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A |preposition| Ablative — Away from, From
Ab |preposition| Ablative — From, away from, by
Abdere |verb| Abdo, Abdere, Abdui, Abdus — To hide
Abesse |verb| Absum, Abesse, Afui, Afuturus — To be away, be absent, be distant
Abhinc |adverb| — Ago, from here
Abire |verb| Abeo, Abire, Abii, Abitus — To go away
Absurdus |adjective| Absurdus, Absurda, Absurdum — Absurd, silly, pointless
Abuti |verb| Abutor, Abuti, Abusus — To use up, exhaust
Ac |conjunction| — And
Accedere |verb| Accedo, Accedere, Accessi, Accessus — To reach, approach; to agree
Accipere |verb| Accipio, Accipere, Accepi, Acceptus — To receive
Acer |adjective| Acer, Acris — Fierce, sharp, irritating, pungent, bitter
Aciēs |noun| Acies, Aciei Masculine — Pitched battle, harsh battle
Acquiescere |verb| Acquiesco, Acquiescere, Acquiescevi, Acquiescetus — To rest; die
Acriter |adverb| — Sharply, pungently, bitterly, keenly
Ad |preposition| Accusative — To, toward, near to, against
Adesse |verb| Adsum, Adesse, Adfui, Adfuturus — To be present, to be here/there
Adhuc |adverb| — Still
Adiuvare |verb| Adiuvo, Adiuvare, Adiuvi, Adiutus — To help
Admirari |verb| Admiror, Admirari, Admiratus — To admire, respect, regard
Admovere |verb| Admoveo, Admovere, Admovi, Admotus — To move toward
Adulescens |noun| Adulescens, Adulescentis Masculine — Adolescent, Young man
Adulescentia |noun| Adulscentia, Adulscentiae Feminine — Youth, youthfulness
Advenire |verb| Advenio, Advenire, Adveni, Adventus — To reach, arrive
Aedificare |verb| aedificō, aedificāre, aedificāvī, aedificātus — to build
Aedificium |noun| Aedificium, Aedificii Neuter — Building
Aegritudo |noun| Aegritudo, Aegritudinis Feminine — Sickness, Illness
Aequus |adjective| Aequus, Aequa, Aequum — Equal, fair, level
Aer |noun| Aer, Aeris Masculine — Atmosphere; Breeze, Air, Mist
Aestas |noun| Aestas, Aestatis Feminine — Summer
Aestus |noun| Aestus, Aestus Masculine — Heat
Aetas |noun| Aetas, Aetatis Feminine — Age, Lifetime; Period of life
Aeternus |adjective| Aeternus, Aeterna, Aeternum — Eternal, immortal
Aevum |noun| Aevum, Aevi Neuter — Age, lifetime; eternity
Africa |noun| Africa, Africae Feminine — Africa
Ager |noun| Ager, Agri Masculine — Field, farm
Agere |verb| Ago, Agere, Egi, Actus — To do, drive, lead; pass or spend time
Aggredi |verb| Aggredior, Aggredi, Aggressus Sum — Advance to, attack
Agitare |verb| Agito, Agitare, Agitavi, Agitatus — To drive, move, or impel animals
Agmen |noun| Agmen, Agminis Neuter — Column (of soldiers)
Agnus |noun| Agnus, Agni Masculine — Lamb
Agora |noun| Agora, Agorae Feminine — Agora, city center
Agricola |noun| Agricola, Agricolae Masculine — Farmer
Agricola |adjective| us I o um o is drum is os is — meet
Aiere |verb| Aio, Aiere — To say, assert
Ala |noun| Ala, Alae Feminine — Wing
Albus |adjective| Albus, Alba, Album — White, Clear, Bright
Alere |verb| Alo, Alere, Alui, Altus — To feed
Alienus |adjective| Alienus, Aliena, Alienum — Unfavorable, another's, foreign
Alius |adjective| Alius, Alia, Aliud — Another, other
Alter |adjective| Alter, Altera, Alterum — The other (of two); second
Altus |adjective| Altus, Alta, Altum — Deep, High
Amare |verb| Amo, Amare, Amavi, Amatus — To love, like
Ambulare |verb| Ambulo, Ambulare, Ambulavi, Ambulatus — To walk
Amica |noun| Amica, Amicae Feminine — Girlfriend, female friend
Amicitia |noun| Amicitia, Amicitiae Feminine — Friendship
Amicus |noun| Amicus, Amici Masculine — Friend
Amor |noun| Amor, Amoris Masculine — Love
An |conjunction| — Or?
Ancilla |noun| Ancilla, Ancillae Feminine — Young Maid, Slave girl
Ancora |noun| Ancora, Ancorae Feminine — Anchor
Anglia |noun| Anglia, Angliae Feminine — England
Anglicus |adjective| Anglicus, Anglica, Anglicum — English
Animal |noun| Animal, Animalis (-ium) Neuter — Animal
Animus |noun| Animus, Animi Masculine — Soul, spirit, mind; (plural) high spirits, pride, courage
Annus |noun| Annus, Anni Masculine — Year
Ante |preposition| Accusative — Before
Antea |adverb| — Before, previously
Antiquus |adjective| Antiquus, Antiqua, Antiquum — Ancient, old
Anxietas |noun| Anxietas, Anxietatis Feminine — Anxiety
Anxius |adjective| Anxius, Anxia, Anxium — Anxious
Aperire |verb| Aperio, Aperire, Aperui, Apertus — To open, uncover
Apertus |adjective| Apertus, Aperta, Apertum — Open
Apis |noun| Apis, Apis Feminine — Bee
Appellare |verb| Appello, Appellare, Appellui, Appelltus — To name, call
Appetere |verb| Appeto, Appetere, Appetivi, Appetitum — To grasp
Applicare |verb| Applico, Applicare, Applicavi, Applicatus — To add, attach
Apud |preposition| Accusative — Next to, at
Aqua |noun| Aqua, Aquae Feminine — Water
Aquila |noun| Aquila, Aquilae Feminine — Eagle
Ara |noun| Ara, Arae Feminine — Altar
Aranea |noun| Aranea, Araneae Feminine — Spider
Arbor |noun| Arbor, Arboris Feminine — Tree
Arcessere |verb| Arcesso, Arcessere, Arcessivi, Arcessitus — To summon
Arcuballista |noun| Arcuballista, Arcuballistae Feminine — Crossbow
Ardere |verb| Ardeo, Ardere, Arsi, Arsus — To be on fire, burn
Ardor |noun| Ardor, Ardoris Masculine — Heat, brightness; passion (figurative)
Argentum |noun| Argentum, Argenti Neuter — Silver, money
Argentum |noun| Argentum, Argenti Neuter — Silver, Jewelry
Aridus |adjective| Aridus, Arida, Aridum — Dry
Aries |noun| Aries, Arietis Masculine — Ram
Arma |noun| Arma, Armorum Neuter — Arms, weapons
Ars |noun| Ars, Artis (-ium) Feminine — Art, Skill
Artus |adjective| Artus, Arta, Artum — Narrow, close, tight
Ascendere |verb| Ascendo, Ascendere, Ascendi, Ascensus — To climb, ascend
Asia |noun| Asia, Asiae Feminine — Asia Minor
Aspicere |verb| Aspicio, Aspicere, Aspexi, Aspectus — To see, catch sight of
At |conjunction| — But, yet
Ater |adjective| Ater, Atra, Atrum — Black, Dark
Atque |conjunction| — And
Attendere |verb| Attendo, Attendere, Attendi, Attentus — To attend, give attention to, see to
Attonitus |adjective| Attonitus, Attonita, Attonitum — Astonished, awestruck
Audacia |noun| Audacia, Audaciae Feminine — Boldness, Daring
Audax |adjective| Audax, Audacis — Brave, bold, daring
Audere |verb| audeo, audere, ausus sum — to dare, to risk
Audire |verb| Audio, Audire, Audivi/Audii, Auditus — To hear
Auditor |noun| Auditor, Auditoris Masculine — Listener, audience
Auferre |verb| Aufero, Auferre, Abstuli, Ablatus — To carry away
Augere |verb| Augeo, Augere, Auxi, Auctus — To increase, grow
Aula |noun| Aula, Aulae Feminine — Courtyard
Aura |noun| Aura, Aurae Feminine — Breeze
Auris |noun| Auris, Auris (-ium) Feminine — Ear
Australis |adjective| Australis, Australe — Southern
Aut |conjunction| — Or (aut...aut = either...or)
Auxilia |noun| Auxilia, Auxiliorum Neuter — Auxiliary troops, Reinforcements
Auxilium |noun| Auxilium, Auxilii Neuter — Help
Avarus |adjective| Avarus, Avara, Avarum — Greedy
Avis |noun| Avis, Avis Feminine — Bird
Avus |noun| Avus, Avi Masculine — Grandfather
Balnea |noun| Balnea, Balneorum Neuter — Baths
Basiare |verb| Basio, Basiare, Basiavi, Basiatus — To kiss
Basium |noun| Basium, Basii Neuter — Kiss (usually loud)
Beatus |adjective| Beatus, Beata, Beatum — Happy, fortunate, prosperous
Bellum |noun| Bellum, Belli Neuter — War
Bellus |adjective| Bellus, Bella, Bellum — Pleasant, pretty, handsome
Bene |adverb| — Well
Benignus |adjective| Benignus, Benigna, Benignum — Kind
Bona |noun| Bona, Bonorum Neuter — Goods, property
Bonus |adjective| Bonus, Bona, Bonum — Good
Borealis |adjective| Borealis, Boreale — Northern
Bos |noun| Bos, Bovis Feminine — Cow
Brevis |adjective| Brevis, Breve — Short, brief
Cadere |verb| Cado, Cadere, Cecidi, Casus — To fall
Caecus |adjective| Caecus, Caeca, Caecum — Blind; secret, dark
Caelum |noun| Caelum, Caeli Neuter — Sky, Heaven
Calceus |noun| Calceus, Calcei Masculine — Shoe
Calix |noun| Calix, Calicis Masculine — Cup
Campus |noun| Campus, Campi Masculine — Field, plane
Cancer |noun| Cancer, Cancri Masculine — Crab
Candidus |adjective| Candidus, Candida, Candidum — Shining, bright, white, beautiful
Canis |noun| Canis, Canis Masculine/Feminine — Dog
Caper |noun| Caper, Capri Masculine — Goat
Capere |verb| Capio, Capere, Cepi, Captus — To take, seize, capture
