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This is a list of the 60 most recent words added to the dictionary, but reverse from the Recent Index. The Latin definitions are concealed until you highlight over them.

Translation Part of Speech Word
Letter, epistle; literature noun Litterae
Letter (alphabet) noun Littera
Man, mankind, human noun Homo
Song, Poem noun Carmen
Love noun Amor
goddess noun Dea
god noun Deus
Then, at that time; thereupon, in the next place adverb Tum
Enough, sufficiently adverb Satis
When adverb Quando
Yesterday adverb Heri
Tomorrow adverb Cras
Therefore, consequentially adverb Igitur
Always adverb Semper
Today adverb Hodie
Often adverb Saepe
Not, no adverb Non
To have, hold, possess, consider, regard verb Habere
To be above, heve the upper hand, surpass verb Superare
To blame, censure, accuse verb Culpare
To dine verb Cenare
Healthy, sane, sound adjective Sanus
Handsome, beautiful, fine adjective Pulcher
Ours adjective Noster
Free adjective Liber
Huge adjective Ingens
Unhappy, unlucky, unfortunate adjective Infelix
Fierce, wild, savage adjective Ferox
Everything, all adjective Omnis
Heavy, serious adjective Gravis
Faithful, loyal adjective Fidelis
Word noun Verbum
Glory, fame noun Gloria
Fault, blame noun Culpa
Sky, Heaven noun Caelum
Soul, spirit, mind; (plural) high spirits, pride, courage noun Animus
Youth, youthfulness noun Adulescentia
Cure, remedy noun Remedium
Danger, risk noun Periculum
Leisure, peace noun Otium
Duty, service noun Officium
Eye noun Oculus
Delay noun Mora
Destruction, ruin noun Exitium
Gift, present noun Donum
Care, attention, caution, anxiety noun Cura
Plan, purpose, counsel, advice, judgement, wisdom noun Consilium
War noun Bellum
King noun Rex
Part, portion, share noun Pars
Night noun Nox
Mountain noun Mons
Soldier noun Miles
Fountain, spring noun Fons
Guard noun Custos
Dog noun Canis
Kiss (usually loud) noun Basium
Cruel adjective Crudelis
Powerful, potent adjective Potens
To feed verb Alere
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