English Phrases

Here is a list of some phrases in English with their Latin equivalents meant to showcase how the English sentence looks like in Latin.

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There are currently 181 phrases.

I come from the fields.

Cicero was ignorant of the ambush at that time.

I am loved by her, and she is loved by me.

This is the eighth day to dine.

We will rejoice all summer.

Anyone will like a house covered with ivy.

With him willing, all will be led.

The boy and girl had come to the school yesterday.

I ran more quickly than her, but Hank ran the most quickly of us.

He bought flowers in order to please her.

Was the officer in charge of the legion?

Grain will be given to the poor citizens in the city center.

While Caesar was alive, Horus did not go to Rome.

By the end of the day, I will have made a wonderful gift for Father.

She saw herself.

I can speak Latin.

Give the statue to me, now!

My wife was carried by me across the threshold of the house.

Call your faithful husband today, my mother.

"I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End," says the Lord, "who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty."

The father and mother married and had six sons and four daughters.

I will not grow to be much bigger.

He was closing the temple for two months.

What are you doing?

Knowledge can kill the strongest of men.

I heard that you had wandered in the garden.

The fierce brother has bad plans.

Sam will not send that letter to Emora, but he will send this letter to her if these hearts are in it.

A man is allowed to drink wine.

Milo was so tired that he slept on the road.

That isn't good for you to do.

Many sons knew that they were inheriting their parents' property.

I will lead in the war that the greedy, most evil king began.

I love the song that my friend has made.

The farmers are happy on a good year.

She will see how great the strength of their words had been.

We did not know why he spoke sharply.

The great woman cooked good food for my serious brothers and sisters.

They ask why you cannot go with us.

We ate Mom's excellently cooked food with joy.

It is necessary for students to study a second language.

The happy girl whom was running toward the fountain doesn't like to sleep very often.

Don't die!

Marcus fled Greece to find his mother in Rome.

I know that Cornelius is a Roman senator.

I heard that Cornelia was going to the shop; however, I also heard that her friend had already bought the shoes that she was searching for.

You are my best friend, and we will be best friends forever.

Never trust the Greeks, and beware their gifts!

I hear that you were wandering in the garden.

The son sought public office with help from his father.

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