Main Forms: Scelestus, Scelesta, Scelestum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Scelesta Scelestus Scelestum
Genitive Scelestae Scelesti Scelesti
Dative Scelestae Scelesto Scelesto
Accusative Scelestam Scelestum Scelestum
Ablative Scelesta Scelesto Scelesto
Vocative Scelesta Sceleste Scelestum
Nominative Scelestae Scelesti Scelesta
Genitive Scelestarum Scelestorum Scelestorum
Dative Scelestis Scelestis Scelestis
Accusative Scelestas Scelestos Scelesta
Ablative Scelestis Scelestis Scelestis
Vocative Scelestae Scelesti Scelesta
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Scelestior Scelestius
Genitive Scelestioris Scelestioris
Dative Scelestiori Scelestiori
Accusative Scelestiorem Scelestius
Ablative Scelestiore Scelestiore
Vocative Scelestior Scelestius
Nominative Scelestiores Scelestiora
Genitive Scelestiorum Scelestiorum
Dative Scelestioribus Scelestioribus
Accusative Scelestiores Scelestiora
Ablative Scelestioribus Scelestioribus
Vocative Scelestiores Scelestiora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Scelestissima Scelestissimus Scelestissimum
Genitive Scelestissimae Scelestissimi Scelestissimi
Dative Scelestissimae Scelestissimo Scelestissimo
Accusative Scelestissimam Scelestissimum Scelestissimum
Ablative Scelestissima Scelestissimo Scelestissimo
Vocative Scelestissima Scelestissime Scelestissimum
Nominative Scelestissimae Scelestissimi Scelestissima
Genitive Scelestissimarum Scelestissimorum Scelestissimorum
Dative Scelestissimis Scelestissimis Scelestissimis
Accusative Scelestissimas Scelestissimos Scelestissima
Ablative Scelestissimis Scelestissimis Scelestissimis
Vocative Scelestissimae Scelestissimi Scelestissima

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Translation Wicked
Adjective Forms Scelestus, Scelesta, Scelestum
Masculine Scelestus
Feminine Scelesta
Neuter Scelestum
Stem Scelest

If the adjective is first/second declension, specify the vocative ending.

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