Index Reverse: Verbs

The Index Reverse is like the index, but this takes English words to help you find the Latin equivalent. Since more than one Latin word may have the same meanings in English, clicking on an English word will take you to all the Latin words in which that word is a definition.

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abandon able above absent accomplish accuse accustomed acquire add admire advise afraid agree aid allow allowed am annoy approach arise around arrest arrive ascend ask assemble assert attach attack attempt attend away battle be bear become beg begin beguile beseech besiege bestow beware blame block blush board break bring burden burn burst buy call campaign can capture careful carry cast cease celebrate censure charge chase choose circle clamor climb cling close collect come come-to-be comfort command compel complete comprehend conduct confuse connect conquer consider console consume continue convey cook count cover cry cultivate dance darken deceive declare delay demand demonstrate deny deploy derive descend desire desist destroy determine detest develop die dine discuss dislike dismiss displace display distant disturb divide do drag draw dress drive dry dwell eat effect embrace encircle encourage endure enter envy err escape esteem evade examine excite exercise exhaust exile exist expect expel explain explore expose fall farm fasten favor fear feed feel fend fight find flash flee flow fly follow force foresee gather give give-way glad go grab grasp grieve grow guard hand harm hate have hear help hide hire hit hold hope hunt hurl hurry hurt ignorant illuminate imagine impel impend impress imprint increase inflame inhabit inquire inspect investigate jest join joke judge jump kill kiss knock know laugh lawful lay lead leap learn leave lenient lie lift like live load look loosen lose love make manage march mark marry meet menace mimic mock mourn move murmur name narrate necessary neglect no not not-know number obey occupy offend offer open oppress ordain order originate ought overcome overturn owe pass perish permitted persist persuade pick place play please ponder possess praise pray prefer prepare present press proceed prolong promise publish pursue put raise reach read realize reassure recall receive reckon recount red regard rejoice release remain remember repay repel resist resolve respect rest return reward rid rise rob rule run rush sacred sail save say scorch search secure see seek seem seize sell send serve set shine shout show shut silent sink sit sleep slip snatch spare speak spread squeeze stand start stay steal step stick stop stretch strike strong study subdue suffer summon supplicate support suppose surpass surrender survive take talk teach tell thicken think threaten throw thrust till torment torture train trick trouble trust try turn uncover under understand undertake unfold unfurl unite unwilling urge use violate visit walk wander want warn wash waste watch weep well wish withdraw wither withold wonder work worship write wrong yield
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