Recent Words

This is a list of the 60 most recent words added to the dictionary.

Word Part of Speech Translation
Consolari verb To console, comfort, reassure
Nescire verb To not know, be ignorant
Scire verb To know, understand
Loqui verb To say, speak, tell, talk
Fari verb To speak, talk, say
Idem pronoun The same, also, likewise
Eadem pronoun The same, also, likewise
Idem pronoun The same, also, likewise
Reri verb To think, judge, suppose, reckon
Quidquid pronoun Whatever, Whichever
Quisquis pronoun Whoever
Quisquis pronoun Whoever
Quidque pronoun Everything
Quaeque pronoun Everyone, everybody
Quisque pronoun Everyone, Everybody
Quoddam pronoun Something, a certain thing
Quaedam pronoun Someone, a certain one
Quidam pronoun Someone, a certain one
Ipsum pronoun Itself
Ipsa pronoun Herself
Ipse pronoun Himself
Suus adjective His, her, its, their
Genu noun Knee
Conari verb To try
Mori verb To die
Nihil noun Nothing
Pervicax adjective Obstinate, wilful, stubborn
Temptare verb To try, attempt
Sperare verb To hope
Solvere verb To loosen, release, cast off
Salire verb To jump, leap, dance
Resistere verb To resist
Retinere verb To hold back, withold
Quiescere verb To rest
Praeesse verb To be in charge
Praeterire verb To pass, go past
Portare verb To carry
Offerre verb To offer
Obire verb To go to meet; to die
Frangere verb To break
Flere verb To weep, cry
Postridie adverb The next day
Paene adverb Nearly, almost
Libenter adverb Gladly, happily
Lente adverb Slowly
Inde adverb Thence, from there
Pauci adjective Few
Nuptialis adjective Nuptial, of a wedding
Latus adjective Wide, broad
Incolumis adjective Safe
Munus noun Gift; gladiatorial show
Legio noun Legion
Legatus noun Deputy, officer, envoy, diplomat
Frumentum noun Grain
Eloquentia noun Eloquence
Epistola noun Letter, epistle
Necesse adjective Necessary
Malle verb To prefer
Tollere verb To raise, lift; destroy
Stare verb To stand
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