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This is a list of the 60 most recent words added to the dictionary.

Word Part of Speech Translation
Ala noun Wing
Res noun Object, thing; matter, property
Reus adjective Accused
Ecce interjection Behold, look
Semel adverb Once
Abdere verb To hide
Fames noun Hunger
Uxor noun Wife
Maritus noun Husband
Frater noun Brother
Soror noun Sister
Mater noun Mother
Pater noun Father
Libertus noun Freedman
Serva noun Slavewoman
Servus noun Slave
Familia noun Family
O interjection Oh (used with vocative)
Sed conjunction But
Et conjunction And ( = both...and)
Poena noun Punishment
Tuus adjective Your (singular)
Multus adjective Much, many
Meus adjective My
Magnus adjective Large, great, important
Antiquus adjective Ancient, old
Romanus adjective Roman, Latin
Sapientia noun Wisdom
Puer noun Boy
Populus noun People, nation
Numerus noun Number
Avarus adjective Greedy
Esse verb To be, exist
Filius noun Son
Filia noun Daughter
Femina noun Woman
Amicus noun Friend
Amica noun Girlfriend, female friend
Ager noun Field, farm
Vita noun Life
Sententia noun Feeling, thought, opinion, vote, sentence
Rosa noun Rose
Puella noun Girl
Porta noun Gate, entrance
Poeta noun Poet
Philosophia noun Philosophy
Patria noun Fatherland, native land, country
Ira noun Ire, anger
Fortuna noun Fortune, luck
Forma noun Form, shape, beauty
Nauta noun Sailor
Pecunia noun Money
Fama noun Fame, reputation
Vir noun Man, hero
Agricola noun Farmer
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