Recent Words

This is a list of the 60 most recent words added to the dictionary.

Word Part of Speech Translation
Infigere verb To thrust, fasten, impress, imprint
Haerere verb To cling, stick, be attached
Ignis noun Fire; lightning
Caecus adjective Blind; secret, dark
Gravare verb To burden, load; oppress
Saucius adjective Hurt, ill
Superesse verb To remain, to survive
Saltare verb To dance
Discolor adjective Of a different color
Evolare verb To fly away, fly out
Postis noun Door, post, doorpost
Capillus noun Hair
Turbare verb To disturb, confuse
Revocare verb To recall, take back, withdraw
En interjection Look, see
Undique adverb Everywhere, from all sides
Sinistra noun Left hand
Tendere verb To stretch, spread
Votum noun Vow, prayer; longing
Subire verb To go under, go in
Admovere verb To move toward
Circumire verb To go around, circle
Meta noun Turn; a pillar in a Circus race
Spatiosus adjective Roomy, ample, large
Aequus adjective Equal, fair, level
Carcer noun Prison, barrier; starting area for a race
Premere verb To press, squeeze
Rigidus adjective Stiff, rigid
Pudor noun Shame, modesty
Crus noun Leg, shin
Contrahere verb To draw together, assemble
Parcere verb To spare, be lenient
Dextra noun Right hand, right hand side
Linea noun Line
Iungere verb To join together, connect, unite
Fluere verb To flow
Tergum noun Back, rear
Verber noun Whip, lash
Notare verb To mark, write
Agitare verb To drive, move, or impel animals
Pascere verb To feed
Precari verb To beg, pray
Spectare verb To look at, see, watch
Iudicium noun Trial, court; judgement, opinion, sentence
Ruere verb To hurry, rush; to fall down
Volare verb To fly
Apis noun Bee
Solere verb To be accustomed
Praecipue adverb Especially
Venari verb To hunt, chase
Curvus adjective Bent, curved
Pestis noun Plague, pest; ruin, destruction
Venenum noun Drug, poison
Heu interjection Alas (expressing dismay or pain)
Intestina noun Intestines, guts, entrails
Pietas noun Piety, sense of duty; filial love
Optare verb To choose, wish
Pudicus adjective Pure, chaste, modest
Laetitia noun Happiness, joy, delight, elation
Pectus noun Chest, breast; heart, mind (fig)
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