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This is a list of the 60 most recent words added to the dictionary, but reverse from the Recent Index. The Latin definitions are concealed until you highlight over them.

Translation Part of Speech Word
To cry, weep verb Lacrimare
To rejoice, be glad verb Gaudere
To sleep verb Dormire
To run verb Currere
To desire, wish, long for verb Cupere
Wicked adjective Scelestus
Mortal adjective Mortalis
Sad, unhappy, miserable, wretched adjective Miser
Wonderful, marvelous adjective Mirus
Light, slight, easy, trivial adjective Levis
Angry adjective Iratus
Foolish, stupid adjective Fatuus
Dear, expensive adjective Carus
Dream noun Somnium
Forest, woods noun Silva
Death noun Mors
enemy noun Hostis
River noun Flumen
End, limit, border; territory (plural) noun Finis
Story, tale, play noun Fabula
Heart noun Cor
It, they, them pronoun Id
She, her, they, them pronoun Ea
He, him, they, them pronoun Is
You, yourself pronoun Tu
I, we, me, us, myself, ourselves pronoun Ego
In truth, indeed, to be sure adverb Vero
Thus, so adverb Sic
Whence, from where adverb Unde
At first, in the beginning adverb Primo
Soon adverb Mox
To, toward, near to, against preposition Ad
In the way of, against, on account of preposition Ob
Before preposition Ante
Behind, after preposition Post
Pure, undiluted adjective Merus
Shining, bright, white, beautiful adjective Candidus
How great? How large? adjective Quantus
Alive, living adjective Vivus
Absurd, silly, pointless adjective Absurdus
To grasp, seize, arrest, comprehend, understand verb Comprehendere
To set forth, explain, expose verb Exponere
To kill; set (like the sun) verb Occidere
To be envious; cast an evil eye verb Invidere
To grieve, suffer, hurt, give pain verb Dolere
Pardon noun Venia
Infinity noun Infinitum
Example, sample, model noun Exemplum
The rest, the remaining noun Ceteri
Walls of a city noun Moenia
Nature, innate talent noun Ingenium
Fate, death noun Fatum
Honor, esteem, public office noun Honor
Swiftly, Quickly, Speedily adverb Celeriter
Clearly, brightly adverb Facile
Freely adverb Libere
Pleasantly, delightfully adverb Iucunde
Strongly, bravely adverb Fortiter
Wisely, sensibly adverb Sapienter
Sharply, pungently, bitterly, keenly adverb Acriter
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