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Audire: (verb)
Auditor: (noun)
Auferre: (verb)
Augere: (verb)
Aula: (noun)
Aura: (noun)
Auris: (noun)
Australis: (adjective)
Aut: (conjunction)
Auxilia: (noun)
Auxilium: (noun)
Avarus: (adjective)
Avis: (noun)
Avus: (noun)

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Balnea: (noun)
Basiare: (verb)
Basium: (noun)
Beatus: (adjective)
Bellum: (noun)
Bellus: (adjective)
Bene: (adverb)
Benignus: (adjective)
Bona: (noun)
Bonus: (adjective)
Borealis: (adjective)
Bos: (noun)
Brevis: (adjective)


Cadere: (verb)
Caecus: (adjective)
Caelum: (noun)
Calceus: (noun)
Calix: (noun)
Campus: (noun)
Cancer: (noun)
Candidus: (adjective)
Canis: (noun)
Caper: (noun)
Capere: (verb)
Capillus: (noun)
Captivus: (noun)
Caput: (noun)
Carcer: (noun)
Carmen: (noun)
Carrus: (noun)
Carus: (adjective)
Casa: (noun)
Castra: (noun)
Casus: (noun)
Caupona: (noun)
Causa: (noun)
Cavere: (verb)
Cedere: (verb)
Celare: (verb)
Celebrare: (verb)
Celer: (adjective)
Celeriter: (adverb)
Cena: (noun)
Cenare: (verb)
Certe: (adverb)
Certus: (adjective)
Cerva: (noun)
Cervix: (noun)
Ceteri: (noun)
Cibus: (noun)
Circum: (preposition)
Circumire: (verb)
Circumspectare: (verb)
Civis: (noun)
Clam: (adverb)
Clamare: (verb)
Clarus: (adjective)
Claudere: (verb)
Cogere: (verb)
Cogitare: (verb)
Cognoscere: (verb)
Colere: (verb)
Collaudare: (verb)
Collis: (noun)
Collum: (noun)
Colonus: (noun)
Comes: (noun)
Commovere: (verb)
Comparare: (verb)
Comportare: (verb)
Comprehendere: (verb)
Conari: (verb)
Conclamare: (verb)
Conducere: (verb)
Confidere: (verb)
Confirmare: (verb)
Conicere: (verb)
Coniungere: (verb)
Coniuratus: (noun)
Conscendere: (verb)
Consilium: (noun)
Consolari: (verb)
Consumere: (verb)
Contendere: (verb)
Contentus: (adjective)
Continuo: (adverb)
Contra: (preposition)
Contrahere: (verb)
Convocare: (verb)
Copia: (noun)
Copiae: (noun)
Coquere: (verb)
Cor: (noun)
Cornu: (noun)
Corona: (noun)
Corpus: (noun)
Corripere: (verb)
Cotidie: (adverb)
Cras: (adverb)
Credere: (verb)
Crescere: (verb)
Crimen: (noun)
Crudelis: (adjective)
Crus: (noun)
Cubere: (verb)
Culina: (noun)
Culpa: (noun)
Culpare: (verb)
Cum: (preposition)
Cum: (conjunction)
Cum Primum: (conjunction)
Cupere: (verb)
Cupiditas: (noun)

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Dare: (verb)
De: (preposition)
Dea: (noun)
Debere: (verb)
Dedere: (verb)
Defendere: (verb)
Defensor: (noun)
Defessus: (adjective)
Deinde: (adverb)
Deliciae: (noun)
Delubrum: (noun)
Demittere: (verb)
Demonstrare: (verb)
Dens: (noun)
Deponere: (verb)
Descendere: (verb)
Desertus: (adjective)
Desinere: (verb)
Destinare: (verb)
Deus: (noun)
Dexter: (adjective)
Dextra: (noun)
Di Immortalis: (interjection)
Dicere: (verb)
Dictator: (noun)
Dies: (noun)
Difficilis: (adjective)
Dignus: (adjective)
Diligens: (adjective)
Diligenter: (adverb)
Diligentia: (noun)
Diligere: (verb)
Dimittere: (verb)
Discere: (verb)
Discipulus: (noun)
Discolor: (adjective)
Disperire: (verb)
Disserere: (verb)
Diu: (adverb)
Diutius: (adverb)
Dives: (adjective)
Dividere: (verb)
Divinus: (adjective)
Divitiae: (noun)
Docere: (verb)
Dolere: (verb)
Dolor: (noun)
Domina: (noun)
Dominus: (noun)
Domum: (adverb)
Domus: (noun)
Donare: (verb)
Donum: (noun)
Dormire: (verb)
Dubius: (adjective)
Ducere: (verb)
Dulcis: (adjective)
Dum: (conjunction)
Dux: (noun)


