Terrified, scared

Main Forms: Territus, Territa, Territum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Territa Territus Territum
Genitive Territae Territi Territi
Dative Territae Territo Territo
Accusative Territam Territum Territum
Ablative Territa Territo Territo
Vocative Territa Territe Territum
Nominative Territae Territi Territa
Genitive Territarum Territorum Territorum
Dative Territis Territis Territis
Accusative Territas Territos Territa
Ablative Territis Territis Territis
Vocative Territae Territi Territa
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Territior Territius
Genitive Territioris Territioris
Dative Territiori Territiori
Accusative Territiorem Territius
Ablative Territiore Territiore
Vocative Territior Territius
Nominative Territiores Territiora
Genitive Territiorum Territiorum
Dative Territioribus Territioribus
Accusative Territiores Territiora
Ablative Territioribus Territioribus
Vocative Territiores Territiora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Territissima Territissimus Territissimum
Genitive Territissimae Territissimi Territissimi
Dative Territissimae Territissimo Territissimo
Accusative Territissimam Territissimum Territissimum
Ablative Territissima Territissimo Territissimo
Vocative Territissima Territissime Territissimum
Nominative Territissimae Territissimi Territissima
Genitive Territissimarum Territissimorum Territissimorum
Dative Territissimis Territissimis Territissimis
Accusative Territissimas Territissimos Territissima
Ablative Territissimis Territissimis Territissimis
Vocative Territissimae Territissimi Territissima

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Translation Terrified, scared
Adjective Forms Territus, Territa, Territum
Masculine Territus
Feminine Territa
Neuter Territum
Stem Territ

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