Recent Words

This is a list of the 60 most recent words added to the dictionary.

Word Part of Speech Translation
Parcere verb To spare, be lenient
Dextra noun Right hand, right hand side
Linea noun Line
Iungere verb To join together, connect, unite
Fluere verb To flow
Tergum noun Back, rear
Verber noun Whip, lash
Notare verb To mark, write
Agitare verb To drive, move, or impel animals
Pascere verb To feed
Precari verb To beg, pray
Spectare verb To look at, see, watch
Iudicium noun Trial, court; judgement, opinion, sentence
Ruere verb To hurry, rush; to fall down
Volare verb To fly
Apis noun Bee
Solere verb To be accustomed
Praecipue adverb Especially
Venari verb To hunt, chase
Curvus adjective Bent, curved
Pestis noun Plague, pest; ruin, destruction
Venenum noun Drug, poison
Heu interjection Alas (expressing dismay or pain)
Intestina noun Intestines, guts, entrails
Pietas noun Piety, sense of duty; filial love
Optare verb To choose, wish
Pudicus adjective Pure, chaste, modest
Laetitia noun Happiness, joy, delight, elation
Pectus noun Chest, breast; heart, mind (fig)
Ops noun Power or ability to help; resources or wealth (plural)
Sive conjunction Or, or if, whether…or
Pervincere verb To conquer completely, surpass
Deponere verb To lay; put away, get rid of
Desinere verb To cease, stop, desist, abandon
Reducere verb To withdraw, lead back
Quacumque adverb Wherever; anyhow, in any way
Ingratus adjective Thankless, ungrateful
Aetas noun Age, Lifetime; Period of life
Abuti verb To use up, exhaust
Fallere verb To deceive, beguile, trick
Violare verb To violate
Fides noun Trust, faith, belief
Pius adjective Dutiful, conscientious
Cogitare verb To think, ponder, wonder, imagine
Voluptas noun Pleasure, enjoyment; entertainment (plural)
Prior adjective Prior, former, previous
Recordari verb To remember, recount
Immo adverb Rather, no (corrects a previous assertion)
Contra preposition Against, in opposition of
Destinare verb To resolve, determine, secure
Basiare verb To kiss
At conjunction But, yet
Obdurare verb To persist, stand firm
Mens noun Mind
Perferre verb To convey, bring; to bear, endure
Obstinatus adjective Firm, resolute; stubborn
Iocosus adjective Humorous, playful
Quo adverb Where
Fulgere verb To shine, flash
Excruciare verb To torture, torment

Defendere verb to defend

Medicus noun Physician

Doctor noun Doctor

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