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This is a list of the 60 most recent words added to the dictionary, but reverse from the Recent Index. The Latin definitions are concealed until you highlight over them.

Translation Part of Speech Word
Place, location noun Locus
Enemy noun Inimicus
Sword noun Gladius
Pain, grief noun Dolor
Help noun Auxilium
Which, whom pronoun Quod
Who, whom, whose pronoun Quae
Who, whom, whose pronoun Qui
Appearance noun Species
Smile, laugh noun Risus
Hand noun Manus
Day noun Dies
Not, and not, neither...nor conjunction Nec
Very adverb Valde
Well adverb Bene
Secretly adverb Clam
Then, next adverb Deinde
For a long time adverb Diu
Rich adjective Dives
Broken adjective Fractus
Manly, of man adjective Virilis
All adjective Universus
Last, final adjective Ultimus
Timid adjective Timidus
To turn verb Vertere
To trouble, annoy verb Vexare
To put on, take up verb Sumere
To look out verb Prospicere
To reach, arrive verb Pervenire
To please verb Placere
To effect, bring about, do verb Efficere
To flee, escape verb Effugere
To buy verb Emere
To shout aloud verb Conclamare
To join together verb Coniungere
To board a ship verb Conscendere
To reach, arrive verb Advenire
Statue noun Statua
Tomb noun Sepulchrum
Riches, wealth noun Divitiae
Diligence, care noun Diligentia
Defender, protector noun Defensor
Friend, companion noun Comes
Agora, city center noun Agora
Building noun Aedificium
Across preposition Trans
Without preposition Sine
Suddenly adverb Subito
Now adverb Nunc
Again adverb Iterum
Ever conjunction Umquam
Also, too conjunction Quoque
Because conjunction Quod
Also, even, still conjunction Etiam
[[[conjunction:aut| Or (aut...aut = either...or)]]] conjunction Aut
To be strong, be well verb Valere
To fear, to be afraid verb Timere
To laugh (at) verb Ridere
To place, put verb Ponere
To sail verb Navigare
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