Main Forms: Universus, Universa, Universum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Universa Universus Universum
Genitive Universae Universi Universi
Dative Universae Universo Universo
Accusative Universam Universum Universum
Ablative Universa Universo Universo
Vocative Universa Universe Universum
Nominative Universae Universi Universa
Genitive Universarum Universorum Universorum
Dative Universis Universis Universis
Accusative Universas Universos Universa
Ablative Universis Universis Universis
Vocative Universae Universi Universa
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Universior Universius
Genitive Universioris Universioris
Dative Universiori Universiori
Accusative Universiorem Universius
Ablative Universiore Universiore
Vocative Universior Universius
Nominative Universiores Universiora
Genitive Universiorum Universiorum
Dative Universioribus Universioribus
Accusative Universiores Universiora
Ablative Universioribus Universioribus
Vocative Universiores Universiora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Universissima Universissimus Universissimum
Genitive Universissimae Universissimi Universissimi
Dative Universissimae Universissimo Universissimo
Accusative Universissimam Universissimum Universissimum
Ablative Universissima Universissimo Universissimo
Vocative Universissima Universissime Universissimum
Nominative Universissimae Universissimi Universissima
Genitive Universissimarum Universissimorum Universissimorum
Dative Universissimis Universissimis Universissimis
Accusative Universissimas Universissimos Universissima
Ablative Universissimis Universissimis Universissimis
Vocative Universissimae Universissimi Universissima

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Translation All
Adjective Forms Universus, Universa, Universum
Masculine Universus
Feminine Universa
Neuter Universum
Stem Univers

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