry, rush; to fall down
Rumpere (Rumpo, Rumpere, Rupi, Ruptus) — To burst, break
Salire (Salio, Salire, Salui, Saltus) — To jump, leap, dance
Saltare (Salto, Saltare, Saltavi, Saltatus) — To dance
Sancire (Sancio, Sancire, Sanxi, Sanctus) — To ordain, make sacred
Saviari (Savior, Saviari, Saviatus (also Suaviari)) — To kiss
Scire (Scio, Scire, Scivi, Scitus) — To know, understand
Scribere (Scribo, Scribere, Scripsi, Scriptus) — To write
Sedere (Sedeo, Sedere, Sedi, Sessus) — To sit
Sentire (Sentio, Sentire, Sensi, Sensus) — To feel, realize
Sequi (Sequor, Sequi, Secutus) — To follow
Servare (Servo, Servare, Servavi, Servatus) — To save, guard
Siccare (Sicco, Siccare, Siccavi, Siccatus) — To dry
Sinere (Sino, Sinere, Sivi, Situs) — To allow, give permission
Solere (Soleo, Solere, Solitus) — To be accustomed
Solvere (Solvo, Solvere, Solvi, Solutus) — To loosen, release, cast off
Spectare (Specto, Spectare, Spectavi, Spectatus) — To look at, see, watch
Sperare (Spero, Sperare, Speravi, Speratus) — To hope
Stare (Sto, Stare, Steti, Status) — To stand
Studere (Studeo, Studere, Studui +dat) — To study, pursue
Subire (Subeo, Subire, Subii, Subitus) — To go under, go in
Succurrere (Succurro, Succurrere, Succurri, Succursus +dat) — To (run to) help
Sumere (Sumo, Sumere, Sumpsi, Sumptus) — To put on, take up
Superare (Supero, Superare, Superavi, Superatus) — To be above, heve the upper hand, surpass
Superesse (Supersum, Superesse, Superfui, Superfuturus) — To remain, to survive
Supplicare (Supplico, Supplicare, Supplicavi, Supplicatus +dat) — To beg, supplicate, pray to
sustineo, sustinere (sustineo, sustinere, sustinui, sustinitus) — sustain
Tacere (Taceo, Tacere, Tacui, Tacitus) — To be silent
Tegere (Tego, Tegere, Texi, Tectus) — To cover
Temptare (Tempto, Temptare, Temptavi, Temptatus) — To try, attempt
Tendere (Tendo, Tendere, Tetendi, Tentus/Tensus) — To stretch, spread
Tenere (Teneo, Tenere, Tenui, Tentus) — To have, hold, possess
Terreo (terreo, terrere, terrui, territum) — Frighten
Timere (Timeo, Timere, Timui) — To fear, to be afraid
Tollere (Tollo, Tollere, Sustuli, Sublatus) — To raise, lift; destroy
Tradere (Trado, Tradere, Tradidi, Traditus) — To hand over, surrender
Trahere (Traho, Trahere, Traxi, Tractus) — To drag, draw, derive, acquire
Turbare (Turbo, Turbare, Turbavi, Turbatus) — To disturb, confuse
Urere (Uro, Urere, Ussi, Ustus) — To burn, scorch
Uti (Utor, Uti, Usus Sum) — To use, employ
Vagari (Vagor, Vagari, Vagatus) — To wander
Valere (Valeo, Valere, Valui, Valitus) — To be strong, be well
Vehere (Veho, Vehere, Vexi, Vectus) — To carry
Velle (Volo, Velle, Volui) — To wish, want, be willing
Venari (Venor, Venari, Venatus) — To hunt, chase
Vendere (Vendo, Vendere, Vendidi, Venditus) — To sell
Venire (Venio, Venire, Veni, Ventus) — To come, go
Vertere (Verto, Vertere, Verti, Versus) — To turn
Vexare (Vexo, Vexare, Vexavi, Vexatus) — To trouble, annoy
Videre (Video, Videre, Vidi, Visus) — To see; to seem (passive)
Vincere (Vinco, Vincere, Vici, Victus) — To conquer, overcome
Violare (Violo, Violare, Violavi, Violatus) — To violate
Visere (Viso, Visere, Visi, Visus) — To visit
Vivere (Vivo, Vivere, Vixi, Victus) — To live
Vocare (Voco, Vocare, Vocavi, Vocatus) — To call, summon
Volare (Volo, Volare, Volavi, Volatus) — To fly
Vulnerare (Vulnero, Vulnerare, Vulneravi, Vulneratum) — To wound

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