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Here is a list of some phrases in English with their Latin equivalents meant to showcase how the English sentence looks like in Latin.

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There are currently 184 phrases.

My day was good. My day was bad. This day was the worst. This day was the best.

Brutus will kill Caesar within this year.

Prepare to die!

The mother asked her children not to run in the garden.

What is your name?

Cicero was ignorant of the ambush at that time.

The angry Jack said to his foolish friend, "You are loving that girl, Max? She is a very horrible girl whom you love!"

The queen offered the world to the soldiers.

I am tired of school.

Who are you?

Knowledge can kill the strongest of men.

Grain will be given to the poor citizens in the city center.

What will you buy?

The farmers are happy on a good year.

By the end of the day, I will have made a wonderful gift for Father.

We will do great favors for him after his labor.

The father did not know that Molly has been killed by her boyfriend at her house.

Quintus gave Scintilla a gift so that she would love him.

With him willing, all will be led.

When Claudius and Cato were consuls, the pursuing Gallians being led by Vercingetorix were repulsed by the Roman soldiers, with Caeser leading.

She will see how great the strength of their words had been.

I ran more quickly than her, but Hank ran the most quickly of us.

Sally had been heard quite clearly by her husband Seth, but Seth will never be heard by his wife.

We will give nonexistent money to him since that man is greedy.

Don't make me angry; you won't like me when I am angry.

Milo was so tired that he slept on the road.

Few hope to resist the cavalry.

The boy and girl had come to the school yesterday.

Love is only shown by friendship.

In Italy, when madness was ruling, several senators marched into ships.

The dying old man was wanting to walk, but he could not.

She saw herself.

I am asking him to purchase a ship.

The great woman cooked good food for my serious brothers and sisters.

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