Thin, fine; small

Main Forms: Tenuis, Tenuis

Positive Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Tenuis Tenue
Genitive Tenuis Tenuis
Dative Tenui Tenui
Accusative Tenuem Tenue
Ablative Tenui Tenui
Vocative Tenuis Tenue
Nominative Tenues Tenuia
Genitive Tenuium Tenuium
Dative Tenuibus Tenuibus
Accusative Tenues Tenuia
Ablative Tenuibus Tenuibus
Vocative Tenues Tenuia
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Tenuior Tenuius
Genitive Tenuioris Tenuioris
Dative Tenuiori Tenuiori
Accusative Tenuiorem Tenuius
Ablative Tenuiore Tenuiore
Vocative Tenuior Tenuius
Nominative Tenuiores Tenuiora
Genitive Tenuiorum Tenuiorum
Dative Tenuioribus Tenuioribus
Accusative Tenuiores Tenuiora
Ablative Tenuioribus Tenuioribus
Vocative Tenuiores Tenuiora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Tenuissima Tenuissimus Tenuissimum
Genitive Tenuissimae Tenuissimi Tenuissimi
Dative Tenuissimae Tenuissimo Tenuissimo
Accusative Tenuissimam Tenuissimum Tenuissimum
Ablative Tenuissima Tenuissimo Tenuissimo
Vocative Tenuissima Tenuissime Tenuissimum
Nominative Tenuissimae Tenuissimi Tenuissima
Genitive Tenuissimarum Tenuissimorum Tenuissimorum
Dative Tenuissimis Tenuissimis Tenuissimis
Accusative Tenuissimas Tenuissimos Tenuissima
Ablative Tenuissimis Tenuissimis Tenuissimis
Vocative Tenuissimae Tenuissimi Tenuissima

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Translation Thin, fine; small
Adjective Forms Tenuis, Tenuis
Masculine Tenuis
Feminine Tenuis
Neuter Tenue
Stem Tenu

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