Main Forms: Timidus, Timida, Timidum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Timida Timidus Timidum
Genitive Timidae Timidi Timidi
Dative Timidae Timido Timido
Accusative Timidam Timidum Timidum
Ablative Timida Timido Timido
Vocative Timida Timide Timidum
Nominative Timidae Timidi Timida
Genitive Timidarum Timidorum Timidorum
Dative Timidis Timidis Timidis
Accusative Timidas Timidos Timida
Ablative Timidis Timidis Timidis
Vocative Timidae Timidi Timida
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Timidior Timidius
Genitive Timidioris Timidioris
Dative Timidiori Timidiori
Accusative Timidiorem Timidius
Ablative Timidiore Timidiore
Vocative Timidior Timidius
Nominative Timidiores Timidiora
Genitive Timidiorum Timidiorum
Dative Timidioribus Timidioribus
Accusative Timidiores Timidiora
Ablative Timidioribus Timidioribus
Vocative Timidiores Timidiora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Timidissima Timidissimus Timidissimum
Genitive Timidissimae Timidissimi Timidissimi
Dative Timidissimae Timidissimo Timidissimo
Accusative Timidissimam Timidissimum Timidissimum
Ablative Timidissima Timidissimo Timidissimo
Vocative Timidissima Timidissime Timidissimum
Nominative Timidissimae Timidissimi Timidissima
Genitive Timidissimarum Timidissimorum Timidissimorum
Dative Timidissimis Timidissimis Timidissimis
Accusative Timidissimas Timidissimos Timidissima
Ablative Timidissimis Timidissimis Timidissimis
Vocative Timidissimae Timidissimi Timidissima

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Translation Timid
Adjective Forms Timidus, Timida, Timidum
Masculine Timidus
Feminine Timida
Neuter Timidum
Stem Timid

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