Recent Words

This is a list of the 60 most recent words added to the dictionary.

Word Part of Speech Translation
Provincia noun Duty, province
Siccare verb To dry
Usque adverb All the way; continuously
Sol noun Sun
Redire verb To go back, return
Rubere verb To be red, blush
Misellus adjective Poor little
Bellus adjective Pleasant, pretty, handsome
Negare verb To deny, say no
Tenebrae noun Darkness, night, shadows; death, blindness
Tenebricosus adjective Dark, gloomy
Modo adverb Only, at all; just now
Gremium noun Bosom, lap
Movere verb To move
Deliciae noun Delight, pleasure; sweetheart
Venus noun Charm, beauty; love, mating; goddess of love
Venustas noun Charm, beauty
Venustus adjective Charming, attractive beautiful
Tristis adjective Sad, gloomy
Levare verb To raise
Ardor noun Heat, brightness; passion (figurative)
Acquiescere verb To rest; die
Morsus noun Bite, grip
Incitare verb To urge, rush, encourage
Appetere verb To grasp
Passer noun Sparrow, bird
Flamma noun Flame, fire, torch, star
Artus adjective Narrow, close, tight
Tenuis adjective Thin, fine; small
Lingua noun Tongue; language
Aspicere verb To see, catch sight of
Eripere verb To snatch, tear away, rob
Identidem adverb Repeatedly, again and again
Par adjective Equal, like
Nasus noun Nose
Donare verb To present, give, bestow
Inquam verb I say
Beatus adjective Happy, fortunate, prosperous
Saviari verb To kiss
Applicare verb To add, attach
Natio noun Birth; nation, people
Narrare verb To narrate, recount, tell
Pes noun Foot
Illic adverb Yonder, in that place, there
Remunerari verb To repay, reward
Lucere verb To shine
Scilicet adverb Certainly, surely
Disperire verb To wither, be destroyed, be undone, go to waste
Litterator noun Schoolmaster, grammarian, teacher
Ac conjunction And
Tot adjective So many, as many
Odisse verb To hate, detest, dislike
Quot adjective How many; as many as
Admirari verb To admire, respect, regard
Aiere verb To say, assert
Laedere verb To strike, hurt, offend
Membrum noun Limb; portion; room; member
Defessus adjective Exhausted, tired
Simul adverb Simultaneously; at the same time
Quies noun Rest, peace, quiet
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