Real, true

Main Forms: Verus, Vera, Verum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Vera Verus Verum
Genitive Verae Veri Veri
Dative Verae Vero Vero
Accusative Veram Verum Verum
Ablative Vera Vero Vero
Vocative Vera Vere Verum
Nominative Verae Veri Vera
Genitive Verarum Verorum Verorum
Dative Veris Veris Veris
Accusative Veras Veros Vera
Ablative Veris Veris Veris
Vocative Verae Veri Vera
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Verior Verius
Genitive Verioris Verioris
Dative Veriori Veriori
Accusative Veriorem Verius
Ablative Veriore Veriore
Vocative Verior Verius
Nominative Veriores Veriora
Genitive Veriorum Veriorum
Dative Verioribus Verioribus
Accusative Veriores Veriora
Ablative Verioribus Verioribus
Vocative Veriores Veriora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Verissima Verissimus Verissimum
Genitive Verissimae Verissimi Verissimi
Dative Verissimae Verissimo Verissimo
Accusative Verissimam Verissimum Verissimum
Ablative Verissima Verissimo Verissimo
Vocative Verissima Verissime Verissimum
Nominative Verissimae Verissimi Verissima
Genitive Verissimarum Verissimorum Verissimorum
Dative Verissimis Verissimis Verissimis
Accusative Verissimas Verissimos Verissima
Ablative Verissimis Verissimis Verissimis
Vocative Verissimae Verissimi Verissima

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Translation Real, true
Adjective Forms Verus, Vera, Verum
Masculine Verus
Feminine Vera
Neuter Verum
Stem Ver

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