Recent Words

This is a list of the 60 most recent words added to the dictionary.

Word Part of Speech Translation
Cura noun Care, attention, caution, anxiety
Consilium noun Plan, purpose, counsel, advice, judgement, wisdom
Bellum noun War
Rex noun King
Pars noun A part, portion, share
Nox noun Night
Mons noun Mountain
Miles noun Soldier
Fons noun Fountain, spring
Custos noun Guard
Canis noun Dog
Basium noun Kiss (usually loud)
Crudelis adjective Cruel
Potens adjective Powerful, potent
Alere verb To feed
Dare verb To give, present
Cadere verb To fall
Servare verb To save, guard
Monere verb To warn, advise
Videre verb To see; to seem (passive)
Coquere verb To cook
Scribere verb To write
Legere verb To read; pick out, choose
Celer adjective Fast, quick, swift, speedy
Fortis adjective Brave, strong, powerful, courageous
Brevis adjective Short, brief
Audax adjective Brave, bold, daring
Felix adjective Happy, fortunate
Pauper adjective Poor
Nemus noun Forest
Scelus noun Crime
Os noun Bone
Os noun Mouth
Genus noun Gender, descendancy, kind, sort, class
Avus noun Grandfather
Crimen noun Crime
Lapis noun Stone
Eques noun Knight, horseman
Iuppiter noun Jupiter
Equus noun Horse
Flos noun Flower
Error noun Errand, Error
Vix adverb Barely, scarcely
Statim adverb Immediately
Frustra adverb In vain
Fere adverb Almost, mostly, in most cases
Ambulare verb To walk
Studere verb To study, pursue
Vocare verb To call, summon
Parvus adjective Small, little
Verus adjective Real, true
Stultus adjective Foolish
Malus adjective Bad, evil
Bonus adjective Good
Laetus adjective Happy, joyful
Cibus noun Food
Culina noun Kitchen
Cena noun Dinner
Calceus noun Shoe
Toga noun Toga

Defendere verb to defend

Medicus noun Physician

Doctor noun Doctor

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