Capillus |noun| Capillus, Capilli Masculine — Hair
Captivus |noun| Captivus, Captivi Masculine — Captive
Caput |noun| Caput, Capitis Neuter — Head, chapter
Carcer |noun| Carcer, Carceris Masculine — Prison, barrier; starting area for a race
Carmen |noun| Carmen, Carminis Neuter — Song, Poem
Carrus |noun| Carrus, Carri MasculineCart, Wagon (also used substantively as a word for "car")
Carus |adjective| Carus, Cara, Carum — Dear, expensive
Casa |noun| Casa, Casae Feminine — House, cottage
Castra |noun| Castra, Castrorum Neuter — Camp
Casus |noun| Casus, Casus Masculine — Fall, case, event, misfortune
Catena |noun| Catena, Catenae Feminine — Chain
Caupona |noun| Caupona, Cauponae Feminine — Inn
Causa |noun| Causa, Causae Feminine — Cause, reason
Cavere |verb| Caveo, Cavere, Cavi, Cautus — To beware, be careful
Cedere |verb| Cedo, Cedere, Cessi, Cessus — To yield to, give way for
Celare |verb| Celo, Celare, Celavi, Celatua — To hide
Celebrare |verb| Celebro, Celebrare, Celebravi, Celebratus — To celebrate
Celer |adjective| Celer, Celeris — Fast, quick, swift, speedy
Celeriter |adverb| — Swiftly, Quickly, Speedily
Cena |noun| Cena, Cenae Feminine — Dinner
Cenare |verb| Ceno, Cenare, Cenavi, Cenatus — To dine
Certe |adverb| — Certainly
Certus |adjective| Certus, Certa, Certum — Certain
Cerva |noun| Cerva, Cervae Feminine — Deer
Cervix |noun| Cervix, Cervicis Feminine — Neck
Ceteri |noun| Ceteri, Ceterae, Cetera All — The rest, the remaining
Cibus |noun| Cibus, Cibi Masculine — Food
Circum |preposition| Accusative — Around
Circumire |verb| Circumeo, Circumire, Circumii, Circumitus — To go around, circle
Circumspectare |verb| Circumspecto, Circumspectare, Circumspectavi, Circumspectatus — To look around
Civis |noun| Civis, Civis (-ium) Masculine/Feminine — Citizen
Clam |adverb| — Secretly
Clamare |verb| Clamo, Clamare, Clamavi, Clamatus — To shout, clamor
Clarus |adjective| Clarus, Clara, Clarum — Clear, bright, shining, famous
Classis |noun| Classis, Classis Feminine — Fleet
Claudere |verb| Claudo, Claudere, Clausi, Clausus — To shut, close, block
Cogere |verb| Cogo, Cogere, Coegi, Coactum — To collect, gather; to thicken; to compel, force
Cogitare |verb| Cogito, Cogitare, Cogitavi, Cogitatus — To think, ponder, wonder, imagine
Cognoscere |verb| Cognosco, Cognoscere, Cognovi, Cognitus — To know, learn
Cohors |noun| Cohors, Cohortis Masculine — Cohort, Court, Crowd
Colere |verb| Colo, Colere, Colui, Cultus — To till, farm, cultivate; worship
Collaudare |verb| Collaudo, Collaudare, Collaudavi, Collaudatum — To praise highly
Collis |noun| Collis, Collis Masculine — Hill
Collum |noun| Collum, Colli Neuter — Neck
Colonus |noun| Colonus, Coloni Masculine — Farmer
Comes |noun| Comes, Comitis Masculine/Feminine — Friend, companion
Commovere |verb| Commoveo, Commovere, Commovi, Commotus — To move violently; displace
Comparare |verb| Comparo, Comparare, Comparavi, Comparatum — To arrange, To prepare eagerly, To put together
Comportare |verb| Comporto, Comportare, Comportavi, Comportatum — To bring together, To carry together
Comprehendere |verb| Comprehendo, Comprehendere, Comprehendi, Comprehensus — To grasp, seize, arrest, comprehend, understand
Conari |verb| Conor, Conari, Conatus — To try
Conclamare |verb| Conclamo, Conclamare, Conclamavi, Conclamatus — To shout aloud
Conducere |verb| Conduco, Conducere, Conduxi, Conductus — To hire; to lead together
Confidere |verb| Confido, Confidere, Confisus +dat — To trust
Confirmare |verb| Confirmo, Confirmare, Confirmavi, Confirmatum — To declare, To encourage, To strengthen
Conicere |verb| Conicio, Conicere, Conieci, Coniectus — To hurl, throw
Coniungere |verb| Coniungo, Coniungere, Coniunxi, Coniunctus — To join together
Coniuratus |noun| Conjuratus, Conjurati Masculine — Conspirator
Conscendere |verb| Conscendo, Conscendere, Conscendi, Conscensus — To board a ship
Consilium |noun| Consilium, Consilii Neuter — Plan, purpose, counsel, advice, judgement, wisdom
Consolari |verb| Consolor, Consolari, Consulatus — To console, comfort, reassure
Consumere |verb| Consumo, Consumere, Consumpsi, Consumptum — To consume, eat
Contendere |verb| Contendo, Contendere, Contendi, Contentus — To walk, march
Contentus |adjective| Contentus, Contenta, Contentum — Content, comfortable
Continuo |adverb| — Immediately
Contra |preposition| Accusative — Against, in opposition of
Contrahere |verb| Contraho, Contrahere, Contraxi, Contractus — To draw together, assemble
Convocare |verb| Convoco, Convocare, Convocavi, Convocatum — To assemble, To call together, To summon
Copia |noun| Copia, Copiae Feminine — Abundance, supply; troops, forces
Copiae |noun| Copiae, Copiarum Feminine — Forces, Troops
Coquere |verb| Coquo, Coquere, Coxi, Coctus — To cook
Cor |noun| Cor, Cordis Neuter — Heart
Cornu |noun| Cornu, Cornus Neuter — Horn, army flank
Corona |noun| Corona, Coronae Feminine — Crown, garland
Corpus |noun| Corpus, Corporis Neuter — Body
Corripere |verb| Corripio, Corripere, Corripui, Correptus — To seize, steal
Cotidie |adverb| — Everyday
Cras |adverb| — Tomorrow
Credere |verb| Credo, Credere, Credidi, Creditus +dat — To give trust to, To have trust for
Crescere |verb| Cresco, Crescere, Crevi, Cretus — To come to be, arise
Crimen |noun| Crimen, Criminis Neuter — Crime
Crudelis |adjective| Crudelis, Crudele — Cruel
Crus |noun| Crus, Cruris Neuter — Leg, shin
Cubere |verb| Cubo, Cubere, Cubui, Cubitus — To lie down
Culina |noun| Culina, Culinae Feminine — Kitchen
Culpa |noun| Culpa, Culpae Feminine — Fault, blame
Culpare |verb| Culpo, Culpare, Culpavi, Culpatus — To blame, censure, accuse
Cum |preposition| Ablative — With (in the company of)
Cum |conjunction| — When
Cum Primum |conjunction| — As soon as
Cupere |verb| Cupio, Cupere, Cupivi, Cupitus — To desire, wish, long for
Cupiditas |noun| Cupiditas, Cupiditatis Feminine — Desire, Yearning; Lust
Cupido |noun| Cupido, Cupidinis Feminine — Desire, longing, passion; Cupid
Cur |adverb| — Why
Cura |noun| Cura, Curae Feminine — Care, attention, caution, anxiety
Currere |verb| Curro, Currere, Cucurri, Cursus — To run
Currus |noun| Currus, Currus Masculine — Chariot
Cursus |noun| Cursus, Cursus Masculine — Running, track, course
Curvus |adjective| Curvus, Curva, Curvum — Bent, curved
Custodire |verb| Custodio, Custodire, Cusdodivi, Custoditus — To guard
Custos |noun| Custos, Custodis Masculine — Guard
Dare |verb| Do, Dare, Dedi, Datus — To give, present
De |preposition| Ablative — From
Dea |noun| Dea, Deae Feminine — goddess
Debere |verb| Debeo, Debere, Debui, Debitus — To owe
Dedere |verb| Dedo, Dedere, Dedidi, Deditus — To give up, surrender
Defendere |verb| third — to defend, protect

Defendere |verb| defendo, defendere, defendi, defensum — defend
Defensor |noun| Defensor, Defensoris Masculine — Defender, protector
Defessus |adjective| Defessus, Defessa, Defessum — Exhausted, tired
Deinde |adverb| — Then, next
Deliciae |noun| Deliciae, Deliciarum Feminine — Delight, pleasure; sweetheart
Delubrum |noun| Delubrum, Delubri Neuter — Temple, sanctuary, shrine
Demittere |verb| Demitto, Demittere, Demisi, Demissum — To send down
Demonstrare |verb| Demonstro, Demonstrare, Demonstravi, Demonstratus — To point out, show, demonstrate
Dens |noun| Dens, Dentis (-ium) Masculine — Tooth
Deponere |verb| Depono, Deponere, Deposui, Depositus — To lay; put away, get rid of
Descendere |verb| Descendo, Descendere, Descendi, Descensus — To descend, climb down
Desertus |adjective| Desertus, Deserta, Desertum — Deserted
Desinere |verb| Desino, Desinere, Desii, Desitus — To cease, stop, desist, abandon
Destinare |verb| Destino, Destinare, Destinavi, Destinatus — To resolve, determine, secure
Deus |noun| Deus, Dei Masculine — god
Dexter |adjective| Dexter, Dextra, Dextrum — Right (hand); skillful
Dextra |noun| Dextra, Dextrae Feminine — Right hand, right hand side
Di Immortalis |interjection| — O immortal gods
Dicere |verb| Dico, Dicere, Dixi, Dictus — To say, tell, speak, name
Dictator |noun| Dictator, Dictatoris Masculine — Dictator
Dies |noun| Dies, Diei Masculine/Feminine — Day
Difficilis |adjective| Difficilis, Difficile — Difficult
