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The Index Reverse is like the index, but this takes English words to help you find the Latin equivalent. Since more than one Latin word may have the same meanings in English, clicking on an English word will take you to all the Latin words in which that word is a definition.

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abandon ability able above absent absurd abundance abundent accomplish account accuse accused accustomed acquire across add admire adolescent advice advise affair afraid after afterwards again against age ago agora agree agreeable aid air alas alive all allow allowed almost alone already also although always am ambush among ample ancient and anger angry animal annoy another anxiety anxious any anyhow anyone anything ape appearence approach arise arms around arrest arrive arrogance arrow art as ascend ask assemble assert as-soon-as astonished at attach attack attempt attend attention attractive audience author away awestruck back bad badly barely barrier baths battle be bear beautiful beauty because because-of become bed bee before beg begin beginning beguile behind behold belief bent beseech besides besiege best bestow better between beware bigger biggest bird birth bite bitter bitterly black blame blind blindness block blood blush board body bold bone book border bosom boulder boundaries boy boyfriend brave bravely break breast breath breathing breeze bridge brief bright brightly brightness bring broad broken brother building bull burden burn burst business busy but buy call camp campaign can capture care careful carefully carry case cast cause caution cease celebrate censure certain certainly chapter character charge chariot charm charming chase chaste cheap cheerful chess chest chicken choose circle citizen city clamor class clear clearly climb cling close cloud coast cohort collect color come come-to-be comfort comfortable command common companion compel complete comprehend conduct confuse connect conquer conscientious consequentially consider consideration console constellation consume content continue continuous continuously convey cook core cottage couch counsel count country courage courageous course court courtyard cover cow crab crime crossbow crowd crown cruel cry cultivate cup cupid cure curved custom dance danger daring dark darken darkness daughter day dear death deceive declare deer defender delay deletion delight delightful delightfully demand demonstrate deny deploy deputy derive descend descendancy deserted deserving desire desist destroy destruction determine detest develop diary dictator die different difficult diligence dine dinner diplomat discuss dislike dismiss displace display dispute distant disturb diverse divide divine do doctor dog door doorpost doorway doubtful drag dragon draw dream dress drive drug drunk dry dutiful duty dwell eagle ear ease easily easiness easy eat effect either elation elegant eloquence embrace encircle encourage end endure enemy energetic england english enjoyment enough enter entertainment entire entrails entrance envoy envy epistle equal err errand error escape especially esteem eternal eternity evade even event ever everybody everyday everyone everything everywhere evil evilly evils examine example exausted excellence except excite exercise exhaust exhausted exile exist expect expel expensive explain explore expose expression eye fabulous face facility fair faith faithful fall false fame family famous far farm farmer fast fasten fate father fatherland fault favor fear feed feel feeling fend few field fierce fight final find fine fire firm first fish fisherman flame flank flash flee flow flower fly follow food foolish foot for for-a-long-time for-a-short-time forasmuch force forces foresee forest forgetful form former formerly fortunate fortune fountain fox free freedman freedom freely friend friendship from fruit full funeral game garden garland garrison gate gather gender generation generous gift girl girlfriend give give-way glad gladly gloomy glory go goat god goddess gods good goods grab grain grammarian grandfather grasp grateful great greater greatest greatly greedy greek greetings grief grieve grip ground grow guard guts habit hair hand handsome happily happiness happy hard hare harm hate have he head health healthy hear heart heat heaven heavy help her here hero herself hide hill him himself hire his hit hither hobbit hold home homeward honest honestly honor honorable hope horn horrible horse horseman hostage house how however how-great huge human humane humorous hunger hunt hurl hurry hurt husband i if ignorant ill illuminate imagine immediately immortal impel impend important impress imprint imprudent in inasmuch increase indeed infinity inflame inhabit injury injustice inn inquire insanity inspect inspiration intestines intoxicated investigate ireland irish iron irritating it its itself japan japanese jest join joke journey joy joyful