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Latin Pronouns

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Ea (Feminine) — She, her, they, them
Eadem (Feminine) — The same, also, likewise
Ego (Masculine/Feminine) — I, we, me, us, myself, ourselves
Haec (Feminine) — This
Hic (Masculine) — This
Hoc (Neuter) — This
Id (Neuter) — It, they, them
Idem (Masculine) — The same, also, likewise
Idem (Neuter) — The same, also, likewise
Illa (Feminine) — That
Ille (Masculine) — That
(Neuter) —
Ipsa (Feminine) — Herself
Ipse (Masculine) — Himself
Ipsum (Neuter) — Itself
Is (Masculine) — He, him, they, them
Ista (Feminine) — That (of yours)
Iste (Masculine) — That (of yours)
Istud (Neuter) — That (of yours)
Nōs (All) — We
Poena (Feminine) — punisher
Quae (Feminine) — Who, whom, whose
Quaedam (Feminine) — Someone, a certain one
Quaeque (Feminine) — Everyone, everybody
Qui (Masculine) — Who, whom, whose
Quid (Neuter) — What?
Quidam (Masculine) — Someone, a certain one
Quidquam (Neuter) — Anything
Quidque (Neuter) — Everything
Quidquid (Neuter) — Whatever, Whichever
Quis (Masculine) — Who?
Quis (Feminine) — Who?
Quisquam (Masculine/Feminine) — Anyone
Quisque (Masculine) — Everyone, Everybody
Quisquis (Masculine) — Whoever
Quisquis (Feminine) — Whoever
Quod (Neuter) — Which, whom
Quoddam (Neuter) — Something, a certain thing
Se (All) — Himself, herself, itself, themselves
Tu (All) — You, yourself
Unus (Masculine) — One

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