English Phrases

Here is a list of some phrases in English with their Latin equivalents meant to showcase how the English sentence looks like in Latin.

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There are currently 181 phrases.

I can play some games, but I have more work to do first.

Everything I can do, you can do better, and this annoys me.

Do you think that the father ought to read books to his son?

You can never take her away from me!

What are you doing?

In Italy, when madness was ruling, several senators marched into ships.

What is there to fear than fear itself?

I am and will always be the angriest of all people to exist!

Tomorrow, we will conquer the people of Rome by means of our plan, and without delay, we will prepare ourselves for the day!

The son sought public office with help from his father.

Milo was so tired that he slept on the road.

Did he give you your book, Marcus?

We will give nonexistent money to him since that man is greedy.

With the Sword of Great Wisdom, I defeated my most difficult enemy.

Many sons knew that they were inheriting their parents' property.

Sally had been heard quite clearly by her husband Seth, but Seth will never be heard by his wife.

Aurora knows that her friend greatly loves her. Her friend also knows that he is very greatly loved by Aurora.

Can you hear that?

I gave money to the merchant selling the roses.

I am happier than you, but you are the most famous of us.

Every heart bears a secret within itself, but it is these secrets that define us and how we live in this world.

To eat in the inn was a good fortune for the tired travelers.

Rufus is a Roman boy, and Julia is a Roman girl.

I am tired of school.

With the boy wanting to give the girl some roses, the father endured having been persuaded to allow this.

I will give all the glory of my heart to God who is king.

The great woman cooked good food for my serious brothers and sisters.

I love you. Do you love me?

Jesus died for you so that you would not live in everlasting grief.

Concern wraps around my mind as I sit in my chair.

My brother sleeps for a very long time.

With the slave having been accused, the master left.

Will love escape me, or will I escape love?

I come from the great farms with my loyal friends.

That isn't good for you to do.

Who is the small boy whom the larger, more powerful man is threatening? Does he need help? I will help him before the man hurts him.

I hear that you were wandering in the garden.

I heard that Cornelia was going to the shop; however, I also heard that her friend had already bought the shoes that she was searching for.

The queen offered the world to the soldiers.

He feels that his mother was killed.

I cannot hear you.

I love the song that my friend has made.

The father did not know that Molly has been killed by her boyfriend at her house.

Money was a help for the poor.

Call your faithful husband today, my mother.

I came to serve, not to be served.

His mother having been killed, he returned home.

Fabius led his horses home lest they become frightened by the storm.

I heard that you would wander in the garden.

Publius is more manly than Paulus.

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