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This is a list of the 60 most recent words added to the dictionary, but reverse from the Recent Index. The Latin definitions are concealed until you highlight over them.

Translation Part of Speech Word
To send down verb Demittere
Truth noun Veritas
Various, Diverse, Different adjective Varius
Thunder noun Tonitrus
Drunk, intoxicated adjective Ebrius
Black, Dark adjective Ater
Chess noun Scacci
as if, just as if, as though conjunction Quasi
To stay behind, to remain verb Remanere
Irish adjective Hibernicus
Lack, Want noun Inopia
to begin, to undertake verb Inceptare
Japanese adjective Iaponicus
English adjective Anglicus
England noun Anglia
Japan noun Iaponia
Spider noun Aranea
Hobbit noun Hobbitus
Star, Constellation noun Stella
Rome noun Roma
World noun Mundus
We pronoun Nōs
proud adjective Superbus
So, therefore adverb Ita
To descend, climb down verb Descendere
Long since adverb Iamdudum
Severe, serious adjective Severus
Right (hand); skillful adjective Dexter
Left adjective Sinister
Before, previously adverb Antea
To open, uncover verb Aperire
To flee verb Fugere
Greatest adjective Summus
To snatch, grap, take away verb Rapere
To move violently; displace verb Commovere
To take back verb Recipere
To use, employ verb Uti
To fight, battle verb Pugnare
The Senate noun Senatus
To shout, clamor verb Clamare
To come to be, arise verb Crescere
Wall noun Murus
Light noun Lumen
Marketplace, public center noun Forum
Neighbor noun Vicinus
Meanwhile, nevertheless adverb Interea
For a short time adverb Paulisper
A fight, battle, dispute noun Pugna
To reach, approach; to agree verb Accedere
To remain; expect; endure verb Manere
To go into, enter verb Ingredi
To offer verb Praebere
To hide verb Celare
Breath, Breathing; Breeze, Air; Inspiration; Character, Arrogance noun Spiritus
House, cottage noun Casa
To go in, enter verb Intro
To hurry, rush verb Festinare
Spherical adjective Globosus
To proceed; continue verb Pergere
Table; meal noun Mensa
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