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Latin Nouns

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aci─ôs (; Masculine) — Pitched battle, harsh battle
Adulescentia (Adulscentia, Adulscentiae; Feminine) — Youth, youthfulness
Aedificium (Aedificium, Aedificii; Neuter) — Building
Aegritudo (Aegritudo, Aegritudinis; Feminine) — Sickness, Illness
Aestas (Aestas, Aestatis; Feminine) — Summer
Aestus (Aestus, Aestus; Masculine) — Heat
Aetas (Aetas, Aetatis; Feminine) — Age, lifetime
Aevum (Aevum, Aevi; Neuter) — Age, lifetime; eternity
Africa (Africa, Africae; Feminine) — Africa
Ager (Ager, Agri; Masculine) — Field, farm
Agora (Agora, Agorae; Feminine) — Agora, city center
Agricola (Agricola, Agricolae; Masculine) — Farmer
Ala (Ala, Alae; Feminine) — Wing
Amica (Amica, Amicae; Feminine) — Girlfriend, female friend
Amicitia (Amicitia, Amicitiae; Feminine) — Friendship
Amicus (Amicus, Amici; Masculine) — Friend
Amor (Amor, Amoris; Masculine) — Love
Ancora (Ancora, Ancorae; Feminine) — Anchor
Anglia (Anglia, Angliae; Feminine) — England
Animus (Animus, Animi; Masculine) — Soul, spirit, mind; (plural) high spirits, pride, courage
Annus (Annus, Anni; Masculine) — Year
Anxietas (Anxietas, Anxietatis; Feminine) — Anxiety
Apis (Apis, Apis; Feminine) — Bee
Aqua (Aqua, Aquae; Feminine) — Water
Aranea (Aranea, Araneae; Feminine) — Spider
Arbor (Arbor, Arboris; Feminine) — Tree
arcuballista (arcuballista, arcuballistae; Feminine) — crossbow
Ardor (Ardor, Ardoris; Masculine) — Heat, brightness; passion (figurative)
Argentum (Argentum, Argenti; Neuter) — Silver, money
Arma (Arma, Armorum; Neuter) — Arms, weapons
Asia (Asia, Asiae; Feminine) — Asia Minor
Audacia (Audacia, Audaciae; Feminine) — Boldness, Daring
Auditor (Auditor, Auditoris; Masculine) — Listener, audience
Aula (Aula, Aulae; Feminine) — Courtyard
Aura (Aura, Aurae; Feminine) — Breeze
Auxilia (Auxilia, Auxiliorum; Neuter) — Auxiliary troops, Reinforcements
Auxilium (Auxilium, Auxilii; Neuter) — Help
Avis (Avis, Avis; Feminine) — Bird
Avus (Avus, Avi; Masculine) — Grandfather
Balnea (Balnea, Balneorum; Neuter) — Baths
Basium (Basium, Basii; Neuter) — Kiss (usually loud)
Bellum (Bellum, Belli; Neuter) — War
Bona (Bona, Bonorum; Neuter) — Goods, property
Bos (Bos, Bovis; Feminine) — Cow
Caelum (Caelum, Caeli; Neuter) — Sky, Heaven
Calceus (Calceus, Calcei; Masculine) — Shoe
Campus (Campus, Campi; Masculine) — Field, plane
Canis (Canis, Canis; Masculine) — Dog
Capillus (Capillus, Capilli; Masculine) — Hair
Captivus (Captivus, Captivi; Masculine) — Captive
Caput (Caput, Capitis; Neuter) — Head, chapter
Carcer (Carcer, Carceris; Masculine) — Prison, barrier; starting area for a race
Carmen (Carmen, Carminis; Neuter) — Song, Poem
Carrus (Carrus, Carri; Masculine) — Cart, Wagon
Casa (Casa, Casae; Feminine) — House, cottage
Castra (Castra, Castrorum; Neuter) — Camp
Casus (Casus, Casus; Masculine) — Fall, case, event, misfortune
Caupona (Caupona, Cauponae; Feminine) — Inn
Causa (Causa, Causae; Feminine) — Cause, reason
Cena (Cena, Cenae; Feminine) — Dinner
Cerva (Cerva, Cervae; Feminine) — Deer
