Main Forms: Sinister, Sinistra, Sinistrum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Sinistra Sinister Sinistrum
Genitive Sinistrae Sinistri Sinistri
Dative Sinistrae Sinistro Sinistro
Accusative Sinistram Sinistrum Sinistrum
Ablative Sinistra Sinistro Sinistro
Vocative Sinistra Sinistre Sinistrum
Nominative Sinistrae Sinistri Sinistra
Genitive Sinistrarum Sinistrorum Sinistrorum
Dative Sinistris Sinistris Sinistris
Accusative Sinistras Sinistros Sinistra
Ablative Sinistris Sinistris Sinistris
Vocative Sinistrae Sinistri Sinistra
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Sinistrior Sinistrius
Genitive Sinistrioris Sinistrioris
Dative Sinistriori Sinistriori
Accusative Sinistriorem Sinistrius
Ablative Sinistriore Sinistriore
Vocative Sinistrior Sinistrius
Nominative Sinistriores Sinistriora
Genitive Sinistriorum Sinistriorum
Dative Sinistrioribus Sinistrioribus
Accusative Sinistriores Sinistriora
Ablative Sinistrioribus Sinistrioribus
Vocative Sinistriores Sinistriora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Sinistrissima Sinistrissimus Sinistrissimum
Genitive Sinistrissimae Sinistrissimi Sinistrissimi
Dative Sinistrissimae Sinistrissimo Sinistrissimo
Accusative Sinistrissimam Sinistrissimum Sinistrissimum
Ablative Sinistrissima Sinistrissimo Sinistrissimo
Vocative Sinistrissima Sinistrissime Sinistrissimum
Nominative Sinistrissimae Sinistrissimi Sinistrissima
Genitive Sinistrissimarum Sinistrissimorum Sinistrissimorum
Dative Sinistrissimis Sinistrissimis Sinistrissimis
Accusative Sinistrissimas Sinistrissimos Sinistrissima
Ablative Sinistrissimis Sinistrissimis Sinistrissimis
Vocative Sinistrissimae Sinistrissimi Sinistrissima

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Adjective Forms Sinister, Sinistra, Sinistrum
Masculine Sinister
Feminine Sinistra
Neuter Sinistrum
Stem Sinistr

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