Dignus |adjective| Dignus, Digna, Dignum — Worthy, deserving
Diligens |adjective| diligens, diligentis — careful, diligent
Diligenter |adverb| — Carefully, hard
Diligentia |noun| Diligentia, Diligentiae Feminine — Diligence, care
Diligere |verb| Diligo, Diligere, Dilexi, Dilectus — To respect, esteem, love
Dimittere |verb| Dimitto, Dimittere, Dimisi, Dimissus — To send away, dismiss
Discere |verb| Disco, Discere, Didici — To learn
Discipulus |noun| Discipulus, Discipuli Masculine — Student
Discolor |adjective| Discolor, Discoloris — Of a different color
Disperire |verb| Dispereo, Disperire, Disperii, Disperitus — To wither, be destroyed, be undone, go to waste
Disserere |verb| Dissero, Disserere, Disserui, Dissertus — To discuss
Diu |adverb| — For a long time
Diutius |adverb| — For a longer time, longer, any longer
Dives |adjective| Dives, Divitis — Rich
Dividere |verb| Divido, Dividere, Divisi, Divisus — To divide
Divinus |adjective| Divinus, Divina, Divinum — Divine
Divitiae |noun| Divitiae, Divitiarum Feminine — Riches, wealth
Docere |verb| Doceo, Docere, Docui, Doctus — To teach
Dolere |verb| Doleo, Dolere, Dolui, Dolitus — To grieve, suffer, hurt, give pain
Dolor |noun| Dolor, Doloris Masculine — Pain, grief
Domina |noun| Domina, Dominae Feminine — Mistress
Dominus |noun| Dominus, Domini Masculine — Lord, Master
Domum |adverb| — Homeward
Domus |noun| Domus, Domus (Domi) Feminine — House, home
Donare |verb| Dono, Donare, Donavi, Donatus — To present, give, bestow
Donum |noun| Donum, Doni Neuter — Gift, present
Dormire |verb| Dormio, Dormire, Dormivi, Dormitus — To sleep
Dubius |adjective| Dubius, Dubia, Dubium — Doubtful, unsure
Ducere |verb| Duco, Ducere, Duxi, Ductus — To lead, consider, regard
Dulcis |adjective| Dulcis, Dulce — Sweet
Dum |conjunction| — While
Dum |adverb| — while
Dux |noun| Dux, Ducis Masculine — Leader
E |preposition| Ablative — From, Out of
Ea |pronoun| Feminine — She, her, they, them
Eadem |pronoun| Feminine — The same, also, likewise
Ebrius |adjective| Ebrius, Ebrium, Ebria — Drunk, intoxicated
Ecce |interjection| — Behold, look
Efficere |verb| Efficio, Efficere, Effici, Effectus — To effect, bring about, do
Effugere |verb| Effugio, Effugere, Effugi, Effugitus — To flee, escape
Ego |pronoun| Masculine/Feminine — I, we, me, us, myself, ourselves
Eloquentia |noun| Eloquentia, Eloquentiae Feminine — Eloquence
Emere |verb| Emo, Emere, Emi, Emptus — To buy
En |interjection| — Look, see
Enim |adverb| — For
Eo |adverb| — To there, thither
Epistola |noun| Epistola, Epistolae Feminine — Letter, epistle
Epistula |noun| Epistula, Epistulae Feminine — Letter (mail)
Eques |noun| Eques, Equitis Masculine — Knight, horseman
Equus |noun| Equus, Equi Masculine — Horse
Ergo |adverb| — Therefore, and so
Eripere |verb| Eripio, Eripere, Eripui, Ereptus — To snatch, tear away, rob
Errare |verb| Erro, Errare, Erravi, Erratus — To wander, go astray, err, be wrong
Error |noun| Error, Erroris Masculine — Errand, Error
Esse |verb| Sum, Esse, Fui, Futurus — To be, exist
Esse (Edere) |verb| Edo, Esse (Edere), Edi, Esus — To eat
Et |conjunction| — And ( = both...and)
Etiam |conjunction| — Also, even, still
Etsi |conjunction| — Even if, though, yet
Euge |interjection| — Good
Europa |noun| Europa, Europae Feminine — Europe
Evadere |verb| Evado, Evadere, Evasi, Evasus — To evade, escape
Evertere |verb| Everto, Evertere, Everti, Eversus — To overturn
Evolare |verb| Evolo, Evolare, Evolavi, Evolatus — To fly away, fly out
Ex |preposition| Ablative — Out of, Out from
Excruciare |verb| Excrucio, Excruciare, Excruciavi, Excruciatus — To torture, torment
Exemplum |noun| Exemplum, Exempli Neuter — Example, sample, model
Exercere |verb| Exerceo, Exercere, Exercui, Exercitus — To exercise, train
Exitium |noun| Exitium, Exitii Neuter — Destruction, ruin
Expedire |verb| expedio, expedire, expedivi, expeditus — To set free
Expellere |verb| Expello, Expellere, Expuli, Expulsus — To drive out, expel, exile
Explicare |verb| Explico, Explicare, Explicavi, Explicatus — To unfold, unfurl, deploy, spread out; develop
Explorare |verb| Exploro, Explorare, Exploravi, Exploratus — To explore, investigate
Exponere |verb| Expono, Exponere, Exposui, Expositus — To set forth, explain, expose
Exspectare |verb| Exspecto, Exspectare, Exspectavi, Exspectatum — To await, To wait for
Extra |preposition| Accusative — Outside
Fabula |noun| Fabula, Fabulae Feminine — Story, tale, play
Fabulosus |adjective| Fabulosus, Fabulosa, Fabulosum — Fabulous (from a story)
Facere |verb| Facio, Facere, Feci, Factus — To make, do, accomplish; to become (passive)
Facile |adverb| — Clearly, brightly
Facile |adverb| — Easily
Facilis |adjective| Facilis, Facile — Easy
Facilitas |noun| Facilitas, Facilitatis Feminine — Ease, facility, easiness
Fallere |verb| Fallo, Fallere, Fefelli, Falsus — To deceive, beguile, trick
Falsus |adjective| Falsus, Falsa, Falsum — False
Fama |noun| Fama, Famae Feminine — Fame, reputation
Fames |noun| Fames, Famis Feminine — Hunger
Familia |noun| Familia, Familiae Feminine — Family
Fari |verb| For, Fari, Fatus — To speak, talk, say
Fas |noun| Fas Neuter — (Divine) Law
Fatum |noun| Fatum, Fati Neuter — Fate, death
Fatuus |adjective| Fatuus, Fatua, Fatuum — Foolish, stupid
Favere |verb| Faveo, Favere, Favi, Fautus +dat — To have favor for, be favorable to
Felix |adjective| Felix, Felicis — Happy, fortunate
Femina |noun| Femina, Feminae Feminine — Woman
fenestra |noun| fenestra, fenestrae Feminine — window
Fere |adverb| — Almost, mostly, in most cases
Ferox |adjective| Ferox, Ferocis — Fierce, wild, savage
Ferre |verb| Fero, Ferre, Tuli, Latus — To bear, carry, suffer, endure
Ferrum |noun| Ferrum, Ferri Neuter — Iron, sword
Ferus |adjective| Ferus, Fera, Ferum — Fierce, Savage, Wild
Fessus |adjective| Fessus, Fessa, Fessum — Tired, exausted
Festinare |verb| Festino, Festinare, Festinavi, Festinatus — To hurry, rush
Fidelis |adjective| Fidelis, Fidele — Faithful, loyal
Fides |noun| Fides, Fidei Feminine — Trust, faith, belief
Filia |noun| Filia, Filiae Feminine — Daughter
Filius |noun| Filius, Filii Masculine — Son
Finis |noun| Finis, Finis Masculine — End, limit, border; territory (plural)
Flamma |noun| Flamma, Flammae Feminine — Flame, fire, torch, star
Flere |verb| Fleo, Flere, Flevi, Fletus — To weep, cry
Flos |noun| Flos, Floris Masculine — Flower
Fluere |verb| Fluo, Fluere, Fluxi, Fluxus — To flow
Flumen |noun| Flumen, Fluminis Neuter — River
Foedus |noun| Foedus, Foederis Neuter — Treaty, pact
Fons |noun| Fons, Fontis Masculine — Fountain, spring
Forma |noun| Forma, Formae Feminine — Form, shape, beauty
Fornax |noun| Fornax, Fornacis Feminine — Oven, Furnace
Fortasse |adverb| — Perhaps, possibly
Fortassis |adverb| — Perhaps, possibly
Fortis |adjective| Fortis, Forte — Brave, strong, powerful, courageous
Fortiter |adverb| — Strongly, bravely
Fortuna |noun| Fortuna, Fortunae Feminine — Fortune, luck
Forum |noun| Forum, Fori Neuter — Marketplace, public center
Fractus |adjective| Fractus, Fracta, Fractum — Broken
Frangere |verb| Frango, Frangere, Fregi, Fractus — To break
Frater |noun| Frater, Fratris Masculine — Brother
Fructus |noun| Fructus, Fructus Masculine — Fruit, profit, benefit, enjoyment
Frumentum |noun| Frumentum, Frumenti Neuter — Grain
Frustra |adverb| — In vain
Fuga |noun| Fuga, Fugae Feminine — Flight
fugere |verb| fugio, fugere, fugi, fugitum — flee
Fugere |verb| Fugiō, Fugere, Fūgī, Fugitum — To flee
Fulgere |verb| Fulgeo, Fulgere, Fulsi — To shine, flash
Fulmen |noun| Fulmen, Fulminis Neuter — Lightning, thunderbolt
Funus |noun| Funus, Funeris Neuter — Funeral
Furor |noun| Furor, Furoris Masculine — Madness, insanity
Gallia |noun| Gallia, Galliae Feminine — Gaul
Gaudere |verb| Gaudeo, Gaudere, Gavisus — To rejoice, be glad
Gaudium |noun| Gaudium, Gaudii Neuter — Joy
Genu |noun| Genu, Genus Neuter — Knee
Genus |noun| Genus, Generis Neuter — Gender, descendancy, kind, sort, class
Gerere |verb| Gero, Gerere, Gessi, Gestus — To carry, manage, conduct
Germania |noun| Germania, Germaniae Feminine — Germany
Gladius |noun| Gladius, Gladii Masculine — Sword