Cervix (Cervix, Cervicis; Feminine) — Neck
Ceteri (Ceteri, Ceterae, Cetera; All) — The rest, the remaining
Cibus (Cibus, Cibi; Masculine) — Food
Civis (Civis, Civis; Masculine/Feminine) — Citizen
Collis (Collis, Collis; Masculine) — Hill
Collum (Collum, Colli; Neuter) — Neck
Colonus (Colonus, Coloni; Masculine) — Farmer
Comes (Comes, Comitis; Masculine/Feminine) — Friend, companion
Consilium (Consilium, Consilii; Neuter) — Plan, purpose, counsel, advice, judgement, wisdom
Copia (Copia, Copiae; Feminine) — Abundance, supply; troops, forces
Copiae (Copiae, Copiarum; Feminine) — Forces, Troops
Cor (Cor, Cordis; Neuter) — Heart
Cornu (Cornu, Cornus; Neuter) — Horn, army flank
Corona (Corona, Coronae; Feminine) — Crown, garland
Corpus (Corpus, Corporis; Neuter) — Body
Crimen (Crimen, Criminis; Neuter) — Crime
Crus (Crus, Cruris; Neuter) — Leg, shin
Culina (Culina, Culinae; Feminine) — Kitchen
Culpa (Culpa, Culpae; Feminine) — Fault, blame
Cupido (Cupido, Cupidinis; Feminine) — Desire, longing, passion; Cupid
Cura (Cura, Curae; Feminine) — Care, attention, caution, anxiety
Currus (Currus, Currus; Masculine) — Chariot
Cursus (Cursus, Cursus; Masculine) — Running, track, course
Custos (Custos, Custodis; Masculine) — Guard
Dea (Dea, Deae; Feminine) — goddess
Defensor (Defensor, Defensoris; Masculine) — Defender, protector
Deliciae (Deliciae, Deliciarum; Feminine) — Delight, pleasure; sweetheart
Delubrum (Delubrum, Delubri; Neuter) — Temple, sanctuary, shrine
Deus (Deus, Dei; Masculine) — god
Dextra (Dextra, Dextrae; Feminine) — Right hand, right hand side
Dictator (Dictator, Dictatoris; Masculine) — Dictator
Dies (Dies, Diei; Masculine/Feminine) — Day
Diligentia (Diligentia, Diligentiae; Feminine) — Diligence, care
Discipulus (Discipulus, Discipuli; Masculine) — Student
Divitiae (Divitiae, Divitiarum; Feminine) — Riches, wealth
Dolor (Dolor, Doloris; Masculine) — Pain, grief
Domina (Domina, Dominae; Feminine) — Mistress
Dominus (Dominus, Domini; Masculine) — Lord, Master
Domus (Domus, Domus (i); Feminine) — House, home
Donum (Donum, Doni; Neuter) — Gift, present
Dux (Dux, Ducis; Masculine) — Leader
Eloquentia (Eloquentia, Eloquentiae; Feminine) — Eloquence
Epistola (Epistola, Epistolae; Feminine) — Letter, epistle
Eques (Eques, Equitis; Masculine) — Knight, horseman
Equus (Equus, Equi; Masculine) — Horse
Error (Error, Erroris; Masculine) — Errand, Error
Europa (Europa, Europae; Feminine) — Europe
Exemplum (Exemplum, Exempli; Neuter) — Example, sample, model
Exitium (Exitium, Exitii; Neuter) — Destruction, ruin
Fabula (Fabula, Fabulae; Feminine) — Story, tale, play
Facilitas (Facilitas, Facilitatis; Feminine) — Ease, facility, easiness
Fama (Fama, Famae; Feminine) — Fame, reputation
Fames (Fames, Famis; Feminine) — Hunger
Familia (Familia, Familiae; Feminine) — Family
Fas (Fas; Neuter) — (Divine) Law
Fatum (Fatum, Fati; Neuter) — Fate, death
Femina (Femina, Feminae; Feminine) — Woman
Ferrum (Ferrum, Ferri; Neuter) — Iron, sword
Fides (Fides, Fidei; Feminine) — Trust, faith, belief
Filia (Filia, Filiae; Feminine) — Daughter
Filius (Filius, Filii; Masculine) — Son
