Wise, sensible, judicious

Main Forms: Sapiens, Sapientis

Positive Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Sapiens Sapiens
Genitive Sapientis Sapientis
Dative Sapienti Sapienti
Accusative Sapientem Sapiens
Ablative Sapienti Sapienti
Vocative Sapiens Sapiens
Nominative Sapientes Sapientia
Genitive Sapientium Sapientium
Dative Sapientibus Sapientibus
Accusative Sapientes Sapientia
Ablative Sapientibus Sapientibus
Vocative Sapientes Sapientia
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Sapientior Sapientius
Genitive Sapientioris Sapientioris
Dative Sapientiori Sapientiori
Accusative Sapientiorem Sapientius
Ablative Sapientiore Sapientiore
Vocative Sapientior Sapientius
Nominative Sapientiores Sapientiora
Genitive Sapientiorum Sapientiorum
Dative Sapientioribus Sapientioribus
Accusative Sapientiores Sapientiora
Ablative Sapientioribus Sapientioribus
Vocative Sapientiores Sapientiora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Sapientissima Sapientissimus Sapientissimum
Genitive Sapientissimae Sapientissimi Sapientissimi
Dative Sapientissimae Sapientissimo Sapientissimo
Accusative Sapientissimam Sapientissimum Sapientissimum
Ablative Sapientissima Sapientissimo Sapientissimo
Vocative Sapientissima Sapientissime Sapientissimum
Nominative Sapientissimae Sapientissimi Sapientissima
Genitive Sapientissimarum Sapientissimorum Sapientissimorum
Dative Sapientissimis Sapientissimis Sapientissimis
Accusative Sapientissimas Sapientissimos Sapientissima
Ablative Sapientissimis Sapientissimis Sapientissimis
Vocative Sapientissimae Sapientissimi Sapientissima

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Translation Wise, sensible, judicious
Adjective Forms Sapiens, Sapientis
Masculine Sapiens
Feminine Sapiens
Neuter Sapiens
Stem Sapient

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