Globosus |adjective| Globosus, Globosa, Globosum — Spherical
Gloria |noun| Gloria, Gloriae Feminine — Glory, fame
Gradi |verb| Gradior, Gradi, Gressus — To step, walk
Gradus |noun| Masculine — Degree, rank, step
Graecus |adjective| Graecus, Graeca, Graecum — Greek
Gratus |adjective| Gratus, Grata, Gratum — Pleasing, grateful
Gravare |verb| Gravo, Gravare, Gravavi, Gravatus — To burden, load; oppress
Gravis |adjective| Gravis, Grave — Heavy, serious
Gremium |noun| Gremium, Gremii Neuter — Bosom, lap
Habere |verb| Habeo, Habere, Habui, Habitus — To have, hold, possess, consider, regard
Habitare |verb| Habito, Habitare, Habitavi, Habitatus — To live, inhabit, dwell
Haec |pronoun| Feminine — This
Haerere |verb| Haereo, Haerere, Haesi, Haesus — To cling, stick, be attached
Hasta |noun| Hasta, Hastae Feminine — Spear
Haud |adverb| — Not at all
Herba |noun| Herba, Herbae Feminine — Grass
Heri |adverb| — Yesterday
Heu |interjection| — Alas (expressing dismay or pain)
Hiberna, hibernorum |noun| Neuter — winter quarters
Hibernicus |adjective| Hibernicus, Hibernica, Hibernicum — Irish
Hic |adjective| Hic, Haec, Hoc — This
Hic |pronoun| Masculine — This
Hic |adverb| — Here
Hiems |noun| Hiems, Hiemis Feminine — Winter
Hilaris |adjective| Hilaris, Hilaris — Cheerful
Hispania |noun| Hispania, Hispaniae Feminine — Spain
Hispanus |adjective| Hispanus, Hispana, Hispanum — Spanish
Hobbitus |noun| Hobbitus, Hobbiti Masculine — Hobbit
Hoc |pronoun| Neuter — This
Hodie |adverb| — Today
Homo |noun| Homo, Hominis Masculine — Man, mankind, human
Honestus |adjective| Honestus, Honesta, Honestum — Honest, honorable
Honor |noun| Honor, Honoris Masculine — Honor, esteem, public office
Horribilis |adjective| Horribilis, Horribilis, Horribile — Horrible, terrible
Hortus |noun| Hortus, Horti Masculine — Garden
Hostis |noun| hostis, hostis (-ium) Masculine — enemy
Huc |conjunction| — Here, hither
Humanus |adjective| Humanus, Humana, Humanum — Kind, humane; human
Humus |noun| Humus, Humi (locative) Feminine — Ground
Iacere |verb| Iacio, Iacere, Ieci, Iactus — To throw, hurl
Iam |adverb| — Now, already
Iamdudum |adverb| — Long since
Ianua |noun| Ianua, Ianuae Feminine — Door
Iaponia |noun| Iaponia, Iaponiae Feminine — Japan
Iaponicus |adjective| Iaponicus, Iaponica, Iaponicum — Japanese
Ibi |adverb| — There
Id |pronoun| Neuter — It, they, them
Idem |pronoun| Masculine — The same, also, likewise
Idem |pronoun| Neuter — The same, also, likewise
Identidem |adverb| — Repeatedly, again and again
Igitur |adverb| — Therefore, consequently
Ignarus |adjective| Ignarus, Ignara, Ignarum — Ignorant, unaware
Ignavus |adjective| Ignavus, Ignava, Ignavum — Lazy
Ignis |noun| Ignis, Ignis Masculine — Fire; lightning
Ignoscere |verb| Ignosco, Ignoscere, Ignovi, Ignotus — To be ignorant, not know
Illa |pronoun| Feminine — That
Ille |pronoun| Masculine — That
Ille, Illa, Illud |adjective| Ille, Illa, Illud — That
Illic |adverb| — In that place, there
|pronoun| Neuter
Illuminare |verb| Illumino, Illuminare, Illuminavi, Illuminatus — To illuminate, light up
Imber |noun| Imber, Imbris Masculine — Rain
Immemor |adjective| Immemor, Immemoris — Forgetful of
Imminere |verb| Immineo, Imminere, Imminui, Imminitus +dat — To overhang, threaten, menace
Immo |adverb| — Rather, no (corrects a previous assertion)
Impedimenta |noun| Impedimenta, Impedimentorum Neuter — Baggage
Impedimentum |noun| Impedimentum, Impedimenti Neuter — Hindrance
impedire |verb| impedio, impedire, impedivi, impeditum — hinder
Imperare |verb| Impero, Imperare, Imperavi, Imperatus +dat — To give an order to, command
Imperator |noun| Imperator, Imperatoris Masculine — Commander, general
Imperium |noun| Imperium, Imperii Neuter — Order, command; power
Imprudens |adjective| Imprudens, Imprudentis — Imprudent, shameless
In |preposition| Ablative or Accusative — into or against (accusative), in, on or among (ablative)
Incendere |verb| Incendo, Incendere, Incendi, Incensus — To set to fire, burn, inflame, excite
Incendium |noun| Incendium, Incendii Neuter — Fire
Inceptare |verb| Incepto, Inceptare, Inceptavi, Inceptatus — to begin, to undertake
Incidere |verb| Incido, Incidere, Incidi, Incasus — To fall into
Incipere |verb| Incipio, Incipere, Coepi, Coeptus — To begin, start
Incitare |verb| Incito, Incitare, Incitavi, Incitatus — To urge, rush, encourage
Incolumis |adjective| Incolumis, Incolumis — Safe
Inde |adverb| — Thence, from there
Induere |verb| Induo, Induere, Indui, Indutus — To dress
Infelix |adjective| Infelix, Infelicis — Unhappy, unlucky, unfortunate
Infigere |verb| Infigo, Infigere, Infixi, Infixus — To thrust, fasten, impress, imprint

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Infinitum |noun| Infinitum, Infiniti Neuter — Infinity
Ingenium |noun| Ingenium, Ingenii Neuter — Nature, innate talent
Ingens |adjective| Ingens, Ingentis — Huge
Ingratus |adjective| Ingratus, Ingrata, Ingratum — Thankless, ungrateful
Ingredi |verb| Ingredior, Ingredi, Ingressus — To go into, enter
Inimicus |noun| Inimicus, Inimici Masculine — Enemy
Inire |verb| Ineo, Inire, Inii, Initus — To enter, begin
Iniuria |noun| Iniuria, Iniuriae Feminine — Injury, offense, injustice, wrongdoing
Injuria |noun| Injuria, Injuriae Feminine — Injury
Inopia |noun| Inopia, Inopiae Feminine — Lack, Want
Inquam |verb| inquam, inquii — to say
Insidiae |noun| Insidiae, Insidiarum Feminine — Ambush, plot, treachery
Inspicere |verb| Inspicio, Inspicere, Inspexi, Inspectus — To look at, inspect, examine
Insula |noun| Insula, Insulae Feminine — Island
Intellegere |verb| Intellego, Intellegere, Intellexi, Intellectum — To understand
Inter |preposition| Accusative — Among, between
Interea |adverb| — Meanwhile, nevertheless
interficere |verb| interficio, interficere, interfeci, interfectum — to kill
Interim |adverb| — Meanwhile
Intestina |noun| Intestina, Intestinorum Neuter — Intestines, guts, entrails
Intro |verb| Intro, Intrare, Intravi, Intratus — To go in, enter
Invenire |verb| Invenio, Invenire, Inveni, Inventus — To discover, find, come upon
Invidere |verb| Invideo, Invidere, Invidi, Invisus +dat — To be envious; cast an evil eye
Invitus |adjective| Invitus, Invita, Invitum — Unwilling
Iocari |verb| Iocor, Iocari, Iocatus — To joke, jest
Iocosus |adjective| Iocosus, Iocosa, Iocosum — Humorous, playful
Iocus |noun| Iocus, Ioci Masculine — Joke, jest
Ipsa |pronoun| Feminine — Herself
Ipse |pronoun| Masculine — Himself
Ipsum |pronoun| Neuter — Itself
Ira |noun| Ira, Irae Feminine — Ire, anger
Iratus |adjective| Iratus, Irata, Iaratum — Angry
Ire |verb| Eo, Ire, Ii, Itus — To go
Is |pronoun| Masculine — He, him, they, them
Ista |pronoun| Feminine — That (of yours)
Iste |pronoun| Masculine — That (of yours)
Istud |pronoun| Neuter — That (of yours)
Ita |adverb| — So, therefore
Italia |noun| Italia, Italiae Feminine — Italy
Itaque |adverb| — And so, therefore
Iter |noun| Iter, Itineris Neuter — Journey
Iterum |adverb| — Again
Iubere |verb| Iubeo, Iubēre, Iussi, Iustus — To order, command
Iucunde |adverb| — Pleasantly, delightfully
Iucundus |adjective| Iucundus, Iucunda, Iucundum — Pleasant, agreeable, delightful
Iudex |noun| Iudex, Iudicis Masculine — Judge
Iudicium |noun| Iudicium, Iudicii Neuter — Trial, court; judgement, opinion, sentence
Iugulum |noun| Iugulum, Iuguli Neuter — Throat
Iungere |verb| Iungo, Iungere, Iunxi, Iunctus — To join together, connect, unite
Iuppiter |noun| Iuppiter, Iovis Masculine — Jupiter
Ius |noun| Ius, Iuris Neuter — Law, right, justice
Iuvare |verb| Iuvo, Iuvare, Iuvi, Iutus — To help, aid
Iuvenis |noun| Iuvenis, Iuvenis Masculine — Youth, young man
Labi |verb| Labor, Labi, Lapsus — To sink, fall, slip
labor |noun| labor, laboris Masculine — work, hardship
Laborare |verb| Laboro, Laborare, Laboravi, Laboratus — To work
Laboriosus |adjective| Laboriosus, Laboriosa, Laboriosum — Laborious, toilsome
Lac |noun| Lac, Lactis Neuter — Milk
Lacerta |noun| Lacerta, Lacertae Feminine — Lizard
Lacrima |noun| Lacrima, Lacrimae Feminine — Tear
Lacrimare |verb| Lacrimo, Lacrimare, Lacrimavi, Lacrimatus — To cry, weep
Laedere |verb| Laedo, Laedere, Laesi, Laesum — To strike, hurt, offend