Finis (Finis, Finis; Masculine) — End, limit, border; territory (plural)
Flamma (Flamma, Flammae; Feminine) — Flame, fire, torch, star
Flos (Flos, Floris; Masculine) — Flower
Flumen (Flumen, Fluminis; Neuter) — River
Foedus (Foedus, Foederis; Neuter) — Treaty, pact
Fons (Fons, Fontis; Masculine) — Fountain, spring
Forma (Forma, Formae; Feminine) — Form, shape, beauty
Fortuna (Fortuna, Fortunae; Feminine) — Fortune, luck
Forum (Forum, Fori; Neuter) — Market place, public center
Frater (Frater, Fratris; Masculine) — Brother
Frumentum (Frumentum, Frumenti; Neuter) — Grain
Fuga (Fuga, Fugae; Feminine) — Flight
Funus (Funus, Funeris; Neuter) — Funeral
Furor (Furor, Furoris; Masculine) — Madness, insanity
Gallia (Gallia, Galliae; Feminine) — Gaul
Gaudium (Gaudium, Gaudii; Neuter) — Joy
Genu (Genu, Genus; Neuter) — Knee
Genus (Genus, Generis; Neuter) — Gender, descendancy, kind, sort, class
Germania (Germania, Germaniae; Feminine) — Germany
Gladius (Gladius, Gladii; Masculine) — Sword
Gloria (Gloria, Gloriae; Feminine) — Glory, fame
Gremium (Gremium, Gremii; Neuter) — Bosom, lap
Hasta (Hasta, Hastae; Feminine) — Spear
Hiems (Hiems, Hiemis; Feminine) — Winter
Hispania (Hispania, Hispaniae ; Feminine) — Spain
Hobbitus (Hobbitus, Hobbiti; Masculine) — Hobbit
Homo (Homo, Hominis; Masculine) — Man, mankind, human
Honor (Honor, Honoris; Masculine) — Honor, esteem, public office
Hortus (Hortus, Horti; Masculine) — Garden
Hostis (Hostis, Hostis; Masculine) — Enemy
Humus (Humus, Humi; Feminine) — Ground
Ianua (Ianua, Ianuae; Feminine) — Door
Iaponia (Iaponia, Iaponiae; Feminine) — Japan
Ignis (Ignis, Ignis; Masculine) — Fire; lightning
Impedimenta (Impedimenta, Impedimentorum; Neuter) — Baggage
Impedimentum (Impedimentum, Impedimenti; Neuter) — Hindrance
Imperator (Imperator, Imperatoris; Masculine) — Commander, general
Imperium (Imperium, Imperii; Neuter) — Order, command; power
Incendium (Incendium, Incendii; Neuter) — Fire
Infinitum (Infinitum, Infiniti; Neuter) — Infinity
Ingenium (Ingenium, Ingenii; Neuter) — Nature, innate talent
Inimicus (Inimicus, Inimici; Masculine) — Enemy
Iniuria (Iniuria, Iniuriae; Feminine) — Injury, offense, injustice, wrongdoing
Inopia (Inopia, Inopiae; Feminine) — Lack, Want
Insidiae (Insidiae, Insidiarum; Feminine) — Ambush, plot, treachery
Insula (Insula, Insulae; Feminine) — Island
Intestina (Intestina, Intestinorum; Neuter) — Intestines, guts, entrails
Iocus (Iocus, Ioci; Masculine) — Joke, jest
Ira (Ira, Irae; Feminine) — Ire, anger
Italia (Italia, Italiae; Feminine) — Italy
Iter (Iter, Itineris; Neuter) — Journey
Iudicium (Iudicium, Iudicii; Neuter) — Trial, court; judgement, opinion, sentence
iugulum (iugulum, iuguli; Neuter) — throat
Iuppiter (Iuppiter, Iovis; Masculine) — Jupiter
Ius (Ius, Iuris; Neuter) — Law, right, justice
Iuvenis (Iuvenis, Iuvenis; Masculine) — Youth, young man
Lac (Lac, Lactis; Neuter) — Milk
Lacrima (Lacrima, Lacrimae; Feminine) — Tear
Laetitia (Laetitia, Laetitiae; Feminine) — Happiness, joy, delight, elation
Lapis (Lapis, Lapidis; Masculine) — Stone
Laus (Laus, Laudis; Feminine) — Praise, glory, fame
Lectus (Lectus, Lecti; Masculine) — Bed, couch
