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This is a list of the 60 most recent words added to the dictionary, but reverse from the Recent Index. The Latin definitions are concealed until you highlight over them.

Translation Part of Speech Word
to build verb Aedificare
besides, moreover, thereafter adverb Praeterea
since, forasmuch, inasmuch as, now that conjunction Quoniam
voluntarily, besides, moreover adverb Ultro
Bright Yellow adjective Luteus
multitude, great number, crowd noun Multitudo
Cohort, Court, Crowd noun Cohors
Young animal, chicken noun Pullus
useful adjective utilis
careful, diligent adjective Diligens
window noun fenestra
Advance to, attack verb Aggredi
Column (of soldiers) noun Agmen
hinder verb impedire
Similar adjective Similis
Pacify, Subdue verb Pacare
work, hardship noun labor
Spanish adjective Hispanus
(s.) foot soldier, (pl.) infantry noun pedes
flee verb fugere
seek, beg, ask, attack, aim at verb petere
Frighten verb Terreo
defend verb Defendere
evil, misfortune, calamity noun malum
chirping bird, squab noun pīpiō
Lightning, thunderbolt noun Fulmen
That adjective Ille, Illa, Illud
comrade, ally noun Socius
Fruit, profit, benefit, enjoyment noun Fructus
Rain noun Imber
Rampart noun Vallum
Monkey, Ape noun Simia
Silver, Jewelry noun Argentum
punisher pronoun Poena
to punish adverb Punire
Adolescent, Young man noun Adulescens
Tooth noun Dens
Goat noun Caper
Doctor, Physician noun Medicus
Wicked, Malicious; Spiteful; Malignant adjective Malignus
Force, Power; Violence noun Vis
Ear noun Auris
Judge noun Iudex
Animal noun Animal
Art, Skill noun Ars
Sea noun Mare
Desire, Yearning; Lust noun Cupiditas
White, Clear, Bright adjective Albus
Atmosphere; Breeze, Air, Mist noun Aer
Southern adjective Australis
Northern adjective Borealis
crab noun Cancer
City noun Urbs
Pound (Unit of measure, lb.), Pair of scales noun Libra
Tribe noun Tribus
Oven, Furnace noun Fornax
Eagle noun Aquila
Bear noun Ursa
Fly (Insect) noun Musca
Lizard noun Lacerta
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