E: (preposition)
Ea: (pronoun)
Eadem: (pronoun)
Ebrius: (adjective)
Ecce: (interjection)
Efficere: (verb)
Effugere: (verb)
Ego: (pronoun)
Eloquentia: (noun)
Emere: (verb)
En: (interjection)
Enim: (adverb)
Eo: (adverb)
Epistola: (noun)
Epistula: (noun)
Eques: (noun)
Equus: (noun)
Ergo: (adverb)
Eripere: (verb)
Errare: (verb)
Error: (noun)
Esse: (verb)
Esse (Edere): (verb)
Et: (conjunction)
Etiam: (conjunction)
Etsi: (conjunction)
Euge: (interjection)
Europa: (noun)
Evadere: (verb)
Evertere: (verb)
Evolare: (verb)
Ex: (preposition)
Excruciare: (verb)
Exemplum: (noun)
Exercere: (verb)
Exitium: (noun)
Expedire: (verb)
Expellere: (verb)
Explicare: (verb)
Explorare: (verb)
Exponere: (verb)
Exspectare: (verb)
Extra: (preposition)


Fabula: (noun)
Fabulosus: (adjective)
Facere: (verb)
Facile: (adverb)
Facilis: (adjective)
Facilitas: (noun)
Fallere: (verb)
Falsus: (adjective)
Fama: (noun)
Fames: (noun)
Familia: (noun)
Fari: (verb)
Fas: (noun)
Fatum: (noun)
Fatuus: (adjective)
Favere: (verb)
Felix: (adjective)
Femina: (noun)
fenestra: (noun)
Fere: (adverb)
Ferox: (adjective)
Ferre: (verb)
Ferrum: (noun)
Ferus: (adjective)
Fessus: (adjective)
Festinare: (verb)
Fidelis: (adjective)
Fides: (noun)
Filia: (noun)
Filius: (noun)
Finis: (noun)
Flamma: (noun)
Flere: (verb)
Flos: (noun)
Fluere: (verb)
Flumen: (noun)
Foedus: (noun)
Fons: (noun)
Forma: (noun)
Fornax: (noun)
Fortasse: (adverb)
Fortassis: (adverb)
Fortis: (adjective)
Fortiter: (adverb)
Fortuna: (noun)
Forum: (noun)
Fractus: (adjective)
Frangere: (verb)
Frater: (noun)
Fructus: (noun)
Frumentum: (noun)
Frustra: (adverb)
Fuga: (noun)
fugere: (verb)
Fugere: (verb)
Fulgere: (verb)
Fulmen: (noun)
Funus: (noun)
Furor: (noun)


Gallia: (noun)
Gaudere: (verb)
Gaudium: (noun)
Genu: (noun)
Genus: (noun)
Gerere: (verb)
Germania: (noun)
Gladius: (noun)
Globosus: (adjective)
Gloria: (noun)
Gradi: (verb)
Gradus: (noun)
Graecus: (adjective)
Gratus: (adjective)
Gravare: (verb)
Gravis: (adjective)
Gremium: (noun)


Habere: (verb)
Habitare: (verb)
Haec: (pronoun)
Haerere: (verb)
Hasta: (noun)
Haud: (adverb)
Heri: (adverb)
Heu: (interjection)
Hiberna, hibernorum: (noun)
Hibernicus: (adjective)
Hic: (adjective)
Hic: (pronoun)
Hic: (adverb)
Hiems: (noun)
Hilaris: (adjective)
Hispania: (noun)
Hispanus: (adjective)
Hobbitus: (noun)
Hoc: (pronoun)
Hodie: (adverb)
Homo: (noun)
Honestus: (adjective)
Honor: (noun)
Horribilis: (adjective)
Hortus: (noun)
Hostis: (noun)
Huc: (conjunction)
Humanus: (adjective)
Humus: (noun)


