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This is a list of the 60 most recent words added to the dictionary, but reverse from the Recent Index. The Latin definitions are concealed until you highlight over them.

Translation Part of Speech Word
How, why; therefore adverb Quare
Age, lifetime; eternity noun Aevum
For, for example conjunction Namque
Dry adjective Aridus
Pumice, stone, rock noun Pumex
Small book, notebook; diary noun Libellus
Pleasant, elegant, witty, neat adjective Lepidus
To ask, ask for verb Rogare
To kiss, embrace verb Osculari
Now, already adverb Iam
To step, walk verb Gradi
To suffer verb Pati
To rise, arise verb Oriri
To follow verb Sequi
To set out, start, originate verb Proficisci
To sink, fall, slip verb Labi
To fear verb Vereri
To delay verb Morari
To console, comfort, reassure verb Consolari
To not know, be ignorant verb Nescire
To know, understand verb Scire
To say, speak, tell, talk verb Loqui
To speak, talk, say verb Fari
The same, also, likewise pronoun Idem
The same, also, likewise pronoun Eadem
The same, also, likewise pronoun Idem
To think, judge, suppose, reckon verb Reri
Whatever, Whichever pronoun Quidquid
Whoever pronoun Quisquis
Whoever pronoun Quisquis
Everything pronoun Quidque
Everyone, everybody pronoun Quaeque
Everyone, Everybody pronoun Quisque
Something, a certain thing pronoun Quoddam
Someone, a certain one pronoun Quaedam
Someone, a certain one pronoun Quidam
Itself pronoun Ipsum
Herself pronoun Ipsa
Himself pronoun Ipse
His, her, its, their adjective Suus
Knee noun Genu
To try verb Conari
To die verb Mori
Nothing noun Nihil
Obstinate, wilful, stubborn adjective Pervicax
To try, attempt verb Temptare
To hope verb Sperare
To loosen, release, cast off verb Solvere
To jump, leap, dance verb Salire
To resist verb Resistere
To hold back, withold verb Retinere
To rest verb Quiescere
To be in charge verb Praeesse
To pass, go past verb Praeterire
To carry verb Portare
To offer verb Offerre
To go to meet; to die verb Obire
To break verb Frangere
To weep, cry verb Flere
The next day adverb Postridie
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