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Here is a list of some phrases in English with their Latin equivalents meant to showcase how the English sentence looks like in Latin.

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There are currently 185 phrases.

The good man gave his beautiful wife a kiss, and with much love, he said, "I love you with all my heart."

Death cannot hold He who is God.

Translation: Through hardships to the stars

The faithful soldier guarded the powerful king from the bad people.

Do you see the large mountains, King?

This is the eighth day to dine.

The rich king was given a very comfortable bed by his soldiers today.

I am and will always be the angriest of all people to exist!

I was unable to read today.

Grain will be given to the poor citizens in the city center.

Have a wonderful and pleasant day!

The boy and girl had come to the school yesterday.

In one month, I will ask Janet, "Did you cook the cow for two or three hours?"

Quintus gave Scintilla a gift so that she would love him.

My sister use to wash me because of my youth, but I can now wash myself.

Trax doesn't want to want.

Seth becomes very sad.

Who is the small boy whom the larger, more powerful man is threatening? Does he need help? I will help him before the man hurts him.

To love money is bad and can lead you to a worse life.

To realize the mistakes that I have made makes me sad.

Cicero was ignorant of the ambush at that time.

Caesar was so drunk that he could not attack Gaul.

I hear that you were wandering in the garden.

With the boy wanting to give the girl some roses, the father endured having been persuaded to allow this.

Tomorrow, we will conquer the people of Rome by means of our plan, and without delay, we will prepare ourselves for the day!

Have you persuaded her to marry you?

My father likes to read many books.

Which officer was in charge of the legion?

Can the traveler endure the wretched inn?

Jane has three dogs to whom she gives much care.

Jesus died for you so that you would not live in everlasting grief.

We will give nonexistent money to him since that man is greedy.

Every heart bears a secret within itself, but it is these secrets that define us and how we live in this world.

I love the song that my friend has made.

The queen offered the world to the soldiers.

The knight offered the flower to the daughter of the king.

Knowledge can kill the strongest of men.

In Italy, when madness was ruling, several senators marched into ships.

Julius reads sillier books than Maria.

Gaius likes the prettiest girls in school.

Marcus fled Greece to find his mother in Rome.

I will give all the glory of my heart to God who is king.

Will love escape me, or will I escape love?

Everything I can do, you can do better, and this annoys me.

I am happier than you, but you are the most famous of us.

Although I was absent, my friends at school read through this great book without me.

It is necessary for students to study a second language.

Sally had been heard quite clearly by her husband Seth, but Seth will never be heard by his wife.

Give the money to me!

Concern wraps around my mind as I sit in my chair.

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