Iacere: (verb)
Iam: (adverb)
Iamdudum: (adverb)
Ianua: (noun)
Iaponia: (noun)
Iaponicus: (adjective)
Ibi: (adverb)
Id: (pronoun)
Idem: (pronoun)
Idem: (pronoun)
Identidem: (adverb)
Igitur: (adverb)
Ignarus: (adjective)
Ignavus: (adjective)
Ignis: (noun)
Ignoscere: (verb)
Illa: (pronoun)
Ille: (pronoun)
Ille, Illa, Illud: (adjective)
Illic: (adverb)
Illud: (pronoun)
Illuminare: (verb)
Imber: (noun)
Immemor: (adjective)
Imminere: (verb)
Immo: (adverb)
Impedimenta: (noun)
Impedimentum: (noun)
impedire: (verb)
Imperare: (verb)
Imperator: (noun)
Imperium: (noun)
Imprudens: (adjective)
In: (preposition)
Incendere: (verb)
Incendium: (noun)
Inceptare: (verb)
Incidere: (verb)
Incipere: (verb)
Incitare: (verb)
Incolumis: (adjective)
Inde: (adverb)
Induere: (verb)
Infelix: (adjective)
Infigere: (verb)
Infinitum: (noun)
Ingenium: (noun)
Ingens: (adjective)
Ingratus: (adjective)
Ingredi: (verb)
Inimicus: (noun)
Inire: (verb)
Iniuria: (noun)
Inopia: (noun)
Inquam: (verb)
Insidiae: (noun)
Inspicere: (verb)
Insula: (noun)
Intellegere: (verb)
Inter: (preposition)
Interea: (adverb)
interficere: (verb)
Interim: (adverb)
Intestina: (noun)
Intro: (verb)
Invenire: (verb)
Invidere: (verb)
Invitus: (adjective)
Iocari: (verb)
Iocosus: (adjective)
Iocus: (noun)
Ipsa: (pronoun)
Ipse: (pronoun)
Ipsum: (pronoun)
Ira: (noun)
Iratus: (adjective)
Ire: (verb)
Is: (pronoun)
Ista: (pronoun)
Iste: (pronoun)
Istud: (pronoun)
Ita: (adverb)
Italia: (noun)
Itaque: (adverb)
Iter: (noun)
Iterum: (adverb)
Iubere: (verb)
Iucunde: (adverb)
Iucundus: (adjective)
Iudex: (noun)
Iudicium: (noun)
Iugulum: (noun)
Iungere: (verb)
Iuppiter: (noun)
Ius: (noun)
Iuvare: (verb)
Iuvenis: (noun)



Labi: (verb)
labor: (noun)
Laborare: (verb)
Laboriosus: (adjective)
Lac: (noun)
Lacerta: (noun)
Lacrima: (noun)
Lacrimare: (verb)
Laedere: (verb)
Laetitia: (noun)
Laetus: (adjective)
Lapis: (noun)
Latus: (adjective)
Laudare: (verb)
Laus: (noun)
Lavare: (verb)
Lectus: (noun)
Legatus: (noun)
Legere: (verb)
Legio: (noun)
Lente: (adverb)
Leo: (noun)
Lepidus: (adjective)
Lepus: (noun)
Levare: (verb)
Levis: (adjective)
Lex: (noun)
Libellus: (noun)
Libenter: (adverb)
Liber: (noun)
Liber: (adjective)
Liberare: (verb)
Libere: (adverb)
Libertas: (noun)
Libertus: (noun)
Libra: (noun)
Licere: (verb)
Limen: (noun)
Linea: (noun)
Lingua: (noun)
Littera: (noun)
Litterae: (noun)
Litterator: (noun)
Litus: (noun)
Locus: (noun)
Longe: (adverb)
Longus: (adjective)
Loqui: (verb)
Lucere: (verb)
Ludere: (verb)
Ludus: (noun)
Lugere: (verb)
Lumen: (noun)
Lupus: (noun)
Lux: (noun)


