Hurt, ill

Main Forms: Saucius, Saucia, Saucium

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Saucia Saucius Saucium
Genitive Sauciae Saucii Saucii
Dative Sauciae Saucio Saucio
Accusative Sauciam Saucium Saucium
Ablative Saucia Saucio Saucio
Vocative Saucia Saucii Saucium
Nominative Sauciae Saucii Saucia
Genitive Sauciarum Sauciorum Sauciorum
Dative Sauciis Sauciis Sauciis
Accusative Saucias Saucios Saucia
Ablative Sauciis Sauciis Sauciis
Vocative Sauciae Saucii Saucia
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Sauciior Sauciius
Genitive Sauciioris Sauciioris
Dative Sauciiori Sauciiori
Accusative Sauciiorem Sauciius
Ablative Sauciiore Sauciiore
Vocative Sauciior Sauciius
Nominative Sauciiores Sauciiora
Genitive Sauciiorum Sauciiorum
Dative Sauciioribus Sauciioribus
Accusative Sauciiores Sauciiora
Ablative Sauciioribus Sauciioribus
Vocative Sauciiores Sauciiora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Sauciissima Sauciissimus Sauciissimum
Genitive Sauciissimae Sauciissimi Sauciissimi
Dative Sauciissimae Sauciissimo Sauciissimo
Accusative Sauciissimam Sauciissimum Sauciissimum
Ablative Sauciissima Sauciissimo Sauciissimo
Vocative Sauciissima Sauciissime Sauciissimum
Nominative Sauciissimae Sauciissimi Sauciissima
Genitive Sauciissimarum Sauciissimorum Sauciissimorum
Dative Sauciissimis Sauciissimis Sauciissimis
Accusative Sauciissimas Sauciissimos Sauciissima
Ablative Sauciissimis Sauciissimis Sauciissimis
Vocative Sauciissimae Sauciissimi Sauciissima

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Translation Hurt, ill
Adjective Forms Saucius, Saucia, Saucium
Masculine Saucius
Feminine Saucia
Neuter Saucium
Stem Sauci

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