Recent Words

This is a list of the 60 most recent words added to the dictionary.

Word Part of Speech Translation
Pectus noun Chest, breast; heart, mind (fig)
Ops noun Power or ability to help; resources (plural)
Sive conjunction Or, or if, whether…or
Pervincere verb To conquer completely, surpass
Deponere verb To lay; put away, get rid of
Desinere verb To cease, stop, desist, abandon
Reducere verb To withdraw, lead back
Quacumque adverb Wherever; anyhow, in any way
Ingratus adjective Thankless, ungrateful
Aetas noun Age, lifetime
Abuti verb To use up, exhaust
Fallere verb To deceive, beguile, trick
Violare verb To violate
Fides noun Trust, faith, belief
Pius adjective Dutiful, conscientious
Cogitare verb To think, ponder, wonder, imagine
Voluptas noun Pleasure, enjoyment; entertainment (plural)
Prior adjective Prior, former, previous
Recordari verb To remember, recount
Immo adverb Rather, no (corrects a previous assertion)
Contra preposition Against, in opposition of
Destinare verb To resolve, determine, secure
Basiare verb To kiss
At conjunction But, yet
Obdurare verb To persist, stand firm
Mens noun Mind
Perferre verb To convey, bring; to bear, endure
Obstinatus adjective Firm, resolute; stubborn
Iocosus adjective Humorous, playful
Quo adverb Where
Fulgere verb To shine, flash
Excruciare verb To torture, torment
Requirere verb To ask, seek, search, inquire
Fortassis adverb Perhaps, possibly
Fortasse adverb Perhaps, possibly
Cogere verb To collect, gather; to thicken; to compel, force
Talis adjective Such
Iniuria noun Injury, offense, injustice, wrongdoing
Potis adjective Possible, able
Vilis adjective Cheap, worthless, poor, common
Urere verb To burn, scorch
Etsi conjunction Even if, though, yet
Cognoscere verb To know, learn
Vulgus noun Crowd, people
Diligere verb To respect, esteem, love
Tenere verb To have, hold, possess
Noscere verb To know, learn
Quondam adverb Once, formerly; sometimes
Aqua noun Water
Oportere verb It is necessary for (dat) to (inf), (dat) ought to (inf)
Cupido noun Desire, longing, passion; Cupid
Amicitia noun Friendship
Sancire verb To ordain, make sacred
Aeternus adjective Eternal, immortal
Sincere adverb Honestly, sincerely
Proponere verb To set forth, display; declare, publish
Provincia noun Duty, province
Siccare verb To dry
Usque adverb All the way; continuously
Sol noun Sun
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