Magister: (noun)
Magnopere: (adverb)
Magnus: (adjective)
Maior: (adjective)
Mala: (noun)
Male: (adverb)
Malignus: (adjective)
Malle: (verb)
malum: (noun)
Malus: (adjective)
Manere: (verb)
Manus: (noun)
Mare: (noun)
Maritus: (noun)
Mater: (noun)
Matrona: (noun)
Maximus: (adjective)
Medicus: (noun)
Medius: (adjective)
Melior: (adjective)
Membrum: (noun)
Memoria: (noun)
Mens: (noun)
Mensa: (noun)
Mensis: (noun)
Meridies: (noun)
Merus: (adjective)
Meta: (noun)
Meus: (adjective)
Miles: (noun)
Militare: (verb)
Mille Passus: (noun)
Minimus: (adjective)
Minor: (adjective)
Mirus: (adjective)
Misellus: (adjective)
Miser: (adjective)
Mittere: (verb)
Modo: (adverb)
Moenia: (noun)
Monere: (verb)
Mons: (noun)
Monumentum: (noun)
Mora: (noun)
Morari: (verb)
Mori: (verb)
Mors: (noun)
Morsus: (noun)
Mortalis: (adjective)
Mortuus: (adjective)
Mos: (noun)
Movere: (verb)
Mox: (adverb)
Mulier: (noun)
Multus: (adjective)
Mundus: (noun)
Munire: (verb)
Munus: (noun)
Murus: (noun)
Musca: (noun)
Mussitare: (verb)


Nam: (adverb)
Namque: (conjunction)
Narrare: (verb)
Nasus: (noun)
Natio: (noun)
Natura: (noun)
Natus: (noun)
Nauta: (noun)
Navigare: (verb)
Navis: (noun)
Nec: (conjunction)
necare: (verb)
Necesse: (adjective)
Negare: (verb)
Neglegere: (verb)
Negotium: (noun)
Nemo: (noun)
Nemus: (noun)
Neque: (conjunction)
Nescire: (verb)
Neuter: (adjective)
Niger: (adjective)
Nihil: (noun)
Nimis: (adverb)
Nisi: (conjunction)
Nobilis: (adjective)
Nocere: (verb)
Nolle: (verb)
Nomen: (noun)
Non: (adverb)
Nondum: (adverb)
Nonulli: (adjective)
Nōs: (pronoun)
Noscere: (verb)
Noster: (adjective)
Notare: (verb)
Notus: (adjective)
Novus: (adjective)
Nox: (noun)
Nubere: (verb)
Nubes: (noun)
Nullus: (adjective)
Num: (conjunction)
Numerare: (verb)
Numerus: (noun)
Numquam: (conjunction)
Numquam: (adverb)
Nunc: (adverb)
Nundinae: (noun)
Nuntiare: (verb)
Nuntius: (noun)
Nuper: (adverb)
Nuptialis: (adjective)


O: (interjection)
Ob: (preposition)
Obdurare: (verb)
Obire: (verb)
Obscurare: (verb)
Obses: (noun)
Obsidere: (verb)
Obstinatus: (adjective)
Occidere: (verb)
Occupare: (verb)
Occupatus: (adjective)
Occurrere: (verb)
Oculus: (noun)
Odisse: (verb)
Offerre: (verb)
Officium: (noun)
Olim: (adverb)
Omnipotens: (adjective)
Omnis: (adjective)
Oportere: (verb)
Oppidum: (noun)
Opprimere: (verb)
Oppugnare: (verb)
Ops: (noun)
Optare: (verb)
Optimus: (adjective)
Opus: (noun)
Orare: (verb)
Oratio: (noun)
Orator: (noun)
Ordo: (noun)
Oriri: (verb)
Os: (noun)
Os: (noun)
Osculari: (verb)
Ostendere: (verb)
Otiosus: (adjective)
Otium: (noun)


