Main Forms: Superbus, Superba, Superbum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Superba Superbus Superbum
Genitive Superbae Superbi Superbi
Dative Superbae Superbo Superbo
Accusative Superbam Superbum Superbum
Ablative Superba Superbo Superbo
Vocative Superba Superbe Superbum
Nominative Superbae Superbi Superba
Genitive Superbarum Superborum Superborum
Dative Superbis Superbis Superbis
Accusative Superbas Superbos Superba
Ablative Superbis Superbis Superbis
Vocative Superbae Superbi Superba
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Superbior Superbius
Genitive Superbioris Superbioris
Dative Superbiori Superbiori
Accusative Superbiorem Superbius
Ablative Superbiore Superbiore
Vocative Superbior Superbius
Nominative Superbiores Superbiora
Genitive Superbiorum Superbiorum
Dative Superbioribus Superbioribus
Accusative Superbiores Superbiora
Ablative Superbioribus Superbioribus
Vocative Superbiores Superbiora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Superbissima Superbissimus Superbissimum
Genitive Superbissimae Superbissimi Superbissimi
Dative Superbissimae Superbissimo Superbissimo
Accusative Superbissimam Superbissimum Superbissimum
Ablative Superbissima Superbissimo Superbissimo
Vocative Superbissima Superbissime Superbissimum
Nominative Superbissimae Superbissimi Superbissima
Genitive Superbissimarum Superbissimorum Superbissimorum
Dative Superbissimis Superbissimis Superbissimis
Accusative Superbissimas Superbissimos Superbissima
Ablative Superbissimis Superbissimis Superbissimis
Vocative Superbissimae Superbissimi Superbissima

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Translation proud
Adjective Forms Superbus, Superba, Superbum
Masculine Superbus
Feminine Superba
Neuter Superbum
Stem Superb

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Voc. Singular ending e

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