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This is a list of the 60 most recent words added to the dictionary, but reverse from the Recent Index. The Latin definitions are concealed until you highlight over them.

Translation Part of Speech Word
To urge, rush, encourage verb Incitare
To grasp verb Appetere
Sparrow, bird noun Passer
Flame, fire, torch, star noun Flamma
Narrow, close, tight adjective Artus
Thin, fine; small adjective Tenuis
Tongue; language noun Lingua
To see, catch sight of verb Aspicere
To snatch, tear away, rob verb Eripere
Repeatedly, again and again adverb Identidem
Equal, like adjective Par
Nose noun Nasus
To present, give, bestow verb Donare
I say verb Inquam
Happy, fortunate, prosperous adjective Beatus
To kiss verb Saviari
To add, attach verb Applicare
Birth; nation, people noun Natio
To narrate, recount, tell verb Narrare
Foot noun Pes
Yonder, in that place, there adverb Illic
To repay, reward verb Remunerari
To shine verb Lucere
Certainly, surely adverb Scilicet
To wither, be destroyed, be undone, go to waste verb Disperire
Schoolmaster, grammarian, teacher noun Litterator
And conjunction Ac
So many, as many adjective Tot
To hate, detest, dislike verb Odisse
How many; as many as adjective Quot
To admire, respect, regard verb Admirari
To say, assert verb Aiere
To strike, hurt, offend verb Laedere
Limb; portion; room; member noun Membrum
Exhausted, tired adjective Defessus
Simultaneously; at the same time adverb Simul
Rest, peace, quiet noun Quies
To help, aid verb Iuvare
To joke, jest verb Iocari
Joke, jest noun Iocus
At leisure, free adjective Otiosus
Generation, lifetime, age noun Saeculum
How, why; therefore adverb Quare
Age, lifetime; eternity noun Aevum
For, for example conjunction Namque
Dry adjective Aridus
Pumice, stone, rock noun Pumex
Small book, notebook; diary noun Libellus
Pleasant, elegant, witty, neat adjective Lepidus
To ask, ask for verb Rogare
To kiss, embrace verb Osculari
Now, already adverb Iam
To step, walk verb Gradi
To suffer verb Pati
To rise, arise verb Oriri
To follow verb Sequi
To set out, start, originate verb Proficisci
To sink, fall, slip verb Labi
To fear verb Vereri
To delay verb Morari
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