Fierce, energetic

Main Forms: Vehemens, Vehementis

Positive Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Vehemens Vehemens
Genitive Vehementis Vehementis
Dative Vehementi Vehementi
Accusative Vehementem Vehemens
Ablative Vehementi Vehementi
Vocative Vehemens Vehemens
Nominative Vehementes Vehementia
Genitive Vehementium Vehementium
Dative Vehementibus Vehementibus
Accusative Vehementes Vehementia
Ablative Vehementibus Vehementibus
Vocative Vehementes Vehementia
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Vehementior Vehementius
Genitive Vehementioris Vehementioris
Dative Vehementiori Vehementiori
Accusative Vehementiorem Vehementius
Ablative Vehementiore Vehementiore
Vocative Vehementior Vehementius
Nominative Vehementiores Vehementiora
Genitive Vehementiorum Vehementiorum
Dative Vehementioribus Vehementioribus
Accusative Vehementiores Vehementiora
Ablative Vehementioribus Vehementioribus
Vocative Vehementiores Vehementiora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Vehementissima Vehementissimus Vehementissimum
Genitive Vehementissimae Vehementissimi Vehementissimi
Dative Vehementissimae Vehementissimo Vehementissimo
Accusative Vehementissimam Vehementissimum Vehementissimum
Ablative Vehementissima Vehementissimo Vehementissimo
Vocative Vehementissima Vehementissime Vehementissimum
Nominative Vehementissimae Vehementissimi Vehementissima
Genitive Vehementissimarum Vehementissimorum Vehementissimorum
Dative Vehementissimis Vehementissimis Vehementissimis
Accusative Vehementissimas Vehementissimos Vehementissima
Ablative Vehementissimis Vehementissimis Vehementissimis
Vocative Vehementissimae Vehementissimi Vehementissima

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Translation Fierce, energetic
Adjective Forms Vehemens, Vehementis
Masculine Vehemens
Feminine Vehemens
Neuter Vehemens
Stem Vehement

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