Pacare: (verb)
Paedagogus: (noun)
Paene: (adverb)
Par: (adjective)
Parare: (verb)
Paratus: (adjective)
Parcere: (verb)
Parere: (verb)
Pars: (noun)
Parvus: (adjective)
Pascere: (verb)
Passer: (noun)
Pater: (noun)
Pati: (verb)
Patria: (noun)
Pauci: (adjective)
Paulisper: (adverb)
Pauper: (adjective)
Pax: (noun)
Pectus: (noun)
Pecunia: (noun)
pedes: (noun)
Peior: (adjective)
Pellere: (verb)
Per: (preposition)
Perdere: (verb)
Perducere: (verb)
Perferre: (verb)
Perficere: (verb)
Pergere: (verb)
Periculum: (noun)
Perire: (verb)
Perlegere: (verb)
Perpetuus: (adjective)
Persuadere: (verb)
Pervenire: (verb)
Pervicax: (adjective)
Pervincere: (verb)
Pes: (noun)
Pessimus: (adjective)
Pestis: (noun)
petere: (verb)
Petere: (verb)
Philosophia: (noun)
Pietas: (noun)
pīpiō: (noun)
Piscator: (noun)
Piscis: (noun)
Pius: (adjective)
Placere: (verb)
Plenus: (adjective)
Plerique: (adjective)
Plurimus: (adjective)
Plus: (adjective)
Poena: (noun)
Poena: (pronoun)
Poeta: (noun)
Ponere: (verb)
Pons: (noun)
Populus: (noun)
Porta: (noun)
Portare: (verb)
Poscere: (verb)
Posse: (verb)
Post: (preposition)
Postea: (adverb)
Postis: (noun)
Postridie: (adverb)
Potens: (adjective)
Potis: (adjective)
Praebere: (verb)
Praecipue: (adverb)
Praeesse: (verb)
Praeficere: (verb)
Praesidium: (noun)
Praeterea: (adverb)
Praeterire: (verb)
Praetor: (noun)
Precari: (verb)
Premere: (verb)
Primo: (adverb)
Primum: (adverb)
Prior: (adjective)
Pro: (preposition)
Procedere: (verb)
Procul: (adverb)
Proelium: (noun)
Proficisci: (verb)
Promittere: (verb)
Propinquus: (adjective)
Proponere: (verb)
Propter: (preposition)
Prospicere: (verb)
Providere: (verb)
Provincia: (noun)
Pudicus: (adjective)
Pudor: (noun)
Puella: (noun)
Puer: (noun)
Pugna: (noun)

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Quacumque: (adverb)
Quae: (pronoun)
Quaedam: (pronoun)
Quaeque: (pronoun)
Quaerere: (verb)
Qualis: (adjective)
Quam: (conjunction)
Quamquam: (conjunction)
Quando: (adverb)
Quando: (conjunction)
Quantus: (adjective)
Quare: (adverb)
Quasi: (conjunction)
-que: (conjunction)
Qui: (pronoun)
Quid: (pronoun)
Quidam: (pronoun)
Quidquam: (pronoun)
Quidque: (pronoun)
Quidquid: (pronoun)
Quies: (noun)
Quiescere: (verb)
Quis: (pronoun)
Quis: (pronoun)
Quisquam: (pronoun)
Quisque: (pronoun)
Quisquis: (pronoun)
Quisquis: (pronoun)
Quo: (adverb)
Quod: (conjunction)
Quod: (pronoun)
Quoddam: (pronoun)
Quomodo: (adverb)
Quondam: (adverb)
Quoniam: (conjunction)
Quoque: (conjunction)
Quot: (adjective)


Rapere: (verb)
Ratio: (noun)
Recipere: (verb)
Recordari: (verb)
Recurrere: (verb)
Reddere: (verb)
Redire: (verb)
Reducere: (verb)
Regere: (verb)
Regia: (noun)
Regina: (noun)
Regnum: (noun)
Relinquere: (verb)
Remanere: (verb)
Remedium: (noun)
Remunerari: (verb)
Requirere: (verb)
Reri: (verb)
Res: (noun)
Resistere: (verb)
Retinere: (verb)
Reus: (adjective)
Revocare: (verb)
Rex: (noun)
Ridere: (verb)
Rigidus: (adjective)
Risus: (noun)
Rogare: (verb)
Roma: (noun)
Romanus: (adjective)
Rosa: (noun)
Rubere: (verb)
Ruere: (verb)
Rumor: (noun)
Rumpere: (verb)


