Safe, sound

Main Forms: Salvus, Salva, Salvum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Salva Salvus Salvum
Genitive Salvae Salvi Salvi
Dative Salvae Salvo Salvo
Accusative Salvam Salvum Salvum
Ablative Salva Salvo Salvo
Vocative Salva Salve Salvum
Nominative Salvae Salvi Salva
Genitive Salvarum Salvorum Salvorum
Dative Salvis Salvis Salvis
Accusative Salvas Salvos Salva
Ablative Salvis Salvis Salvis
Vocative Salvae Salvi Salva
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Salvior Salvius
Genitive Salvioris Salvioris
Dative Salviori Salviori
Accusative Salviorem Salvius
Ablative Salviore Salviore
Vocative Salvior Salvius
Nominative Salviores Salviora
Genitive Salviorum Salviorum
Dative Salvioribus Salvioribus
Accusative Salviores Salviora
Ablative Salvioribus Salvioribus
Vocative Salviores Salviora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Salvissima Salvissimus Salvissimum
Genitive Salvissimae Salvissimi Salvissimi
Dative Salvissimae Salvissimo Salvissimo
Accusative Salvissimam Salvissimum Salvissimum
Ablative Salvissima Salvissimo Salvissimo
Vocative Salvissima Salvissime Salvissimum
Nominative Salvissimae Salvissimi Salvissima
Genitive Salvissimarum Salvissimorum Salvissimorum
Dative Salvissimis Salvissimis Salvissimis
Accusative Salvissimas Salvissimos Salvissima
Ablative Salvissimis Salvissimis Salvissimis
Vocative Salvissimae Salvissimi Salvissima

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Translation Safe, sound
Adjective Forms Salvus, Salva, Salvum
Masculine Salvus
Feminine Salva
Neuter Salvum
Stem Salv

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