Healthy, sane, sound

Main Forms: Sanus, Sana, Sanum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Sana Sanus Sanum
Genitive Sanae Sani Sani
Dative Sanae Sano Sano
Accusative Sanam Sanum Sanum
Ablative Sana Sano Sano
Vocative Sana Sane Sanum
Nominative Sanae Sani Sana
Genitive Sanarum Sanorum Sanorum
Dative Sanis Sanis Sanis
Accusative Sanas Sanos Sana
Ablative Sanis Sanis Sanis
Vocative Sanae Sani Sana
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Sanior Sanius
Genitive Sanioris Sanioris
Dative Saniori Saniori
Accusative Saniorem Sanius
Ablative Saniore Saniore
Vocative Sanior Sanius
Nominative Saniores Saniora
Genitive Saniorum Saniorum
Dative Sanioribus Sanioribus
Accusative Saniores Saniora
Ablative Sanioribus Sanioribus
Vocative Saniores Saniora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Sanissima Sanissimus Sanissimum
Genitive Sanissimae Sanissimi Sanissimi
Dative Sanissimae Sanissimo Sanissimo
Accusative Sanissimam Sanissimum Sanissimum
Ablative Sanissima Sanissimo Sanissimo
Vocative Sanissima Sanissime Sanissimum
Nominative Sanissimae Sanissimi Sanissima
Genitive Sanissimarum Sanissimorum Sanissimorum
Dative Sanissimis Sanissimis Sanissimis
Accusative Sanissimas Sanissimos Sanissima
Ablative Sanissimis Sanissimis Sanissimis
Vocative Sanissimae Sanissimi Sanissima

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Translation Healthy, sane, sound
Adjective Forms Sanus, Sana, Sanum
Masculine Sanus
Feminine Sana
Neuter Sanum
Stem San

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