English Phrases

Here is a list of some phrases in English with their Latin equivalents meant to showcase how the English sentence looks like in Latin.

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There are currently 181 phrases.

Tomorrow, we will conquer the people of Rome by means of our plan, and without delay, we will prepare ourselves for the day!

David said that he had secretly gone with Sylvia to the temple because he had wanted to marry her.

The boy and girl had come to the school yesterday.

I am tired of school.

Although the queen had been captured by the king's worst enemies, the king's soldiers did not immediately prepare to save her.

Gaius likes the prettiest girls in school.

The power having been seized by the son, the father lived near the city center without a care.

Are you the king, Julius?

He says that Marcus called his brother.

In 13 days, I will become the ninth dictator of the fifth nation, and I will with honor make peace on behalf of the second council that has twelve people in it.

He feels that his mother was killed.

This is madness!

I can speak Latin.

"I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End," says the Lord, "who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty."

Fabius led his horses home lest they become frightened by the storm.

Cicero will speak in two hours.

Call your faithful husband today, my mother.

Seth becomes very sad.

Milo was so tired that he slept on the road.

Sam will not send that letter to Emora, but he will send this letter to her if these hearts are in it.

For me, email shall never replace written letters. These letters are more personal and representative of its author, and because of this we cannot defer.

Who are you?

He was the angriest between the friends.

Prepare to die!

In one month, I will ask Janet, "Did you cook the cow for two or three hours?"

Trax doesn't want to want.

I ran more quickly than her, but Hank ran the most quickly of us.

Money was a help for the poor.

Will love escape me, or will I escape love?

Fabius wrote a poem a little longer than the poem of Claudius.

The happy girl whom was running toward the fountain doesn't like to sleep very often.

We ate Mom's excellently cooked food with joy.

With him willing, all will be led.

I am and will always be the angriest of all people to exist!

Happy Birthday!

Jesus died for you so that you would not live in everlasting grief.

Julius reads sillier books than Maria.

To love money is bad and can lead you to a worse life.

Have a wonderful and pleasant day!

The son sought public office with help from his father.

Can you hear that?

I am loved by her, and she is loved by me.

Sally had been heard quite clearly by her husband Seth, but Seth will never be heard by his wife.

Her heart was more broken than his (heart).

I came to serve, not to be served.

Everything I can do, you can do better, and this annoys me.

"How are you?" said Jack. "I am well," Celia said to him.

You are much kinder than my cruel sister whose anger is the greatest of all my family.

The rich king was given a very comfortable bed by his soldiers today.

I heard that you would wander in the garden.

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