Laetitia |noun| Laetitia, Laetitiae Feminine — Happiness, joy, delight, elation
Laetus |adjective| Laetus, Laeta, Laetum — Happy, joyful
Lapis |noun| Lapis, Lapidis Masculine — Stone
Latus |adjective| Latus, Lata, Latum — Wide, broad
Laudare |verb| Laudo, Laudare, Laudavi, Laudatus — To praise
Laus |noun| Laus, Laudis Feminine — Praise, glory, fame
Lavare |verb| Lavo, Lavare, Lavi, Lautus — To wash
Lectus |noun| Lectus, Lecti Masculine — Bed, couch
Legatus |noun| Legatus, Legati Masculine — Deputy, officer, envoy, diplomat, lieutenant
Legere |verb| Lego, Legere, Legi, Lectus — To read; pick out, choose
Legio |noun| Legio, Legionis Feminine — Legion
Lente |adverb| — Slowly
Leo |noun| Leo, Leonis Masculine — Lion
Lepidus |adjective| Lepidus, Lepida, Lepidum — Pleasant, elegant, witty, neat
Lepus |noun| Lepus, Leporis Masculine — Rabbit, Hare
Levare |verb| Levo, Levare, Levavi, Levatus — To raise
Levis |adjective| Levis, Levis — Light, slight, easy, trivial
Lex |noun| Lex, Legis Feminine — Law
Libellus |noun| Libellus, Libelli Masculine — Small book, notebook; diary
Libenter |adverb| — Gladly, happily
Liber |noun| Liber, Libri Masculine — Book
Liber |adjective| Liber, Libera, Liberum — Free
Liberare |verb| Libero, Liberare, Liberavi, Liberatus — To free, To set free
Libere |adverb| — Freely
Libertas |noun| Libertas, Libertatis Feminine — Liberty, freedom
Libertus |noun| Libertus, Liberti Masculine — Freedman
Libra |noun| Libra, Librae Feminine — Pound (Unit of measure, lb.), Pair of scales
Licere |verb| Licet, Licere, Licuit — It is allowed for (dat) to (inf)
Limen |noun| Limen, Liminis Neuter — Threshold, doorway, limit
Linea |noun| Linea, Lineae Feminine — Line
Lingua |noun| Lingua, Linguae Feminine — Tongue; language
Littera |noun| Littera, Litterae Feminine — Letter (alphabet)
Litterae |noun| Litterae, Litterarum Feminine — Letter, epistle; literature
Litterator |noun| Litterator, Litteratoris Masculine — Schoolmaster, grammarian, teacher
Litus |noun| Litus, Litoris Neuter — Shore, coast
Locus |noun| Locus, Loci Masculine — Place, location
Longe |adverb| — Far
Longus |adjective| Longus, Longa, Longum — Long
Loqui |verb| Loquor, Loqui, Locutus — To say, speak, tell, talk
Lucere |verb| Luceo, Lucere, Luxi — To shine
Ludere |verb| Ludo, Ludere, Lusi, Lusus — To play; to mimic, mock; to deceive
Ludus |noun| Ludus, Ludi Masculine — School, game
Lugere |verb| Lugeo, Lugere, Luxi, Luctus — To mourn, grieve
Lumen |noun| Lumen, Luminis Neuter — Light
Lupus |noun| Lupus, Lupi Masculine — Wolf
Luteus |adjective| None — Bright Yellow
Lux |noun| Lux, Lucis Feminine — Light, of the sun, stars
Magister |noun| Magister, Magistri Masculine — Teacher
Magnopere |adverb| — Greatly, largely
Magnus |adjective| Magnus, Magna. Magnum — Large, great, important
Maior |adjective| Maior, Maioris — Bigger, greater
Mala |noun| Mala, Malorum Neuter — Troubles, evils
Male |adverb| — Poorly, badly, evilly
Malignus |adjective| Malignus, Maligna, Malignum — Wicked, Malicious; Spiteful; Malignant
Malle |verb| Malo, Malle, Malui — To prefer
malum |noun| malum, mali Neuter — evil, misfortune, calamity
Malus |adjective| Malus, Mala, Malum — Bad, evil
Manere |verb| Maneo, Manere, Mansi, Mansus — To remain; expect; endure
Manus |noun| Manus, Manus Feminine — Hand
Mare |noun| Mare, Maris (-ium) Neuter — Sea
Maritus |noun| Maritus, Mariti Masculine — Husband
Mater |noun| Mater, Matris Feminine — Mother
Matrona |noun| Matrona, Matronae Feminine — Married woman
Maximus |adjective| Maximus, Maxima, Maximum — Greatest, biggest
Medicus |noun| Medicus, Medici Masculine — Doctor, Physician
Medius |adjective| Medius, Media, Medium — Middle, in the middle of
Melior |adjective| Melior, Melioris — Better
Membrum |noun| Membrum, Membri Neuter — Limb; portion; room; member
Memoria |noun| Memoria, Memoriae Feminine — Memory
Mens |noun| Mens, Mentis (-ium) Feminine — Mind
Mensa |noun| Mensa, Mensae Feminine — Table; meal
Mensis |noun| Mensis, Mensis Masculine — Month
Meridies |noun| Meridies, Meridiei Masculine — Midday
Merus |adjective| Merus, Mera, Merum — Pure, undiluted
Meta |noun| Meta, Metae Feminine — Turn; a pillar in a Circus race
Meus |adjective| Meus, Mea, Meum — My
Miles |noun| Miles, Militis Masculine — Soldier
Militare |verb| Milito, Militare, Militavi, Militatus — To serve as a soldier, campaign
Mille Passus |noun| Mille Passus, Mille Passus Masculine/Feminine — Mile
Minimus |adjective| Minimus, Minima, Minimum — Smallest
Minor |adjective| Minor, Minoris — Smaller
Miror |verb| mori, mortuus sum — wonder at, admire
Mirus |adjective| Mirus. Mira, Mirum — Wonderful, marvelous
Misellus |adjective| Misellus, Misella, Misellum — Poor little
Miser |adjective| miser, misera, miserum — Sad, unhappy, miserable, wretched
Mittere |verb| Mitto, Mittere, Misi, Missus — To send
Modo |adverb| — Only, at all; just now
Moenia |noun| Moenia, Moenium Neuter — Walls of a city
Monere |verb| Moneo, Monere, Monui, Monitus — To warn, advise
Mons |noun| Mons, Montis Masculine — Mountain
Monumentum |noun| Monumentum, Monumenti Neuter — Monument
Mora |noun| Mora, Morae Feminine — Delay
Morari |verb| Moror, Morari, Moratus — To delay
Mori |verb| Morior, Mori, Mortuus — To die
Mors |noun| Mors, Mortis Feminine — Death
Morsus |noun| Morsus, Morsus Masculine — Bite, grip
Mortalis |adjective| Mortalis, Mortalis — Mortal
Mortuus |adjective| Mortuus, Mortua, Mortuum — Mortal
Mos |noun| Mos, Moris Masculine — Habit, custom, manner
Movere |verb| Moveo, Movere, Movi, Motus — To move
Mox |adverb| — Soon
Mulier |noun| Mulier, Mulieris Feminine — Woman
Multitudo |noun| Multitudo, Multitudinis Feminine — multitude, great number, crowd
Multus |adjective| Multus, Multa, Multum — Much, many
Mundus |noun| Mundus, Mundi Masculine — World
Munire |verb| Munio, Munire, Munivi, Munitus — To fortify
Munus |noun| Munus, Muneris Neuter — Gift; gladiatorial show
Murus |noun| Murus, Muri Masculine — Wall
Musca |noun| Musca, Muscae Feminine — Fly (Insect)
Mussitare |verb| Mussito, Mussitare, Mussitivi — To murmur
Nam |adverb| — For
Namque |conjunction| — For, for example
Narrare |verb| Narro, Narrare, Narravi, Narratus — To narrate, recount, tell
Nasus |noun| Nasus, Nasi Masculine — Nose
Natio |noun| Natio, Nationis Feminine — Birth; nation, people
Natura |noun| Natura, Naturae Feminine — Nature
Natus |noun| Natus, Nati Masculine — Son
Nauta |noun| Nauta, Nautae Masculine — Sailor
Navigare |verb| Navigo, Navigare, Navigavi, Navigatus — To sail
Navis |noun| Navis, Navis Feminine — Ship
Nec |conjunction| — Not, and not, neither…nor
necare |verb| neco, necare, necavi, necatum — to kill
Necesse |adjective| Necesse — Necessary
Negare |verb| Nego, Negare, Negavi, Negatus — To deny, say no
Neglegere |verb| Neglego, Neglegere, Neglexi, Neglectus — To neglect
Negotium |noun| Negotium, Negotii Neuter — Business, affair
Nemo |noun| Nemo, Neminis Masculine/Feminine — Nobody, no one
Nemus |noun| Nemus, Nemoris Neuter — Forest
Neque |conjunction| — Nor, and not
Nescire |verb| Nescio, Nescire, Nescivi, Nescitus — To not know, be ignorant
Neuter |adjective| Neuter, Neutra, Neutrum — Neither
Niger |adjective| Niger, Nigra, Nigrum — Black, dark
Nihil |noun| Nihil None — Nothing
Nimis |adverb| — Too much
Nisi |conjunction| — Unless, if…not, except
Nobilis |adjective| Nobilis, Nobilis — Noble
Nocere |verb| Noceo, Nocere, Nocui, Nocitus — To harm, hurt (physically)
Nolle |verb| Nolo, Nolle, Nolui — To not want, not wish, be unwilling
Nomen |noun| Nomen, Nominis Neuter — Name, title
Non |adverb| — Not, no
Nondum |adverb| — Not yet
Nonulli |adjective| Nonulli, Nonullae, Nonulla — Some
Nōs |pronoun| All — We
Noscere |verb| Nosco, Noscere, Novi, Notus — To know, learn
Noster |adjective| Noster, Nostra, Nostrum — Ours
Notare |verb| Noto, Notare, Notavi, Notatus — To mark, write
Notus |adjective| Notus, Nota, Notum — Known, famous
Novus |adjective| Novus, Nova, Novum — New, strange
Nox |noun| Nox, Noctis (-ium) Feminine — Night
Nubere |verb| Nubo, Nubere, Nupsi, Nuptus +dat — To marry
Nubes |noun| Nubes, Nubis Feminine — Cloud
Nullus |adjective| Nullus, Nulla, Nullum — None, no
Num |conjunction| — Surely…not?