Legatus (Legatus, Legati; Masculine) — Deputy, officer, envoy, diplomat
Legio (Legio, Legionis; Feminine) — Legion
Leo (Leo, Leonis; Masculine) — Lion
Lex (Lex, Legis; Feminine) — Law
Libellus (Libellus, Libelli; Masculine) — Small book, notebook; diary
Liber (Liber, Libri; Masculine) — Book
Libertas (Libertas, Libertatis; Feminine) — Liberty, freedom
Libertus (Libertus, Liberti; Masculine) — Freedman
Limen (Limen, Liminis; Neuter) — Threshold, doorway, limit
Linea (Linea, Lineae; Feminine) — Line
Lingua (Lingua, Linguae; Feminine) — Tongue; language
Littera (Littera, Litterae; Feminine) — Letter (alphabet)
Litterae (Litterae, Litterarum; Feminine) — Letter, epistle; literature
Litterator (Litterator, Litteratoris; Masculine) — Schoolmaster, grammarian, teacher
Litus (Litus, Litoris; Neuter) — Shore, coast
Locus (Locus, Loci; Masculine) — Place, location
Ludus (Ludus, Ludi; Masculine) — School, game
Lumen (Lumen, Luminis; Neuter) — Light
Lux (Lux, Lucis; Feminine) — Light
Magister (Magister, Magistri; Masculine) — Teacher
Mala (Mala, Malorum; Neuter) — Troubles, evils
Manus (Manus, Manus; Feminine) — Hand
Maritus (Maritus, Mariti; Masculine) — Husband
Mater (Mater, Matris; Feminine) — Mother
Matrona (Matrona, Matronae; Feminine) — Married woman
Membrum (Membrum, Membri; Neuter) — Limb; portion; room; member
Memoria (Memoria, Memoriae; Feminine) — Memory
Mens (Mens, Mentis; Feminine) — Mind
Mensa (Mensa, Mensae; Feminine) — Table; meal
Mensis (Mensis, Mensis; Masculine) — Month
Meridies (Meridies, Meridiei; Masculine) — Midday
Meta (Meta, Metae; Feminine) — Turn; a pillar in a Circus race
Miles (Miles, Militis; Masculine) — Soldier
Mille Passus (Mille Passus, Mille Passus; Masculine/Feminine) — Mile
Moenia (Moenia, Moenium; Neuter) — Walls of a city
Mons (Mons, Montis; Masculine) — Mountain
Monumentum (Monumentum, Monumenti; Neuter) — Monument
Mora (Mora, Morae; Feminine) — Delay
Mors (Mors, Mortis; Feminine) — Death
Morsus (Morsus, Morsus; Masculine) — Bite, grip
Mos (Mos, Moris; Masculine) — Habit, custom, manner
Mulier (Mulier, Mulieris; Feminine) — Woman
Mundus (Mundus, Mundi; Masculine) — World
Munus (Munus, Muneris; Neuter) — Gift; gladiatorial show
Murus (Murus, Muri; Masculine) — Wall
Nasus (Nasus, Nasi; Masculine) — Nose
Natio (Natio, Nationis; Feminine) — Birth; nation, people
Natura (Natura, Naturae; Feminine) — Nature
Natus (Natus, Nati; Masculine) — Son
Nauta (Nauta, Nautae; Masculine) — Sailor
Navis (Navis, Navis; Feminine) — Ship
Negotium (Negotium, Negotii; Neuter) — Business, affair
Nemo (Nemo, Neminis; Masculine/Feminine) — Nobody, no one
Nemus (Nemus, Nemoris; Neuter) — Forest
Nihil (Nihil; None) — Nothing
Nomen (Nomen, Nominis; Neuter) — Name, title
Nox (Nox, Noctis; Feminine) — Night
Nubes (Nubes, Nubis; Feminine) — Cloud
Numerus (Numerus, Numeri; Masculine) — Number
Nundinae (Nundinae, Nundinarum; Feminine) — Market day
Nuntius (Nuntius, Nuntii; Masculine) — Messenger
Obses (Obses, Obsidis; Masculine/Feminine) — Hostage
Oculus (Oculus, Oculi; Masculine) — Eye
Officium (Officium, Officii; Neuter) — Duty, service
