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This is a list of the 60 most recent words added to the dictionary, but reverse from the Recent Index. The Latin definitions are concealed until you highlight over them.

Translation Part of Speech Word
Teacher noun Magister
School, game noun Ludus
Safety, health, greeting noun Salus
Work noun Opus
Horn, army flank noun Cornu
Milk noun Lac
Fall, case, event, misfortune noun Casus
(Divine) Law noun Fas
Hope noun Spes
Girl, virgin noun Virgo
To name, call verb Appellare
To love, like verb Amare
Fierce, sharp, irritating, pungent, bitter adjective Acer
Fierce, energetic adjective Vehemens
Head, chapter noun Caput
Voice noun Vox
Neck noun Cervix
Blood noun Sanguis
Bridge noun Pons
Leader noun Dux
Ground noun Humus
Wing noun Ala
Object, thing; matter, property noun Res
Accused adjective Reus
Behold, look interjection Ecce
Once adverb Semel
To hide verb Abdere
Hunger noun Fames
Wife noun Uxor
Husband noun Maritus
Brother noun Frater
Sister noun Soror
Mother noun Mater
Father noun Pater
Freedman noun Libertus
Slavewoman noun Serva
Slave noun Servus
Family noun Familia
Oh (used with vocative) interjection O
But conjunction Sed
[[[conjunction:et| And ( = both...and)]]] conjunction Et
Punishment noun Poena
Your (singular) adjective Tuus
Much, many adjective Multus
My adjective Meus
Large, great, important adjective Magnus
Ancient, old adjective Antiquus
Roman, Latin adjective Romanus
Wisdom noun Sapientia
Boy noun Puer
People, nation noun Populus
Number noun Numerus
Greedy adjective Avarus
To be, exist verb Esse
Son noun Filius
Daughter noun Filia
Woman noun Femina
Friend noun Amicus
Girlfriend, female friend noun Amica
Field, farm noun Ager
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