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This is a list of the 60 most recent words added to the dictionary, but reverse from the Recent Index. The Latin definitions are concealed until you highlight over them.

Translation Part of Speech Word
In the way of, against, on account of preposition Ob
Before preposition Ante
Behind, after preposition Post
Pure, undiluted adjective Merus
Shining, bright, white, beautiful adjective Candidus
How great? How large? adjective Quantus
Alive, living adjective Vivus
Absurd, silly, pointless adjective Absurdus
To grasp, seize, arrest, comprehend, understand verb Comprehendere
To set forth, explain, expose verb Exponere
To kill; set (like the sun) verb Occidere
To be envious; cast an evil eye verb Invidere
To grieve, suffer, hurt, give pain verb Dolere
Pardon noun Venia
Infinity noun Infinitum
Example, sample, model noun Exemplum
The rest, the remaining noun Ceteri
Walls of a city noun Moenia
Nature, innate talent noun Ingenium
Fate, death noun Fatum
Honor, esteem, public office noun Honor
Swiftly, Quickly, Speedily adverb Celeriter
Clearly, brightly adverb Clare
Freely adverb Libere
Pleasantly, delightfully adverb Iucunde
Strongly, bravely adverb Fortiter
Wisely, sensibly adverb Sapienter
Sharply, pungently, bitterly, keenly adverb Acriter
Nevertheless, still conjunction Tamen
Never conjunction Numquam
While conjunction Dum
To harm, hurt (physically) verb Nocere
To persuade, to make sweet for verb Persuadere
To give an order to, command verb Imperare
To yield to, give way for verb Cedere
To give trust to, To have trust for verb Credere
To have favor for, be favorable to verb Favere
To teach verb Docere
To point out, show, demonstrate verb Demonstrare
Clear, bright, shining, famous adjective Clarus
Pleasant, agreeable, delightful adjective Iucundus
Wise, sensible, judicious adjective Sapiens
Victory noun Victoria
Writer, author noun Scriptor
Reckoning, account, reason, judgement, consideration, system, manner, method noun Ratio
Liberty, freedom noun Libertas
Praise, glory, fame noun Laus
Abundance, supply; troops, forces noun Copia
How adverb Quomodo
Why adverb Cur
There adverb Ibi
And conjunction -que
To guard verb Custodire
To hear verb Audire
To throw, hurl verb Iacere
To send verb Mittere
To prepare verb Parare
To be able, can; to have power verb Posse
What sort of adjective Qualis
Your (plural) adjective Vester
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