Index Reverse: Nouns

The Index Reverse is like the index, but this takes English words to help you find the Latin equivalent. Since more than one Latin word may have the same meanings in English, clicking on an English word will take you to all the Latin words in which that word is a definition.

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ability abundance account advice affair age agora air ambush anger anxiety appearence arms arrogance attention audience author back barrier baths battle beauty bed bee belief bird birth bite blame blindness blood body bone book border bosom boulder boy boyfriend breast breath breathing breeze bridge brightness brother building bull business camp care case cause caution chapter character chariot charm chess chest citizen class cloud coast command companion consideration constellation core cottage couch counsel country courage course court courtyard cow crime crossbow crowd crown cupid cure custom danger darkness daughter day death deer defender delay delight deputy descendancy desire destruction diary dictator diligence dinner diplomat dispute dog door doorpost doorway dragon dream drug duty ease easiness elation eloquence end enemy england enjoyment entertainment entrails entrance envoy epistle errand error esteem eternity event evils example excellence expression eye face facility faith fall fame family farm farmer fate father fatherland fault fear feeling field fight fire flame flank flower food foot forces forest form fortune fountain freedman freedom friend friendship funeral game garden garland garrison gate gender generation gift girl girlfriend glory god goddess goods grain grammarian grandfather greetings grief grip ground guard guts habit hair hand happiness head health heart heat heaven help hero hill hobbit home honor hope horn horse horseman hostage house human hunger husband infinity injury injustice inn insanity inspiration intestines ireland iron japan jest joke journey joy judgement judgment jupiter justice kind king kiss kitchen knee knight language lap lash laugh law leader lecture left leg legion leisure letter liberty life lifetime light lightning limb limit line lion listener literature location longing love luck madness man mankind manliness manner market market-day married mating matter meal member messenger method midday mile milk mind misfortune mistress model modesty money month monument mother mountain mouth name nation nature neck neighbor night nobody nose notebook nothing number object offense officer opinion orator order pact pain palace pardon part passion peace people pest philosophy piety place plague plan plane play pleasure plot poem poet poison portion post power praetor praise prayer present pride prison property protector province public pumice punishment purpose pursuit queen quiet rank rear reason remaining remedy report reputation resources rest riches right risk river rock rome room rose ruin ruler rumor running sacrifice safety sailor sample sanctuary school schoolmaster seal senate senator sentence serpent service shade shadow shadows shame shape share shin ship shoe shore show shrine sign signal silver sister sky slave slavewoman smile snake soldier son song sort soul sparrow speaker spear speech spider spirit spring star start statue stern stone storm story student study summer sun supply sweetheart sword system table tablet tale talent teacher tear temple territory thing thought threshold throat thunder time title toga tomb tongue torch track traveler treachery treaty tree trial troops troubles trust truth tunic turn tutor tyrant vice victory villa virgin virture voice vote vow wall walls war water wealth weapons whip wife wind wing winter wisdom woman woods word work world wound writer wrongdoing youth youthfulness
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