Numerare |verb| Numero, Numerare, Numeravi, Numeratus — To count, number
Numerus |noun| Numerus, Numeri Masculine — Number
Numquam |conjunction| — Never
Numquam |adverb| — Never
Nunc |adverb| — Now
Nundinae |noun| Nundinae, Nundinarum Feminine — Market day
Nuntiare |verb| Nuntio, Nuntiare, Nuntiavi, Nuntiatum — To announce, To report
Nuntius |noun| Nuntius, Nuntii Masculine — Messenger
Nuper |adverb| — Recently, lately
Nuptialis |adjective| Nuptialis, Nuptialis — Nuptial, of a wedding
O |interjection| — Oh (used with vocative)
Ob |preposition| Accusative — In the way of, against, on account of
Obdurare |verb| Obduro, Obdurare, Obduravi, Obduratus — To persist, stand firm
Obire |verb| Obeo, Obire, Obii, Obitus — To go to meet; to die
Obscurare |verb| Obscuro, Obscurare, Obscuravi, Obscuratus — To darken, confuse
Obses |noun| Obses, Obsidis Masculine/Feminine — Hostage
Obsidere |verb| Obsideo, Obsidere, Obsedi, Obsessus — To besiege
Obstinatus |adjective| Obstinatus, Obstinata, Obstinatum — Firm, resolute; stubborn
Occidere |verb| Occido, Occidere, Occidi, Occisus — To kill; set (like the sun)
Occupare |verb| Occupo, Occupare, Occupavi, Occupatus — To seize, capture
Occupatus |adjective| Occupatus, Occupata, Occupatum — Occupied, busy
Occurrere |verb| Occurro, Occurrere, Occurri, Occursus +dat — To meet
Oculus |noun| Oculus, Oculi Masculine — Eye
Odisse |verb| Odi, Odisse, Osus — To hate, detest, dislike
Offerre |verb| Offero, Offerre, Obtuli, Oblatus — To offer
Officium |noun| Officium, Officii Neuter — Duty, service
Olim |adverb| — Once
Omnipotens |adjective| Omnipotens, Omnipotentis — Omnipotent
Omnis |adjective| Omnis, Omnis — Everything, all
Oportere |verb| Oportet, Oportere, Oportuit — It is necessary for (dat) to (inf), (dat) ought to (inf)
Oppidum |noun| Oppidum, Oppidi Neuter — Town
Opprimere |verb| Opprimo, Opprimere, Oppressi, Oppressus — To oppress
Oppugnare |verb| Oppugno, Oppugnare, Oppugnavi, Oppugnatus — To attack
Ops |noun| Ops, Opis Masculine — Power or ability to help; resources or wealth (plural)
Optare |verb| Opto, Optare, Optavi, Optatus — To choose, wish

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Optimus |adjective| Optimus, Optima, Optimum — Best
Opus |noun| Opus, Operis Neuter — Work
Orare |verb| Oro, Orare, Oravi, Oratus — To beg, pray, beseech
Oratio |noun| Oratio, Orationis Feminine — Speech, lecture
Orator |noun| Orator, Oratoris Masculine — Orator, speaker
Ordo |noun| Ordo, Ordinis Masculine — Order, rank, line
Oriri |verb| Orior, Oriri, Ortus — To rise, arise
Os |noun| Os, Oris Neuter — Mouth
Os |noun| Os, Ossis Neuter — Bone
Osculari |verb| Osculor, Osculari, Osculatus — To kiss, embrace
Ostendere |verb| Ostendo, Ostendere, Ostendi, Ostentus — To show
Otiosus |adjective| Otiosus, Otiosa, Otiosum — At leisure, free
Otium |noun| Otium, Otii Neuter — Leisure, peace
Pacare |verb| Paco, Pacere, Pacavi, Pacatus — Pacify, Subdue
Paedagogus |noun| Paedagogus, Paedagogi Masculine — Tutor
Paene |adverb| — Nearly, almost
Par |adjective| Par, Paris — Equal, like
Parare |verb| Paro, Parare, Paravi, Paratus — To prepare
Paratus |adjective| Paratus, Parata, Paratum — Prepared, ready
Parcere |verb| Parco, Parcere, Peperci, Parsurus — To spare, be lenient
Parere |verb| Pareo, Parere, Parui, Paritus +dat — To obey
Pars |noun| Pars, Partis (-ium) Feminine — A part, portion, share
Parvus |adjective| Parvus, Parva, Parvum — Small, little
Pascere |verb| Pasco, Pascere, Pavi, Pastus — To feed
Passer |noun| Passer, Passeris Masculine — Sparrow, bird
Pater |noun| Pater, Patris Masculine — Father
Pati |verb| Patior, Pati, Passus — To suffer
Patria |noun| Patria, Patriae Feminine — Fatherland, native land, country
Pauci |adjective| Pauci, Paucae, Pauca — Few
Paulisper |adverb| — For a short time
Pauper |adjective| Pauper, Pauperis — Poor
Pax |noun| Pax, Pacis Feminine — Peace
Pectus |noun| Pectus, Pectoris Neuter — Chest, breast; heart, mind (fig)
Pecunia |noun| Pecunia, Pecuniae Feminine — Money
pedes |noun| pedes, peditis Masculine — (s.) foot soldier, (pl.) infantry
Peior |adjective| Peior, Peioris — Worse
Pellere |verb| Pello, Pellere, Pepuli, Pulsus — To drive out, repel, fend off
Per |preposition| Accusative — Through
Perdere |verb| Perdo, Perdere, Perdidi, Perditus — To lose, waste, destroy
Perducere |verb| Perduco, Perducere, Perduxi, Perductus — To lead, conduct; to prolong
Perferre |verb| Perfero, Perferre, Pertuli, Perlatus — To convey, bring; to bear, endure
Perficere |verb| Perficio, Perficere, Perfeci, Perfectus — To complete, carry out
Pergere |verb| Pergo, Pergere, Perexi, Perectum — To proceed; continue
Periculum |noun| Periculum, Periculi Neuter — Danger, risk
Perire |verb| Pereo, Perire, Perii, Peritus — To perish, die
Perlegere |verb| Perlego, Perlegere, Perlegi, Perlectus — To read through
Perpetuus |adjective| Perpetuus, Perpetua, Perpetuum — Perpetual, long lasting, continuous, uninterrupted
Persuadere |verb| Persuadeo, Persuadere, Persuasi, Persuasus — To persuade, to make sweet for
Pervenire |verb| Pervenio, Pervenire, Perveni, Perventus — To reach, arrive
Pervicax |adjective| Pervicax, Pervicacis — Obstinate, wilful, stubborn
Pervincere |verb| Pervinco, Pervincere, Pervici, Pervictus — To conquer completely, surpass
Pes |noun| Pes, Pedis Masculine — Foot
Pessimus |adjective| Pessimus, Pessima, Pessimum — Worst
Pestis |noun| Pestis, Pestis Feminine — Plague, pest; ruin, destruction
petere |verb| peto, petere, petivi, petitum — seek, beg, ask, attack, aim at
Petere |verb| Peto, Petere, Petivi, Petitus — To ask, seek, pursue, desire, attack
Philosophia |noun| Philosophia, Philosophiae Feminine — Philosophy
Pietas |noun| Pietas, Pietatis Feminine — Piety, sense of duty; filial love
pīpiō |noun| pīpiō, pīpiōnis, pīpiōnī Feminine — chirping bird, squab
Piscator |noun| Piscator, Piscatoris Masculine — Fisherman
Piscis |noun| Piscis, Piscis (-ium) Masculine — Fish
Pius |adjective| Pius, Pia, Pium — Dutiful, conscientious
Placere |verb| Placeo, Placere, Placui, Placitus +dat — To please
Plenus |adjective| Plenus, Plena, Plenum — Full, abundant, generous
Plerique |adjective| Plerique, Pleraeque, Pleraque — Several
Plurimus |adjective| Plurimus, Plurima, Plurimum — Most
Plus |adjective| Plus, Ploris — More
Poena |noun| Poena, Poenae Feminine — Punishment
Poena |pronoun| Feminine — punisher
Poeta |noun| Poeta, Poetae Masculine — Poet
Ponere |verb| Pono, Ponere, Posui, Positus — To place, put
Pons |noun| Pons, Pontis Masculine — Bridge
Populus |noun| Populus, Populi Masculine — People, nation
Porta |noun| Porta, Portae Feminine — Gate, entrance
Portare |verb| Porto, Portare, Portavi, Portatus — To carry
Poscere |verb| Posco, Poscere, Poposci — To demand
Posse |verb| Possum, Posse, Potui +infinitive — To be able, can; to have power
Post |preposition| Accusative — Behind, after
Postea |adverb| — Afterwards
Postis |noun| Postis, Postis Masculine — Door, post, doorpost
Postridie |adverb| — The next day
Potens |adjective| Potens, Potentis — Powerful, potent
Potentia |noun| Potentia, Potentiae Feminine — Power, force, might
Potis |adjective| Potis — Possible, able
Praebere |verb| Praebeo, Praebere, Praebui, Praebitus — To offer
Praecipue |adverb| — Especially
Praeesse |verb| Praesum, Praeesse, Praefui, Praefuturus +dat — To be in charge
Praeficere |verb| Praeficio, Praeficere, Praefeci, Praefectus +acc +dat — To put (acc) in charge of (dat)
Praesidium |noun| Praesidium, Praesidii Neuter — Garrison
Praeterea |adverb| — besides, moreover, thereafter
Praeterire |verb| Praetereo, Praeterire, Praeterii, Praeteritus — To pass, go past
Praetor |noun| Praetor, Praetoris Masculine — Praetor (elected magistrate)
Precari |verb| Precor, Precari, Precatus — To beg, pray
Premere |verb| Premo, Premere, Pressi, Pressus — To press, squeeze
Primo |adverb| — At first, in the beginning
Primum |adverb| — Firstly
Prior |adjective| Prior, Prioris — Prior, former, previous
Pro |preposition| Ablative — For, on behalf of
Procedere |verb| Procedo, Procedere, Processi, Processus — To go forward, to proceed
Procul |adverb| — Far off, far from
Proelium |noun| Proelium, Proeli Neuter — Battle
Proficisci |verb| Proficiscor, Proficisci, Profectus — To set out, start, originate
Promittere |verb| Promitto, Promittere, Promisi, Promissus — To promise
Propinquus |adjective| Propinquus, Propinqua, Propinquum — Relative, kindred
Proponere |verb| Propono, Proponere, Proposui, Propositus — To set forth, display; declare, publish
Propter |preposition| Accusative — On account of, because of
Prospicere |verb| Prospicio, Prospicere, Prospexi, Prospectus — To look out
Providere |verb| Provideo, Providere, Provisi, Provisus — To foresee
Provincia |noun| Provincia, Provinciae Feminine — Duty, province
Pudicus |adjective| Pudicus, Pudica, Pudicum — Pure, chaste, modest
Pudor |noun| Pudor, Pudoris Masculine — Shame, modesty
Puella |noun| Puella, Puellae Feminine — Girl
Puer |noun| Puer, Pueri Masculine — Boy (Sometimes Boy Worker)
Pugna |noun| Pugna, Pugnae Feminine — A fight, battle, dispute
Pugnare |verb| Pugno, Pugnare, Pugnavi, Pugnatus — To fight, battle
Pulcher |adjective| Pulcher, Pulchra, Pulchrum — Handsome, beautiful, fine
Pullus |noun| Pullus, Pulli Masculine — Young animal, chicken
Pulmo |noun| Pulmo,Pulmonis Masculine — Lung
Pulsare |verb| Pulso, Pulsare, Pulsavi, Pulsatus — To hit, knock
Pumex |noun| Pumex, Pumicis Masculine — Pumice, stone, rock
Punire |adverb| — to punish
Puppis |noun| Puppis, Puppis Feminine — Ship, stern
Purus |adjective| Purus, Pura, Purum — Pure
Putare |verb| Puto, Putare, Putavi, Putatus — To know, suppose
Quacumque |adverb| — Wherever; anyhow, in any way
Quae |pronoun| Feminine — Who, whom, whose
Quaedam |pronoun| Feminine — Someone, a certain one
Quaeque |pronoun| Feminine — Everyone, everybody
Quaerere |verb| Quaero, Quaerere, Quaesivi, Quaesitus — To ask, seek, look for
Qualis |adjective| Qualis, Qualis — What sort of
Quam |conjunction| — How, than
Quamquam |conjunction| — Although
Quando |adverb| — When
Quando |conjunction| — When
Quantus |adjective| Quantus, Quanta, Quantum — How great? How large?
