Latin Prepositions

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Latin Prepositions

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A (Ablative) — Away from, From
Ab (Ablative) — From, away from, by
Ad (Accusative) — To, toward, near to, against
Ante (Accusative) — Before
Apud (Accusative) — Next to, at
Circum (Accusative) — Around
Contra (Accusative) — Against, in opposition of
Cum (Ablative) — With (in the company of)
De (Ablative) — From
E (Ablative) — From, Out of
Ex (Ablative) — Out of, Out from
Extra (Accusative) — Outside
In (Ablative or Accusative) — into or against (accusative), in, on or among (ablative)
Inter (Accusative) — Among, between
Ob (Accusative) — In the way of, against, on account of
Per (Accusative) — Through
Post (Accusative) — Behind, after
Pro (Ablative) — For, on behalf of
Propter (Accusative) — On account of, because of
Sine (Ablative) — Without
Sub (Ablative or Accusative) — Under (accusitive if in motion, ablative if still)
Super (Ablative or Accusative) — Above (Accusative), Upon (Ablative)
Trans (Accusative) — Across

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