English Phrases

Here is a list of some phrases in English with their Latin equivalents meant to showcase how the English sentence looks like in Latin.

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There are currently 184 phrases.

My wife was carried by me across the threshold of the house.

I knowing the truth wish to give it, but that feels like a lost dream.

I am tired of school.

Do you see the large mountains, King?

Cicero will speak in two hours.

The lucky boy finds the small (virgin) girl next to the beautiful roses.

I am happier than you, but you are the most famous of us.

They ask why you cannot go with us.

Call your faithful husband today, my mother.

With her son, Stuart, having been given a kiss by his girlfriend, Julia, the mother knew that her son was growing into a young man.

Although I was absent, my friends at school read through this great book without me.

I come from the fields.

Marcus fled Greece to find his mother in Rome.

Prepare to die!

Jane has three dogs to whom she gives much care.

We will give nonexistent money to him since that man is greedy.

What is there to fear than fear itself?

Can the traveler endure the wretched inn?

David said that he had secretly gone with Sylvia to the temple because he had wanted to marry her.

The son sought public office with help from his father.

My twelfth dog ran to my seventh cow in three open fields.

Marcus is always losing money.

I was unable to read today.

She was discovered the true Goddess by her gait.

Do not tell me who you are; it is better to tell the king your name.

Sally had been heard quite clearly by her husband Seth, but Seth will never be heard by his wife.

The faithful soldier guarded the powerful king from the bad people.

In one month, I will ask Janet, "Did you cook the cow for two or three hours?"

My day was good. My day was bad. This day was the worst. This day was the best.

Do you think that the father ought to read books to his son?

Sam will not send that letter to Emora, but he will send this letter to her if these hearts are in it.

Aurora knows that her friend greatly loves her. Her friend also knows that he is very greatly loved by Aurora.

I did not give the richer girl money.

What will you buy?

I will give all the glory of my heart to God who is king.

Anyone will like a house covered with ivy.

That is a rather large book which you are reading.

Was the officer in charge of the legion?

With the Sword of Great Wisdom, I defeated my most difficult enemy.

Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image…"

Fabius led his horses home lest they become frightened by the storm.

This is the eighth day to dine.

We know that Cornelia is a Roman girl.

This is madness!

Who are you?

With the slave having been accused, the master left.

When Claudius and Cato were consuls, the pursuing Gallians being led by Vercingetorix were repulsed by the Roman soldiers, with Caeser leading.

For me, email shall never replace written letters. These letters are more personal and representative of its author, and because of this we cannot defer.

I will not grow to be much bigger.

He bought flowers in order to please her.

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