judge judgement judgment judicious jump jupiter just justice keenly kill kind kindred king kiss kitchen knee knight knock know known laborious language lap large largely lash last late lately latin laugh law lawful lay lazy lead leader leap learn leave lecture left leg legion leisure lenient letter level liberty lie life lifetime lift light lightning like likewise limb limit line lion listener literature little live living load location locutions long longer longing look loosen lose love loyal luck madness make malicious man manage mankind manliness manly manner many march mark market market-day married marry marvelous mating matter me meal meanwhile meet member menace messenger method midday middle mile milk mimic mind miserable misfortune mistress mock model modest modesty money monkey month monument more moreover mortal most mostly mother mountain mourn mouth move much murmur my myself name narrate narrow nation nature nearly neat necessary neck neglect neighbor neither never nevertheless new next next-to nice night no noble nobody nominated none nor nose not notebook nothing not-know not-yet now number nuptial obey object occupied occupy offend offense offer officer often oh old omnipotent once only open opinion oppress or orator ordain order originate other ought ours ourselves out outside overcome overturn owe pact pain palace pardon part pass passion peace people perhaps perish permitted perpetual persist persuade pest philosophy pick piety place plague plan plane play playful pleasant please pleasent pleasently pleasing pleasure plesant plot poem poet pointless poison political-party ponder poor poorly portion possess possible possibly post potent power powerful praetor praise pray prayer prefer prepare prepared present press pretty previous previously pride prior prison proceed prolong promise property prophet prosperous protector proud province public publish pumice pungent pungently punish punishment pure purpose pursue pursuit put queen quick quickly quiet rabbit raise rank rather reach read ready real realize rear reason reassure recall receive recently reckon recount red regard rejoice relative release remain remaining remedy remember repay repeatedly repel report reputation resist resolute resolve resources respect rest return reward rich riches rid right rigid rise risk river rob rock roman rome room roomy rose ruin rule ruler rumor run running rush sacred sacrifice sad safe safety sail sailor same sample sanctuary sane save say scarcely scared school schoolmaster scorch sea seal search second secret secretly secure see seek seem seize sell senate senator send sensible sensibly sentence serious serpent serve service set several severe shade shadow shadows shame shameless shape share sharp sharply she shin shine shining ship shoe shore short shout show shrine shut sign signal silent silly silver similis simultaneously since sincerely sink sister sit skill skillful sky slave slavewoman sleep slight slip slowly small smaller smallest smile snake snatch so soldier some someone something sometimes son song soon sort soul sound spare sparrow speak speaker spear speech speedily speedy spherical spider spirit spiteful spread spring squeeze stand star start statue stay steal step stern stick stiff still stone stop storm story strange stretch strike strong strongly stubborn student study stupid subdue such suddenly suffer sufficiently summer summon sun supplicate supply support suppose sure surely surpass surrender survive sweet sweetheart swift swiftly sword system table tablet take tale talent talk teach teacher tear teen tell template temple terrible terrified territory than thankless that their them themed themselves then thence there thereafter therefore thereupon they thicken thin thing think this thither though thought threaten threshold thrice throat through throw thrust thunder thus tight till time timid tired title to today toga toilsome tomb tomorrow tongue too torch torment torture toward track train translation traveler treachery treaty tree trial tribe trick trivial troops trouble troubles true trust truth try tunic turn tutor tyrant unaware uncover under understand undertake undiluted unfold unfortunate unfurl ungrateful unhappy uninterrupted unite unless unlucky unsure unwilling urge us use vain various very vice victory villa violate violence virgin virture visit vocabulary voice voluntarily vote vow walk wall walls wander want war warn wash waste watch water we wealth weapons weep well what whatever when whence where wherever whether which whichever while whip white who whoever whole whom whose why wicked wide wife wiki wild wind wing winter wisdom wise wisely wish with withdraw wither withold without witty wolf woman wonder wonderful woods word work world worse worship worst worthless worthy wound wretched write writer wrong wrongdoing yesterday yet yield yonder you your yourself youth youthfulness
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