Quare |adverb| — How, why; therefore
Quasi |conjunction| — as if, just as if, as though
-que |conjunction| — And
Qui |pronoun| Masculine — Who, whom, whose
Quid |pronoun| Neuter — What?
Quidam |pronoun| Masculine — Someone, a certain one
Quidquam |pronoun| Neuter — Anything
Quidque |pronoun| Neuter — Everything
Quidquid |pronoun| Neuter — Whatever, Whichever
Quies |noun| Quies, Quietis Feminine — Rest, peace, quiet
Quiescere |verb| Quiesco, Quiescere, Quievi, Quietus — To rest
Quis |pronoun| Masculine — Who?
Quis |pronoun| Feminine — Who?
Quisquam |pronoun| Masculine/Feminine — Anyone
Quisque |pronoun| Masculine — Everyone, Everybody
Quisquis |pronoun| Masculine — Whoever
Quisquis |pronoun| Feminine — Whoever
Quo |adverb| — Where
Quod |conjunction| — Because
Quod |pronoun| Neuter — Which, whom
Quoddam |pronoun| Neuter — Something, a certain thing
Quomodo |adverb| — How
Quondam |adverb| — Once, formerly; sometimes
Quoniam |conjunction| — since, forasmuch, inasmuch as, now that
Quoque |conjunction| — Also, too
Quot |adjective| Quot — How many; as many as
Rapere |verb| Rapio, Rapere, Rapui. Raptus — To snatch, grap, take away
Ratio |noun| Ratio, Rationis Feminine — Reckoning, account, reason, judgement, consideration, system, manner, method
Recipere |verb| Recipio, Recipere, Recepi, Receptus — To take back
Recordari |verb| Recordor, Recordari, Recordatus — To remember, recount
Recurrere |verb| Recurro, Recurrere, Recurri, Recursus — To run back
Reddere |verb| Reddo, Reddere, Reddidi, Redditus — To give back, return
Redire |verb| Redeo, Redire, Redii, Reditus — To go back, return
Reducere |verb| Reduco, Reducere, Reduxi, Reductus — To withdraw, lead back
Regere |verb| Rego, Regere, Rexi, Rectus — To rule
Regia |noun| Regia, Regiae Feminine — Palace
Regina |noun| Regina, Reginae Feminine — Queen
Regnum |noun| Regnum, Regni Neuter — Kingdom, Kingship
Relinquere |verb| Relinquo, Relinquere, Relinqui, Relictus — To leave behind, abandon
Remanere |verb| Remaneo, remanere, remansi, remansum — To stay behind, to remain
Remedium |noun| Remedium, Remedii Neuter — Cure, remedy
Remunerari |verb| Remuneror, Remunerari, Remuneratus — To repay, reward
Requirere |verb| Requiro, Requirere, Requisivi, Requisitus — To ask, seek, search, inquire
Reri |verb| Reor, Reri, Ratus — To think, judge, suppose, reckon
Res |noun| Res, Rei Feminine — Object, thing; matter, property
Resistere |verb| Resisto, Resistere, Restiti, Restatus +dat — To resist
Retinere |verb| Retineo, Retinere, Retinui, Retentus — To hold back, withold
Reus |adjective| Reus, Rea, Reum — Accused
Revocare |verb| Revoco, Rovocare, Revocavi, Revocatus — To recall, take back, withdraw
Rex |noun| Rex, Regis Masculine — King
Ridere |verb| Rideo, Ridere, Risi, Risus — To laugh (at)
Rigidus |adjective| Rigidus, Rigida, Rigidum — Stiff, rigid
Risus |noun| Risus, Risus Masculine — Smile, laugh
Rogare |verb| Rogo, Rogare, Rogavi, Rogatus — To ask, ask for
Roma |noun| Roma, Romae Feminine — Rome
Romanus |adjective| Romanus, Romana, Romanum — Roman, Latin
Rosa |noun| Rosa, Rosae Feminine — Rose
Rubere |verb| Rubeo, Rubere, Rubui — To be red, blush
Ruere |verb| Ruo, Ruere, Rui, Rutus — To hurry, rush; to fall down
Rumor |noun| Rumor, Rumoris Masculine — Rumor, report
Rumpere |verb| Rumpo, Rumpere, Rupi, Ruptus — To burst, break
Sacer |adjective| Sacer, Sacra, Sacrum — Holy, Sacred
Sacrificium |noun| Sacrificium, Sacrificii Neuter — Sacrifice
Saeculum |noun| Saeculum, Saeculi Neuter — Generation, lifetime, age
Saepe |adverb| — Often
Sagitta |noun| Sagitta, Sagittae Feminine — Arrow (of a bow and arrow)
Salire |verb| Salio, Salire, Salui, Saltus — To jump, leap, dance
Saltare |verb| Salto, Saltare, Saltavi, Saltatus — To dance
Salus |noun| Salus, Salutis Feminine — Safety, health, greeting
Salvus |adjective| Salvus, Salva, Salvum — Safe, sound
Sancire |verb| Sancio, Sancire, Sanxi, Sanctus — To ordain, make sacred
Sanguis |noun| Sanguis, Sanguinis Masculine — Blood
Sanus |adjective| Sanus, Sana, Sanum — Healthy, sane, sound
Sapiens |adjective| Sapiens, Sapientis — Wise, sensible, judicious
Sapienter |adverb| — Wisely, sensibly
Sapientia |noun| Sapientia, Sapientiae Feminine — Wisdom
Satis |adverb| — Enough, sufficiently
Saucius |adjective| Saucius, Saucia, Saucium — Hurt, ill
Saviari |verb| Savior, Saviari, Saviatus (also Suaviari) — To kiss
Saxum |noun| Saxum, Saxi Neuter — Rock, boulder
Scacci |noun| Scacci, Scaccorum Masculine — Chess
Scelestus |adjective| Scelestus, Scelesta, Scelestum — Wicked
Scelus |noun| Scelus, Sceleris Neuter — Crime
Scilicet |adverb| — Certainly, surely
Scire |verb| Scio, Scire, Scivi, Scitus — To know, understand
Scribere |verb| Scribo, Scribere, Scripsi, Scriptus — To write
Scriptor |noun| Scriptor, Scriptoris Masculine — Writer, author
Se |pronoun| All — Himself, herself, itself, themselves
Sed |conjunction| — But
Sedere |verb| Sedeo, Sedere, Sedi, Sessus — To sit
Semel |adverb| — Once
Semper |adverb| — Always
Senator |noun| Senator, Senatoris Masculine — Senator
Senatus |noun| Senatus, Senatus Masculine — The Senate
Senex |noun| Senex, Senis Masculine — Old man
Sententia |noun| Sententia, Sententiae Feminine — Feeling, thought, opinion, vote, sentence
Sentire |verb| Sentio, Sentire, Sensi, Sensus — To feel, realize
Sepulchrum |noun| Sepulchrum, Sepulchri Neuter — Tomb
Sequi |verb| Sequor, Sequi, Secutus — To follow
Sero |adverb| — Late
Serpens |noun| Serpens, Serpentis Masculine — Serpent, snake, dragon
Serva |noun| Serva, Servae Feminine — Slave (Female), Maid
Servare |verb| Servo, Servare, Servavi, Servatus — To save, guard
Servus |noun| Servus, Servi Masculine — Slave (Male), Butler
Severus |adjective| Severus, Severa, Severum — Severe, serious
Si |conjunction| — If
Sic |adverb| — Thus, so
Siccare |verb| Sicco, Siccare, Siccavi, Siccatus — To dry
Sicut |conjunction| — Just as, like
Signum |noun| Signum, Signi Neuter — Sign, signal, zeal
Silva |noun| Silva, Silvae Feminine — Forest, woods
Simia |noun| Simia, Simiae Feminine — Monkey, Ape
Similis |adjective| Similis, Simile — Similar
Simul |adverb| — Simultaneously; at the same time
Sincere |adverb| — Honestly, sincerely

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Sine |preposition| Ablative — Without
Sinere |verb| Sino, Sinere, Sivi, Situs — To allow, give permission
Sinister |adjective| Sinister, Sinistra, Sinistrum — Left
Sinistra |noun| Sinistra, Sinistrae Feminine — Left hand
Sive |conjunction| — Or, or if, whether…or
Socius |noun| Socius, Socii Masculine — comrade, ally
Sol |noun| Sol, Solis Masculine — Sun
Solere |verb| Soleo, Solere, Solitus — To be accustomed
Solus |adjective| Solus, Sola, Solum — Alone, only
Solvere |verb| Solvo, Solvere, Solvi, Solutus — To loosen, release, cast off
Somnium |noun| Somnium, Somnii Neuter — Dream
Soror |noun| Soror, Sororis Feminine — Sister
Spatiosus |adjective| Spatiosus, Spatiosa, Spatiosum — Roomy, ample, large
Species |noun| Species, Speciei Feminine — Appearance
Spectare |verb| Specto, Spectare, Spectavi, Spectatus — To look at, see, watch
Sperare |verb| Spero, Sperare, Speravi, Speratus — To hope
Spes |noun| Spes, Spei Feminine — Hope
Spiritus |noun| Spiritus, Spiritus Masculine — Breath, Breathing; Breeze, Air; Inspiration; Character, Arrogance
Stare |verb| Sto, Stare, Steti, Status — To stand
Statim |adverb| — Immediately
Statua |noun| Statua, Statuae Feminine — Statue
Stella |noun| Stella, Stellae Feminine — Star, Constellation
Studere |verb| Studeo, Studere, Studui +dat — To study, pursue