Oppidum (Oppidum, Oppidi; Neuter) — Town
Ops (Ops, Opis; Masculine) — Power or ability to help; resources (plural)

Opus (Opus, Operis; Neuter) — Work
Oratio (Oratio, Orationis; Feminine) — Speech, lecture
Orator (Orator, Oratoris; Masculine) — Orator, speaker
Ordo (Ordo, Ordinis; Masculine) — Order, rank, line
Os (Os, Oris; Neuter) — Mouth
Os (Os, Ossis; Neuter) — Bone
Otium (Otium, Otii; Neuter) — Leisure, peace
Paedagogus (Paedagogus, Paedagogi; Masculine) — Tutor
Pars (Pars, Partis; Feminine) — Part, portion, share
Passer (Passer, Passeris; Masculine) — Sparrow, bird
Pater (Pater, Patris; Masculine) — Father
Patria (Patria, Patriae; Feminine) — Fatherland, native land, country
Pax (pax, paci; Feminine) — peace
Pectus (Pectus, Pectoris; Neuter) — Chest, breast; heart, mind (fig)
Pecunia (Pecunia, Pecuniae; Feminine) — Money
Periculum (Periculum, Periculi; Neuter) — Danger, risk
Pes (Pes, Pedis; Masculine) — Foot
Pestis (Pestis, Pestis; Feminine) — Plague, pest; ruin, destruction
Philosophia (Philosophia, Philosophiae; Feminine) — Philosophy
Pietas (Pietas, Pietatis; Feminine) — Piety, sense of duty; filial love
Poena (Poena, Poenae; Feminine) — Punishment
Poeta (Poeta, Poetae; Masculine) — Poet
Pons (Pons, Pontis; Masculine) — Bridge
Populus (Populus, Populi; Masculine) — People, nation
Porta (Porta, Portae; Feminine) — Gate, entrance
Postis (Postis, Postis; Masculine) — Door, post, doorpost
Praesidium (Praesidium, Praesidii; Neuter) — Garrison
Praetor (Praetor, Praetoris; Masculine) — Praetor (elected magistrate)
Proelium (Proelium, Proeli; Neuter) — Battle
Provincia (Provincia, Provinciae; Feminine) — Duty, province
Pudor (Pudor, Pudoris; Masculine) — Shame, modesty
Puella (Puella, Puellae; Feminine) — Girl
Puer (Puer, Pueri; Masculine) — Boy
Pugna (Pugna, Pugnae; Feminine) — A fight, battle, dispute
Pulmo,Pulmonis (Pulmo,Pulmonis; Masculine) — Lung
Pumex (Pumex, Pumicis; Masculine) — Pumice, stone, rock
Puppis (Puppis, Puppis; Feminine) — Ship, stern
Quies (Quies, Quietis; Feminine) — Rest, peace, quiet
Ratio (Ratio, Rationis; Feminine) — Reckoning, account, reason, judgement, consideration, system, manner, method
Regia (Regia, Regiae; Feminine) — Palace
Regina (Regina, Reginae; Feminine) — Queen
Regnum (Regnum, Regni; Neuter) — Kingdom, Kingship
Remedium (Remedium, Remedii; Neuter) — Cure, remedy
Res (Res, Rei; Feminine) — Object, thing; matter, property
Rex (Rex, Regis; Masculine) — King
Risus (Risus, Risus; Masculine) — Smile, laugh
Roma (Roma, Romae; Feminine) — Rome
Rosa (Rosa, Rosae; Feminine) — Rose
Rumor (Rumor, Rumoris; Masculine) — Rumor, report
Sacrificium (Sacrificium, Sacrificii; Neuter) — Sacrifice
Saeculum (Saeculum, Saeculi; Neuter) — Generation, lifetime, age
Salus (Salus, Salutis; Feminine) — Safety, health, greeting
Sanguis (Sanguis, Sanguinis; Masculine) — Blood
Sapientia (Sapientia, Sapientiae; Feminine) — Wisdom
Saxum (Saxum, Saxi; Neuter) — Rock, boulder
Scacci (Scacci, Scaccorum; Masculine) — Chess
Scelus (Scelus, Sceleris; Neuter) — Crime
Scriptor (Scriptor, Scriptoris; Masculine) — Writer, author
Senator (Senator, Senatoris; Masculine) — Senator
