Various, Diverse, Different

Main Forms: Varius, Varia, Varium

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Varia Varius Varium
Genitive Variae Varii Varii
Dative Variae Vario Vario
Accusative Variam Varium Varium
Ablative Varia Vario Vario
Vocative Varia Varie Varium
Nominative Variae Varii Varia
Genitive Variarum Variorum Variorum
Dative Variis Variis Variis
Accusative Varias Varios Varia
Ablative Variis Variis Variis
Vocative Variae Varii Varia
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Variior Variius
Genitive Variioris Variioris
Dative Variiori Variiori
Accusative Variiorem Variius
Ablative Variiore Variiore
Vocative Variior Variius
Nominative Variiores Variiora
Genitive Variiorum Variiorum
Dative Variioribus Variioribus
Accusative Variiores Variiora
Ablative Variioribus Variioribus
Vocative Variiores Variiora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Variusrima Variusrimus Variusrimum
Genitive Variusrimae Variusrimi Variusrimi
Dative Variusrimae Variusrimo Variusrimo
Accusative Variusrimam Variusrimum Variusrimum
Ablative Variusrima Variusrimo Variusrimo
Vocative Variusrima Variusrime Variusrimum
Nominative Variusrimae Variusrimi Varirima
Genitive Variusrimarum Variusrimorum Varirimorum
Dative Variusrimis Variusrimis Variusrimis
Accusative Variusrimas Variusrimos Variusrima
Ablative Variusrimis Variusrimis Variusrimis
Vocative Variusrimae Variusrimi Variusrima

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Translation Various, Diverse, Different
Adjective Forms Varius, Varia, Varium
Masculine Varius
Feminine Varia
Neuter Varium
Stem Vari

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