Studium |noun| Studium, Studii Neuter — Study, pursuit
Stultus |adjective| Stultus, Stulta, Stultum — Foolish
Sub |preposition| Ablative or Accusative — Under (accusitive if in motion, ablative if still)
Subire |verb| Subeo, Subire, Subii, Subitus — To go under, go in
Subito |adverb| — Suddenly
Succurrere |verb| Succurro, Succurrere, Succurri, Succursus +dat — To (run to) help
Sumere |verb| Sumo, Sumere, Sumpsi, Sumptus — To put on, take up
Summus |adjective| Summus, Summa, Summum — Greatest
Super |preposition| Ablative or Accusative — Above (Accusative), Upon (Ablative)
Superare |verb| Supero, Superare, Superavi, Superatus — To be above, heve the upper hand, surpass
Superbus |adjective| Superbus, Superba, Superbum — proud
Superesse |verb| Supersum, Superesse, Superfui, Superfuturus — To remain, to survive
Supplicare |verb| Supplico, Supplicare, Supplicavi, Supplicatus +dat — To beg, supplicate, pray to
sustineo, sustinere |verb| sustineo, sustinere, sustinui, sustinitus — sustain
Suus |adjective| Suus, Sua, Suum — His, her, its, their
Tabula |noun| Tabula, Tabulae Feminine — Tablet
Tacere |verb| Taceo, Tacere, Tacui, Tacitus — To be silent
Talis |adjective| Talis, Talis — Such
Tam |adverb| — So
Tamen |conjunction| — Nevertheless, still
Tamen |adverb| — But, however
Taurus |noun| Taurus, Tauri Masculine — Bull
Tegere |verb| Tego, Tegere, Texi, Tectus — To cover
Telum |noun| Telum, Teli Neuter — Weapon
Tempestas |noun| Tempestas, Tempestatis Feminine — Storm
Templum |noun| Templum, Templi Neuter — Temple
Temptare |verb| Tempto, Temptare, Temptavi, Temptatus — To try, attempt
Tempus |noun| Tempus, Temporis Neuter — Time
Tendere |verb| Tendo, Tendere, Tetendi, Tentus/Tensus — To stretch, spread
Tenebrae |noun| Tenebrae, Tenebrarum Feminine — Darkness, night, shadows; death, blindness
Tenebricosus |adjective| Tenebricosus, Tenebricosa, Tenebricosum — Dark, gloomy
Tenere |verb| Teneo, Tenere, Tenui, Tentus — To have, hold, possess
Tenuis |adjective| Tenuis, Tenuis — Thin, fine; small
Ter |adverb| — Thrice
Tergum |noun| Tergum, Tergi Neuter — Back, rear
Terra |noun| Terra, Terrae Feminine — Earth, Land
Terreo |verb| terreo, terrere, terrui, territum — Frighten
Territus |adjective| Territus, Territa, Territum — Terrified, scared
Timere |verb| Timeo, Timere, Timui — To fear, to be afraid
Timidus |adjective| Timidus, Timida, Timidum — Timid
Timor |noun| Timor, Timoris Masculine — Fear
Toga |noun| Toga, Togae Feminine — Toga
Tollere |verb| Tollo, Tollere, Sustuli, Sublatus — To raise, lift; destroy
Tonitrus |noun| Tonitrus, Tonitruum, Tonitribus Masculine — Thunder
Tot |adjective| Tot — So many, as many
Totus |adjective| Totus, Tota, Totum — Whole, entire
Tradere |verb| Trado, Tradere, Tradidi, Traditus — To hand over, surrender
Trahere |verb| Traho, Trahere, Traxi, Tractus — To drag, draw, derive, acquire
Trans |preposition| Accusative — Across
Tribus |noun| Tribus, Tribus Feminine — Tribe
Tristis |adjective| Tristis, Tristis — Sad, gloomy
Tu |pronoun| All — You, yourself
Tuba |noun| Tuba, Tubae Feminine — Trumpet
Tum |adverb| — Then, at that time; thereupon, in the next place
Tum |conjunction| — Then
Tunica |noun| Tunica, Tunicae Feminine — Tunic
Turbare |verb| Turbo, Turbare, Turbavi, Turbatus — To disturb, confuse
Tuus |adjective| Tuus, Tua, Tuum — Your (singular)
Tyrannus |noun| Tyrannus, Tyranni Masculine — Tyrant
Ubi |conjunction| — When, where
Ubique |adverb| — Everywhere
Ullus |adjective| Ullus, Ulla, Ullum — Any
Ultimus |adjective| Ultimus, Ultima, Ultimum — Last, final
Ultro |adverb| — voluntarily, besides, moreover
Umbra |noun| Umbra, Umbrae Feminine — Shade, shadow, spirit
Umquam |conjunction| — Ever
Unde |adverb| — Whence, from where
Undique |adverb| — Everywhere, from all sides
Universus |adjective| Universus, Universa, Universum — All
Unus |pronoun| Masculine — One
Urbs |noun| Urbs, Urbis (-ium) Feminine — City
Urere |verb| Uro, Urere, Ussi, Ustus — To burn, scorch
Ursa |noun| Ursa, Ursae Feminine — Bear
Usque |adverb| — All the way; continuously
Ut |conjunction| — As, when
Uter |adjective| Uter, Utra, Utrum — Which of two, either
Uti |verb| Utor, Uti, Usus Sum — To use, employ
utilis |adjective| utilis, utile — useful
Utrum |conjunction| — Whether
Uxor |noun| Uxor, Uxoris Feminine — Wife
Vagari |verb| Vagor, Vagari, Vagatus — To wander
Valde |adverb| — Very
Valere |verb| Valeo, Valere, Valui, Valitus — To be strong, be well
Vallum |noun| Vallum, Valli Neuter — Rampart
Varius |adjective| Varius, Varia, Varium — Various, Diverse, Different
Vates |noun| Vates, Vatis Masculine — Prophet, soothsayer
-ve |conjunction| — Or
Vehemens |adjective| Vehemens, Vehementis — Fierce, energetic
Vehere |verb| Veho, Vehere, Vexi, Vectus — To carry
Velle |verb| Volo, Velle, Volui — To wish, want, be willing
Venari |verb| Venor, Venari, Venatus — To hunt, chase
Vendere |verb| Vendo, Vendere, Vendidi, Venditus — To sell
Venenum |noun| Venenum, Veneni Neuter — Drug, poison
Venia |noun| Venia, Veniae Feminine — Pardon
Venire |verb| Venio, Venire, Veni, Ventus — To come, go
Ventus |noun| Ventus, Venti Masculine — Wind
Venus |noun| Venus, Veneris Feminine — Charm, beauty; love, mating; goddess of love
Venustas |noun| Venustas, Venustatis Feminine — Charm, beauty
Venustus |adjective| Venustus, Venusta, Venustum — Charming, attractive, beautiful
Ver |noun| Ver, Veris Neuter — Spring (season)
Verber |noun| Verber, Verberis Neuter — Whip, lash
Verbum |noun| Verbum, Verbi Neuter — Word
Veritas |noun| Veritas, Veritatis Feminine — Truth
Vero |adverb| — In truth, indeed, to be sure
Vertere |verb| Verto, Vertere, Verti, Versus — To turn
Verus |adjective| Verus, Vera, Verum — Real, true
Vester |adjective| Vester, Vestra, Vestrum — Your (plural)
Vexare |verb| Vexo, Vexare, Vexavi, Vexatus — To trouble, annoy
Via |noun| Via, Viae Feminine — Road, Way
Viator |noun| Viator, Viatoris Masculine/Feminine — Traveler
Vicinus |noun| Vicinus, Vicini Masculine — Neighbor
Victoria |noun| Victoria, Victoriae Feminine — Victory
Videre |verb| Video, Videre, Vidi, Visus — To see; to seem (passive)
Vilis |adjective| Vilis, Vilis — Cheap, worthless, poor, common
Villa |noun| Villa, Villae Feminine — Villa, house
Vincere |verb| Vinco, Vincere, Vici, Victus — To conquer, overcome
Violare |verb| Violo, Violare, Violavi, Violatus — To violate
Vir |noun| Vir, Viri Masculine — Man
Virgo |noun| Virgo, Virginis Feminine — Girl, virgin
Virilis |adjective| Virilis, Virilis — Manly, of man
Virtus |noun| Virtus, Virtutis Feminine — Manliness, courage, excellence, character, virtue
Vis |noun| Vis, Vis (-ium) Feminine — Force, Power; Violence
Visere |verb| Viso, Visere, Visi, Visus — To visit
Vita |noun| Vita, Vitae Feminine — Life
Vitium |noun| Vitium, Vitii Neuter — Fault, crime, vice
Vivere |verb| Vivo, Vivere, Vixi, Victus — To live
Vivus |adjective| Vivus, Viva, Vivum — Alive, living
Vix |adverb| — Barely, scarcely
Vocare |verb| Voco, Vocare, Vocavi, Vocatus — To call, summon
Volare |verb| Volo, Volare, Volavi, Volatus — To fly
Voluptas |noun| Voluptas, Voluptatis Feminine — Pleasure, enjoyment; sights, entertainment (plural)
Votum |noun| Votum, Voti Neuter — Vow, prayer; longing
Vox |noun| Vox, Vocis Feminine — Voice
Vulgus |noun| Vulgus, Vulgi Neuter — Crowd, people
Vulnerare |verb| Vulnero, Vulnerare, Vulneravi, Vulneratum — To wound
Vulnus |noun| Vulnus, Vulneris Neuter — Wound
Vulpes |noun| Vulpes, Vulpis Masculine — Fox
Vultus |noun| Vultus, Vultus Masculine — Face, expression

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