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This is a list of the 60 most recent words added to the dictionary, but reverse from the Recent Index. The Latin definitions are concealed until you highlight over them.

Translation Part of Speech Word
soothsayer noun Vates
Injury noun Injuria
Altar noun Ara
Grass noun Herba
Letter (mail) noun Epistula
Power, force, might noun Potentia
sustain verb sustineo, sustinere
to dare, to risk verb Audere
unfavorable, another's, foreign adjective alienus, a, um
winter quarters noun Hiberna, hibernorum
meet adjective Agricola
Slave girl noun Ancilla
big rabbit noun chunguses
conspirator noun Coniuratus
Degree, rank, step noun Gradus
One pronoun Unus
to defend, protect verb Defendere
Fleet noun Classis
Chain noun Catena
cup noun Calix
Anchor noun Ancora
Sickness, Illness noun Aegritudo
peace noun Pax
Lung noun Pulmo
Lord, Master noun Dominus
Cart, Wagon noun Carrus
Boldness, Daring noun Audacia
Weapon noun Telum
Battle noun Proelium
Baggage noun Impedimenta
Hindrance noun Impedimentum
Flight noun Fuga
Forces, Troops noun Copiae
Auxiliary troops, Reinforcements noun Auxilia
Asia Minor noun Asia
Africa noun Africa
To free, To set free verb Liberare
To declare, To encourage, To strengthen verb Confirmare
Meanwhile adverb Interim
Holy, Sacred adjective Sacer
To wound verb Vulnerare
To bring together, To carry together verb Comportare
To announce, To report verb Nuntiare
To await, To wait for verb Exspectare
To assemble, To call together, To summon verb Convocare
To arrange, To prepare eagerly, To put together verb Comparare
To praise highly verb Collaudare
Long adjective Longus
Fierce, Savage, Wild adjective Ferus
Captive noun Captivus
Deep, High adjective Altus
From, Out of preposition E
Away from, From preposition A
Town noun Oppidum
Kingdom, Kingship noun Regnum
Road, Way noun Via
Trumpet noun Tuba
Earth, Land noun Terra
Spain noun Hispania
Germany noun Germania
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