Sacer: (adjective)
Sacrificium: (noun)
Saeculum: (noun)
Saepe: (adverb)
Sagitta: (noun)
Salire: (verb)
Saltare: (verb)
Salus: (noun)
Salvus: (adjective)
Sancire: (verb)
Sanguis: (noun)
Sanus: (adjective)
Sapiens: (adjective)
Sapienter: (adverb)
Sapientia: (noun)
Satis: (adverb)
Saucius: (adjective)
Saviari: (verb)
Saxum: (noun)
Scacci: (noun)
Scelestus: (adjective)
Scelus: (noun)
Scilicet: (adverb)
Scire: (verb)
Scribere: (verb)
Scriptor: (noun)
Se: (pronoun)
Sed: (conjunction)
Sedere: (verb)
Semel: (adverb)
Semper: (adverb)
Senator: (noun)
Senatus: (noun)
Senex: (noun)
Sententia: (noun)
Sentire: (verb)
Sepulchrum: (noun)
Sequi: (verb)
Sero: (adverb)
Serpens: (noun)
Serva: (noun)
Servare: (verb)
Servus: (noun)
Severus: (adjective)
Si: (conjunction)
Sic: (adverb)
Siccare: (verb)
Sicut: (conjunction)
Signum: (noun)
Silva: (noun)
Simia: (noun)
Similis: (adjective)
Simul: (adverb)
Sincere: (adverb)
Sine: (preposition)
Sinere: (verb)
Sinister: (adjective)
Sinistra: (noun)
Sive: (conjunction)
Socius: (noun)
Sol: (noun)
Solere: (verb)
Solus: (adjective)
Solvere: (verb)
Somnium: (noun)
Soror: (noun)
Spatiosus: (adjective)
Species: (noun)
Spectare: (verb)
Sperare: (verb)
Spes: (noun)
Spiritus: (noun)
Stare: (verb)
Statim: (adverb)
Statua: (noun)
Stella: (noun)
Studere: (verb)
Studium: (noun)
Stultus: (adjective)
Sub: (preposition)
Subire: (verb)
Subito: (adverb)
Succurrere: (verb)
Sumere: (verb)
Summus: (adjective)
Super: (preposition)
Superare: (verb)
Superbus: (adjective)
Superesse: (verb)
Supplicare: (verb)
sustineo, sustinere: (verb)
Suus: (adjective)


Tabula: (noun)
Tacere: (verb)
Talis: (adjective)
Tam: (adverb)
Tamen: (conjunction)
Tamen: (adverb)
Taurus: (noun)
Tegere: (verb)
Telum: (noun)
Tempestas: (noun)
Templum: (noun)
Temptare: (verb)
Tempus: (noun)
Tendere: (verb)
Tenebrae: (noun)
Tenebricosus: (adjective)
Tenere: (verb)
Tenuis: (adjective)
Ter: (adverb)
Tergum: (noun)
Terra: (noun)
Terreo: (verb)
Territus: (adjective)
Timere: (verb)
Timidus: (adjective)
Timor: (noun)
Toga: (noun)
Tollere: (verb)
Tonitrus: (noun)
Tot: (adjective)
Totus: (adjective)
Tradere: (verb)
Trahere: (verb)
Trans: (preposition)
Tribus: (noun)
Tristis: (adjective)
Tu: (pronoun)
Tuba: (noun)
Tum: (adverb)
Tum: (conjunction)
Tunica: (noun)
Turbare: (verb)
Tuus: (adjective)
Tyrannus: (noun)


Ubi: (conjunction)
Ubique: (adverb)
Ullus: (adjective)
Ultimus: (adjective)
Ultro: (adverb)
Umbra: (noun)
Umquam: (conjunction)
Unde: (adverb)
Undique: (adverb)
Universus: (adjective)
Unus: (pronoun)
Urbs: (noun)
Urere: (verb)
Ursa: (noun)
Usque: (adverb)
Ut: (conjunction)
Uter: (adjective)
Uti: (verb)
utilis: (adjective)
Utrum: (conjunction)
Uxor: (noun)


Vagari: (verb)
Valde: (adverb)
Valere: (verb)
Vallum: (noun)
Varius: (adjective)
Vates: (noun)
-ve: (conjunction)
Vehemens: (adjective)
Vehere: (verb)
Velle: (verb)
Venari: (verb)
Vendere: (verb)
Venenum: (noun)
Venia: (noun)
Venire: (verb)
Ventus: (noun)
Venus: (noun)
Venustas: (noun)
Venustus: (adjective)
Ver: (noun)
Verber: (noun)
Verbum: (noun)
Veritas: (noun)
Vero: (adverb)
Vertere: (verb)
Verus: (adjective)
Vester: (adjective)
Vexare: (verb)
Via: (noun)
Viator: (noun)
Vicinus: (noun)
Victoria: (noun)
Videre: (verb)
Vilis: (adjective)
Villa: (noun)
Vincere: (verb)
Violare: (verb)
Vir: (noun)
Virgo: (noun)
Virilis: (adjective)
Virtus: (noun)
Vis: (noun)
Visere: (verb)
Vita: (noun)
Vitium: (noun)
Vivere: (verb)
Vivus: (adjective)
Vix: (adverb)
Vocare: (verb)
Volare: (verb)
Voluptas: (noun)
Votum: (noun)
Vox: (noun)
Vulgus: (noun)
Vulnerare: (verb)
Vulnus: (noun)
Vulpes: (noun)
Vultus: (noun)




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