Roomy, ample, large

Main Forms: Spatiosus, Spatiosa, Spatiosum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Spatiosa Spatiosus Spatiosum
Genitive Spatiosae Spatiosi Spatiosi
Dative Spatiosae Spatioso Spatioso
Accusative Spatiosam Spatiosum Spatiosum
Ablative Spatiosa Spatioso Spatioso
Vocative Spatiosa Spatiose Spatiosum
Nominative Spatiosae Spatiosi Spatiosa
Genitive Spatiosarum Spatiosorum Spatiosorum
Dative Spatiosis Spatiosis Spatiosis
Accusative Spatiosas Spatiosos Spatiosa
Ablative Spatiosis Spatiosis Spatiosis
Vocative Spatiosae Spatiosi Spatiosa
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Spatiosior Spatiosius
Genitive Spatiosioris Spatiosioris
Dative Spatiosiori Spatiosiori
Accusative Spatiosiorem Spatiosius
Ablative Spatiosiore Spatiosiore
Vocative Spatiosior Spatiosius
Nominative Spatiosiores Spatiosiora
Genitive Spatiosiorum Spatiosiorum
Dative Spatiosioribus Spatiosioribus
Accusative Spatiosiores Spatiosiora
Ablative Spatiosioribus Spatiosioribus
Vocative Spatiosiores Spatiosiora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Spatiosissima Spatiosissimus Spatiosissimum
Genitive Spatiosissimae Spatiosissimi Spatiosissimi
Dative Spatiosissimae Spatiosissimo Spatiosissimo
Accusative Spatiosissimam Spatiosissimum Spatiosissimum
Ablative Spatiosissima Spatiosissimo Spatiosissimo
Vocative Spatiosissima Spatiosissime Spatiosissimum
Nominative Spatiosissimae Spatiosissimi Spatiosissima
Genitive Spatiosissimarum Spatiosissimorum Spatiosissimorum
Dative Spatiosissimis Spatiosissimis Spatiosissimis
Accusative Spatiosissimas Spatiosissimos Spatiosissima
Ablative Spatiosissimis Spatiosissimis Spatiosissimis
Vocative Spatiosissimae Spatiosissimi Spatiosissima

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Translation Roomy, ample, large
Adjective Forms Spatiosus, Spatiosa, Spatiosum
Masculine Spatiosus
Feminine Spatiosa
Neuter Spatiosum
Stem Spatios

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