Severe, serious

Main Forms: Severus, Severa, Severum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Severa Severus Severum
Genitive Severae Severi Severi
Dative Severae Severo Severo
Accusative Severam Severum Severum
Ablative Severa Severo Severo
Vocative Severa Severe Severum
Nominative Severae Severi Severa
Genitive Severarum Severorum Severorum
Dative Severis Severis Severis
Accusative Severas Severos Severa
Ablative Severis Severis Severis
Vocative Severae Severi Severa
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Severior Severius
Genitive Severioris Severioris
Dative Severiori Severiori
Accusative Severiorem Severius
Ablative Severiore Severiore
Vocative Severior Severius
Nominative Severiores Severiora
Genitive Severiorum Severiorum
Dative Severioribus Severioribus
Accusative Severiores Severiora
Ablative Severioribus Severioribus
Vocative Severiores Severiora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Severissima Severissimus Severissimum
Genitive Severissimae Severissimi Severissimi
Dative Severissimae Severissimo Severissimo
Accusative Severissimam Severissimum Severissimum
Ablative Severissima Severissimo Severissimo
Vocative Severissima Severissime Severissimum
Nominative Severissimae Severissimi Severissima
Genitive Severissimarum Severissimorum Severissimorum
Dative Severissimis Severissimis Severissimis
Accusative Severissimas Severissimos Severissima
Ablative Severissimis Severissimis Severissimis
Vocative Severissimae Severissimi Severissima

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Translation Severe, serious
Adjective Forms Severus, Severa, Severum
Masculine Severus
Feminine Severa
Neuter Severum
Stem Sever

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