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This is a list of the 60 most recent words added to the dictionary.

Word Part of Speech Translation
Ita adverb So, therefore
Descendere verb To descend, climb down
Iamdudum adverb Long since
Severus adjective Severe, serious
Dexter adjective Right (hand); skillful
Sinister adjective Left
Antea adverb Before, previously
Aperire verb To open, uncover
Fugere verb To flee
Summus adjective Greatest
Rapere verb To snatch, grap, take away
Commovere verb To move violently; displace
Recipere verb To take back
Uti verb To use, employ
Pugnare verb To fight, battle
Senatus noun The Senate
Clamare verb To shout, clamor
Crescere verb To come to be, arise
Murus noun Wall
Lumen noun Light
Forum noun Market place, public center
Vicinus noun Neighbor
Interea adverb Meanwhile, nevertheless
Paulisper adverb For a short time
Pugna noun A fight, battle, dispute
Accedere verb To reach, approach; to agree
Manere verb To remain; expect; endure
Ingredi verb To go into, enter
Praebere verb To offer
Celare verb To hide
Spiritus noun Breath, breathing; breeze, air; inspiration; character; arrogance
Casa noun House, cottage
Intro verb To go in, enter
Festinare verb To hurry
Globosus adjective Spherical
Pergere verb To proceed; continue
Mensa noun Table; meal
Saxum noun Rock, boulder
Claudere verb To shut, close, block
Vagari verb To wander
Delubrum noun Temple, sanctuary, shrine
Ignarus adjective Ignorant, unaware
Infigere verb To thrust, fasten, impress, imprint
Haerere verb To cling, stick, be attached
Ignis noun Fire; lightning
Caecus adjective Blind; secret, dark
Gravare verb To burden, load; oppress
Saucius adjective Hurt, ill
Superesse verb To remain, to survive
Saltare verb To dance
Discolor adjective Of a different color
Evolare verb To fly away, fly out
Postis noun Door, post, doorpost
Capillus noun Hair
Turbare verb To disturb, confuse
Revocare verb To recall, take back, withdraw
En interjection Look, see
Undique adverb Everywhere, from all sides
Sinistra noun Left hand
Tendere verb To stretch, spread
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