Recent Words

This is a list of the 60 most recent words added to the dictionary.

Word Part of Speech Translation
Pax noun Peace
Pulmo noun Lung
Dominus noun Lord, Master
Carrus noun Cart, Wagon
Audacia noun Boldness, Daring
Telum noun Weapon
Proelium noun Battle
Impedimenta noun Baggage
Impedimentum noun Hindrance
Fuga noun Flight
Copiae noun Forces, Troops
Auxilia noun Auxiliary troops, Reinforcements
Asia noun Asia Minor
Africa noun Africa
Liberare verb To free, To set free
Confirmare verb To declare, To encourage, To strengthen
Interim adverb Meanwhile
Sacer adjective Holy, Sacred
Vulnerare verb To wound
Comportare verb To bring together, To carry together
Nuntiare verb To announce, To report
Exspectare verb To await, To wait for
Convocare verb To assemble, To call together, To summon
Comparare verb To arrange, To prepare eagerly, To put together
Collaudare verb To praise highly
Longus adjective Long
Ferus adjective Fierce, Savage, Wild
Captivus noun Captive
Altus adjective Deep, High
E preposition From, Out of
A preposition Away from, From
Oppidum noun Town
Regnum noun Kingdom, Kingship
Via noun Road, Way
Tuba noun Trumpet
Terra noun Earth, Land
Hispania noun Spain
Germania noun Germany
Europa noun Europe
Natura noun Nature
Memoria noun Memory
Italia noun Italy
Insula noun Island
Gallia noun Gaul
Imperator noun Commander, general
Dum adverb while
Miror verb wonder at, admire
Debere verb To owe
Propinquus adjective Relative, kindred
Aci─ôs noun Pitched battle, harsh battle
Annus noun Year
Arcuballista noun Crossbow
Consumere verb To consume, eat
necare verb to kill
interficere verb to kill
Mussitare verb To murmur
Iugulum noun Throat
Intellegere verb To understand
Demittere verb To send down
Veritas noun Truth
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