Senatus (Senatus, Senatus; Masculine) — The Senate
Senex (Senex, Senis; Masculine) — Old man
Sententia (Sententia, Sententiae; Feminine) — Feeling, thought, opinion, vote, sentence
Sepulchrum (Sepulchrum, Sepulchri; Neuter) — Tomb
Serpens (Serpens, Serpentis; Masculine) — Serpent, snake, dragon
Serva (Serva, Servae; Feminine) — Slavewoman
Servus (Servus, Servi; Masculine) — Slave
Signum (Signum, Signi; Neuter) — Sign, signal, zeal
Silva (Silva, Silvae; Feminine) — Forest, woods
Sinistra (Sinistra, Sinistrae; Feminine) — Left hand
Sol (Sol, Solis; Masculine) — Sun
Somnium (Somnium, Somnii; Neuter) — Dream
Soror (Soror, Sororis; Feminine) — Sister
Species (Species, Speciei; Feminine) — Appearance
Spes (Spes, Spei; Feminine) — Hope
Spiritus (Spiritus, Spiritus; Masculine) — Breath, breathing; breeze, air; inspiration; character; arrogance
Statua (Statua, Statuae; Feminine) — Statue
Stella (Stella, Stellae; Feminine) — Star; Constellation
Studium (Studium, Studii; Neuter) — Study, pursuit
Tabula (Tabula, Tabulae; Feminine) — Tablet
Taurus (Taurus, Tauri; Masculine) — Bull
Telum (Telum, Teli; Neuter) — Weapon
Tempestas (Tempestas, Tempestatis; Feminine) — Storm
Templum (Templum, Templi; Neuter) — Temple
Tempus (Tempus, Temporis; Neuter) — Time
Tenebrae (Tenebrae, Tenebrarum; Feminine) — Darkness, night, shadows; death, blindness
Tergum (Tergum, Tergi; Neuter) — Back, rear
Terra (Terra, Terrae; Feminine) — Earth, Land
Timor (Timor, Timoris; Masculine) — Fear
Toga (Toga, Togae; Feminine) — Toga
Tonitrus (Tonitrus, Tonitruum, Tonitribus; Masculine) — Thunder
Tuba (Tuba, Tubae; Feminine) — Trumpet
Tunica (Tunica, Tunicae; Feminine) — Tunic
Tyrannus (Tyrannus, Tyranni; Masculine) — Tyrant
Umbra (Umbra, Umbrae; Feminine) — Shade, shadow, spirit
Uxor (Uxor, Uxoris; Feminine) — Wife
Venenum (Venenum, Veneni; Neuter) — Drug, poison
Venia (Venia, Veniae; Feminine) — Pardon
Ventus (Ventus, Venti; Masculine) — Wind
Venus (Venus, Veneris; Feminine) — Charm, beauty; love, mating; goddess of love
Venustas (Venustas, Venustatis; Feminine) — Charm, beauty
Ver (Ver, Veris; Neuter) — Spring (season)
Verber (Verber, Verberis; Neuter) — Whip, lash
Verbum (Verbum, Verbi; Neuter) — Word
Veritas (Veritas, Veritatis; Feminine) — Truth
Via (Via, Viae; Feminine) — Road, Way
Viator (Viator, Viatoris; Masculine/Feminine) — Traveler
Vicinus (Vicinus, Vicini; Masculine) — Neighbor
Victoria (Victoria, Victoriae; Feminine) — Victory
Villa (Villa, Villae; Feminine) — Villa, house
Vir (Vir, Viri; Masculine) — Man, hero
Virgo (Virgo, Virginis; Feminine) — Girl, virgin
Virtus (Virtus, Virtutis; Feminine) — Manliness, courage, excellence, character, virtue
Vita (Vita, Vitae; Feminine) — Life
Vitium (Vitium, Vitii; Neuter) — Fault, crime, vice
Voluptas (Voluptas, Voluptatis; Feminine) — Pleasure, enjoyment; entertainment (plural)
Votum (Votum, Voti; Neuter) — Vow, prayer; longing
Vox (Vox, Vocis; Feminine) — Voice
Vulgus (Vulgus, Vulgi; Neuter) — Crowd, people
Vulnus (Vulnus, Vulneris; Neuter) — Wound
Vultus (Vultus, Vultus; Masculine) — Face, expression

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