Index Reverse: Adjectives

The Index Reverse is like the index, but this takes English words to help you find the Latin equivalent. Since more than one Latin word may have the same meanings in English, clicking on an English word will take you to all the Latin words in which that word is a definition.

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able absurd abundent accused agreeable alive all alone ample ancient angry another anxious any astonished attractive awestruck bad beautiful bent best better bigger biggest bitter black blind bold brave brief bright broad broken busy certain charming chaste cheap cheerful clear close color comfortable common conscientious content continuous courageous cruel curved daring dark dear delightful deserted deserving different difficult diverse divine doubtful drunk dry dutiful easy either elegant energetic english entire equal eternal everything evil exausted exhausted expensive fabulous fair faithful false famous fast few fierce final fine firm foolish forgetful former fortunate free full generous gloomy good grateful great greater greatest greedy greek handsome happy healthy heavy her his honest honorable horrible how-great huge human humane humorous hurt ignorant ill immortal important imprudent intoxicated irish irritating its japanese joyful judicious kind kindred known laborious large last lazy left leisure level light like little living loyal malicious manly many marvelous middle miserable modest more mortal most much my narrow neat necessary neither new nice no noble none nuptial occupied old omnipotent only open other ours perpetual playful pleasant pleasent pleasing plesant pointless poor possible potent powerful prepared pretty previous prior prosperous proud pungent pure quick ready real relative resolute rich right rigid roman roomy sad safe sane scared second secret sensible serious several severe shameless sharp shining short silly similis skillful slight small smaller smallest some sound speedy spherical spiteful stiff strange strong stubborn stupid such sweet swift terrible terrified thankless their thin this tight timid tired toilsome trivial true unaware undiluted unfortunate ungrateful unhappy uninterrupted unlucky unsure unwilling various white whole wicked wide wild wise witty wonderful worse worst worthless worthy wretched your
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