Recent Words

This is a list of the 60 most recent words added to the dictionary.

Word Part of Speech Translation
Disperire verb To wither, be destroyed, be undone, go to waste
Litterator noun Schoolmaster, grammarian, teacher
Ac conjunction And
Tot adjective So many, as many
Odisse verb To hate, detest, dislike
Quot adjective How many; as many as
Admirari verb To admire, respect, regard
Aiere verb To say, assert
Laedere verb To strike, hurt, offend
Membrum noun Limb; portion; room; member
Defessus adjective Exhausted, tired
Simul adverb Simultaneously; at the same time
Quies noun Rest, peace, quiet
Iuvare verb To help, aid
Iocari verb To joke, jest
Iocus noun Joke, jest
Otiosus adjective At leisure, free
Saeculum noun Generation, lifetime, age
Quare adverb How, why; therefore
Aevum noun Age, lifetime; eternity
Namque conjunction For, for example
Aridus adjective Dry
Pumex noun Pumice, stone, rock
Libellus noun Small book, notebook; diary
Lepidus adjective Pleasant, elegant, witty, neat
Rogare verb To ask, ask for
Osculari verb To kiss, embrace
Iam adverb Now, already
Gradi verb To step, walk
Pati verb To suffer
Oriri verb To rise, arise
Sequi verb To follow
Proficisci verb To set out, start, originate
Labi verb To sink, fall, slip
Vereri verb To fear
Morari verb To delay
Consolari verb To console, comfort, reassure
Nescire verb To not know, be ignorant
Scire verb To know, understand
Loqui verb To say, speak, tell, talk
Fari verb To speak, talk, say
Idem pronoun The same, also, likewise
Eadem pronoun The same, also, likewise
Idem pronoun The same, also, likewise
Reri verb To think, judge, suppose, reckon
Quidquid pronoun Whatever, Whichever
Quisquis pronoun Whoever
Quisquis pronoun Whoever
Quidque pronoun Everything
Quaeque pronoun Everyone, everybody
Quisque pronoun Everyone, Everybody
Quoddam pronoun Something, a certain thing
Quaedam pronoun Someone, a certain one
Quidam pronoun Someone, a certain one
Ipsum pronoun Itself
Ipsa pronoun Herself
Ipse pronoun Himself
Suus adjective His, her, its, their
Genu noun Knee
Conari verb To try
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